Chapter 10 – Exercises and Reveal (10.1)

Edited Version

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To Get rid of lingering energy from Fertilizer magic soil and other messy energy from Zhao Lingyu’s body , Ren Ren don’t have direct way to do it . His ginseng seed is good , but it’s still not the cure . He can only used it to nourish Zhao Lingyu’s body . However , what he wants is for Zhao Lingyu’s body to change . so it was not impossible for his body to be strong and able to withstand those energies .

    Ren Sheng remembered one thing , it was a practice , a cultivation method .

    At that time , his master didn’t even know where he get that practice , and then he look at it and murmur by himself , then looked at him with strange eyes …

   At that time, when his body was looked at by his master , he couldn’t help but ask what going on , then his master gave him a jade drive .

    That jade drive records some kind of refining exercises . It is said that the power is very strong . Practitioners who cultivate with this kind of refining exercises can be compared with the meta-masters from Jindan period (direct mtl meta-infant master : dunno) . Not only that , but even if people with ordinary talent can cultivate this method , they can practice it at the same time as their natural type cultivation .

    Of course , such powerful practice methods is not easy to cultivate .

    After starting practice this kind of cultivation , you must always take some elixir , and then , with elixir support that can repair the body , to integrate and reintegrate the body with other spiritual power , so those spiritual forces can be completely integrated into the body.

It is extremely hard to find outsiders who willing to pour their spiritual power into practitioners body . They can only use elixir that can be used to repair any physical trauma .

Treasure with genius mind like him , there are really few in this world !

     After his master knew this practice , he once tried to practice it , but he could not find someone who could be trusted to inject him with spiritual power , and he did not want to suffer any setback . Later, he would simply choose to ignore this method …

     This matter happened long time ago , and basically he had forgot about it . At this time , He suddenly thought more about it . He carefully pondered about it and found out that Zhao Lingyu’s situation seems to be right to practice this one .

     Although his body only had little spiritual energy , after all he didn’t use it for refinement after all , and if his energy is not enough , it is not a problem to use other energy .

     Zhao Lingyu has a lot of energy in his body . He couldn’t finish it by himself even after tens thousands of years . Zhao Lingyu condition is always been like this , even if energy riots is not too violent to him , and with Fertilizer magical soil energy in him , he can only lie in bed and need Ren Sheng to feed him ginseng seed all the time .

Anyway , he must feed ginseng seed to him . It is better to let Zhao Lingyu try to practice this method . If he train himself , he maybe don’t need his ginseng afterwards . This person definitely can live longer .
With this idea , after give ginseng seed to Zhao Lingyu , Ren Sheng suddenly slap Zhao Lingyu’s chest . He said with respect to adult ” Marshal , I will teach you some thing , you have to practice well , do you know ? “

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    Zhao Lingyu felt the hand that was shot on his chest gently touched him . He didn’t know what kind of expression he should have for a while . Ren Sheng will start it when he agree to do it , and then he said ” You already promised . Let’s start learning soon ! “

    ” Learn What ? ” Zhao Lingyu finally took the time to ask his own question .

    ” I don’t know how to name it . Anyway, I will start now ! ” Ren Sheng studied for a while and found out that Zhao Lingyu’s body is full of suitable energy . Now the difficult step is to integrate these energy into his body , and he is eager to try it .

    He don’t know if his ginseng seed is enough . He doesn’t wish that when his ginseng seed run out . He has to cut his own arms and his own legs …

    Forget it , if he can’t bear to used up his ginseng seed , he wouldn’t let him practice this !

After making such decision , Ren Sheng immediately put his spiritual power that he accumulate these days into Zhao Lingyu body , and suppressed messy energy in his (ZL) body .

These energies will destroy and reorganize Zhao Ling Yu body , just like what Zhao Ling yu had experienced before , but there was few different on it . For example, now Zhao Lingyu body condition is not as bad as it used to be , because instead of getting worse , his body is getting better . ……
All of this change , Zhao Lingyu can’t feel it , he just feels that Ren Sheng hands gave him the same feeling as before .

    Before , Every time he was touched by his hand , he would feel comfortable , but now those part which have been touched feel more painful than before .

     However , he was used with pain , so he resisted it all , even trace of tears did not come out .

     He don’t know why , it is obvious to him that what Ren Ren doing right now is like harming him , but he can’t help but to think that this person wouldn’t harm him .

     There is no expression on Zhao Lingyu’s face . It seems that he completely didn’t feel any pain , but it shouldn’t be like this … Is his master make mistaken , or maybe this practice is not so painful as he though ?

     When he was feel doubtful , he tried this method on his arm and immediately screamed .

     Before , when he was scratched by Zhao Lingyu Energy riot , he felt very painful , but now he feel this pain , clearly it thousands more times than that pain !

Painful tears came out from his eyes , and He couldn’t help but watch Zhao Lingyu with awe , like wacthing some kind of powerful monster . He did experiment on himself by only used little energy and it hurt so much , Zhao Lingyu … How much pain that he actually felt ?

    His master afraid of this pain and didn’t dare to practice , Zhao Lingyu actually can endured it …

    Zhao Lingyu knows some ways to endure the pain that he felt , and divert attention from it’s source is one of them . Therefore, he has been staring at Ren Sheng closely , so he also seen things and Ren Sheng reaction in the first place .

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Chapter 8 Marshal ex-fiancee (8.2)

Edited Version

Ren Sheng has been watching TV for the whole time , but he also pays attention to conversation around him , these people have said that he does not understand things very well , and treat it as he has not heard anything at all . But now , these people seems to talk about him? Turning his head , Ren Sheng curiously glanced at Wen Yue ” Auntie , who is she ? “

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    Wen Yue face changed , she is very famous singer in the human federation , this person does not even know it?

    By the way , he is freedom League member , and also the said “Kai” , of course he didn’t know her .

  Before Wen Yue trying to say something, Shen Qiushi spoke first ” She is the person who want to marry Ling Yu before , now … “

    ” Auntie , marshal is mine, you can’t give him to others ! ” Ren Sheng immediately said , watching back Wen Yue with face full of hostility .

    ” What so good about a waste man , you really have a rare IQ . ” Matthew said with a bit of disdain , when Ren Sheng just turning his head earlier , that delicate little face had made him unable to resist in his heart , but this person actually liked that Zhao Lingyu …

    ” I am really rare (tl note : As a demon Ginseng LOL) As if you people don’t want to own me ! ” Ren Sheng looked at the two people .

    ” Really a kid . ” Shen Qiushi touch Ren Sheng head , and then turn to look at Wen Yue ” Well , you are engaged now , you love to have me come to your engagement , but I will not go anyway … Recently my son situation is getting worse , and may hurt others at any time . Are you sure you want to stay here ? “

    Before Wen Yue came , She specially ask the uncle who was working at the medical headquarters to confirm that Zhao Lingyu would not blow over when she come , but Shen Qiushi’s words still made her somewhat scared .

    Her face changed slightly , and Wen Yue reluctantly hooked her mouth ” Auntie , then we will leave . “

    Seeing both Wen yue and Matthew has gone , Shen Qiushi turn the camera on her hand off and gently brush Ren sheng hair on his head “Good boy ! “

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    Sure enough , Ren sheng reaction was the most fit with her heart . As for that girl before , She helped her to broadcast the event earlier , she is a person that liked to be famous , and she must be very happy by it .

    “Auntie , my leaves , no my hair is messed up . ” Ren Sheng quickly managed his hair .

    ” You , child , I’m really don’t know what to do with you …” Shen Qiushi smiled and quickly accepted his personality . She had a gentle temperament just now , but her mood is still not good .

    ” Everybody has said this …” Ren Sheng noticed that Shen Qiushi was not happy . He learned from his master and pat Shen Qiushi shoulder ” Auntie , You don’t have to feel bad , marshal is not a waste person . He going to get better and better , just wait for him . It’s completely fine, that woman will regret it , but even if her regret it , i will not give marshal to her later ! ”

    Shen Qiushi was not as optimistic as Ren Sheng . After all , even if Ren Sheng elixir can repair Zhao Lingyu’s body , As long as energy riot on his body’s is still there , he can’t 100% heal at all , but faced with this child optimistic , she can’t help but nodded “ Yes , Ling Yu is yours , just let her regret it ! “

    Ren Sheng’s eyes sparkled , and his mouth opened with a smile “ Ling Yu is mine ! ” (tl note : too adorable , my blood )

     Zhao family’s house was filled with warm feeling , on the other side , Wen Yue and Matthew both encounter trouble .

    Wen Yue came to Zhao house this time because she was worried that she would be accused for getting engaged so soon , so she wanted to create some paradoxes that would be beneficial to her .

    She had planned it from beginning . After leaving Zhao Mansion , she will express her sadness about Zhao Lingyu . When the public saw that she was still worried about Zhao Lingyu , but she is wronged when she visited , many would sympathize with her . So when she released her engagement news , everyone will accept it soon . After all , Zhao family is not on the right side .

    However , although her script was well written , she missed to calculate Shen Qiushi reaction .

    She thought that Shen Qiushi would ignore her action as before . She thought that Shen Qiushi , who was seriously tired in her mind and body by her son , had no time to pay attention to public opinion outside . In fact , what Shen Qiushi did , was exactly the opposite of what she thought .

    Therefore , when she walked down from their airship with sorrow , what she get is not sympathy from media, but disdain instead .

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Chapter 8 Marshal Ex-fiancee (8.1)

Edited Version

Wen family condition is not as good as Zhao family , but they also a big family . Because Wen family members are mostly water-based ability , many of them work in medical institutions , and their reputation are very good .

Since the fitting degree was so high , Wen family always insisted to marry Wen Yue into Zhao family. Shen Qiushi , who was the one who planning marriage matters of Zhao Lingyu released her goodwill . After getting approval from Zhao Lingyu , then she can discuss the whole marriage matter with Wen Family .

    Before the accident , two family already discussed the marriage . Even Zhao Lingyu already determined to take holiday and plan to return to capital planet as soon as possible to get married .

However , Zhao Lingyu had an accident .

    After Zhao Lingyu’s accident , Shen Qiushi’s mind and body was exhausted . It took several days for her to discover that the girl who always appear with her before and display herself in a good in law image had disappear for a long time .

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    When his son meet unfortunate moment , he didn’t have the reason to drag other person . Shen Qiushi was a wise person . She simply wish to meet Wen family and declare that the marriage was invalid .

    As a result , after Shen Qiushi arrived at Wen family , they actually denied that they have marriage contract with Zhao family before .

    At that time, Shen Qiushi didn’t respond , until someone told her that Wen Yue and the second master of Locke family was very close .

    Like Zhao family , Locke family also one of five major families in human federation . Locke family, which always been in politics , has not be able to deal with Zhao family directly , which has great prestige in the military .

    There is no doubt that Wen family decide to climb on Locke family while using Zhao Family as a ladder , so they will deny the marriage with Zhao Family .

    The sound of love and affection for her son has turned into the arms of others . Shen Qiushi’s depression at that time was conceivable, even the result of marriage contract with Chamber of Commerce was done after she was stimulated by the event .

    At that time , Shen Qiushi thought that Zhao Family and Wen Family shouldn’t have connection at all . As a result , Wen Yue, who was a singer , finally appeared in the public and weakly said that Zhao Family and Chamber of Commerce had contract and decide to marry groom and bride from each side while her wearing heartbreaking look .

    Although Zhao Family and Wen Family did not publicize the matter of marriage , but Wen Yue often spent a whole day with Shen Qiushi , so she had already taken identity of Zhao Lingyu’s girlfriend . At that time , when Zhao Lingyu was injured . She suddenly became silent . Some people think that she changed her mind too quickly , but she suddenly came up to the public while saying this …

    For some time , many people began to sympathize with her , and many of her fans even felt that Zhao Family was bad person .

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   Shen Qiushi has been blocking the news of marriage between Zhao Family and Chamber of Commerce , she does not wish it to be known by others . But With this news , everyone knows it right away.

    Shen Qiushi does not mind about Wen Yue regrets their marriage contract . After all , Wen Yue and Zhao Lingyu didn’t have emotional foundation at all . She also feel very normal with this , but she can’t stand the repentance of Wen Yue and the fact that she has to step on Zhao Family .

    Since then , Shen Qiushi’s original appreciation of Wen Yue has disappeared , leaving only disgust .

    But even with she being more and more disgusting with her , when her son’s body becoming worse , she did not wish to find trouble at the matter .

    As a result , just now , just when their home situation get better , Wen Yue come to the their door .

    When she saw Wen Yue , Shen Qiushi thought of all kinds of news from other people in the past few days . Wen Yue had appeared with a sad face three times in the public eyes . She even won sympathy of many people , that support her to try looking for a new life .

    When compare between cartoon and Wen Yue , Shen Qiushi feels that at this time , she is still want to looking at the cartoon , it is really cute !

    ” Aunt Shen… ” Wen Yue eyes was instantly red .

    ” I don’t want you to call me aunt . ” Shen Qiushi snorted and looked at the young man beside Wen Yue ” Second master of Locke family … Didn’t you called Matthew ? It’s really good , you dare to go to your girlfriend’s former fiancee house together with the girl herself . “

    ” Auntie , although you want me to marry Zhao Lingyu , I really don’t like him at all . This time, I came to say sorry to you … I will get engaged soon , I hope Aunt can come to participate . ” Wen Yue said again .

 It’s still not enough to step on her family , but still dare to come and pour salt on their wound ! Shen Qiushi glanced at the contact terminal on her wrist and sneered aloud “It turned out that you two were entangled together , before , you dedicated to listen about Ling Yu all day long , now this accident happen on Ling Yu . You say you don’t like my son . What meaning of this ? “

    ” Auntie , I am sorry , previously I didn’t dare to refuse … “

    ” Is it difficult for my son to rely on match to get married ? ” Shen Qiushi said .

    ” I didn’t know before , even I can’t say it right now . ” Matthew smile and looked at Ren Sheng , who was sitting next to her ” He must be the Kai who was sent by Thorny Chamber of Commerce . Look at him , he and Zhao Lingyu must didn’t have any feeling for each other . ” when he didn’t respond to their insult . Meaning that He is either silly or didn’t take Zhao Lingyu seriously .

    ” Auntie , why do you have to find such partner for Big Brother Zhao ? He won’t cherish Big Brother Zhao . ” Wen Yue also said , looking hostile at Ren Sheng with her side eyes .

    Although she is not willing to marry Zhao Lingyu now , but seeing Zhao Lingyu marry someone else , she also feel worried

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Chapter 7 Feed him Ginseng (7.2)

Edited Version

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 Early in the morning , when he was full nourishment from zhao lingyu energy , he took off his shoes and stood in open space in front of house to enjoy the sun . Old butler saw this scene and quickly came over ” Yun Sheng , the weather are cold , Wouldn’t you feel too cold ? “

    ” I am not cold , I like to bask in the sun . ” Ren Sheng smiled .

    ” If young master likes to enjoy the sun , you can go to greenhouse behind , where the light can be adjusted … ”

  “ Where ? ” Ren Sheng asked curiously , is greenhouse ( direct mlt say sun room ) is some room filled with sunshine ?

    The Greenhouse certainly are not a room filled with sunshine . In fact , this is a room filled with flower that can be automatically adjust the nutrients amount , moisture and light intensity inside .

    As soon as he entered , Ren Sheng was deeply attracted to this place . and After listening Butler explanation of this room usage , he fell in love with it .

    Slowly digest Fertilizer magic soil energy from Zhao Lingyu in such sunny place is definitely the most comfortable thing in the world , that is ! .

The surrounding plants are somewhat unsightly if this place is unique and for him to enjoy alone !

    The old butler looked at Ren Sheng happy expression and showed a smile . Person with  plant ability type all like plants . Is young masters like the flowers and plants in it ? Should he buy more flowers ?

    Ren Sheng feels that his life is very happy .

    In the evening, there are large piece of Fertilizer magical soil energy that can be held . During the day , you can enjoy the sun , you can eat all kinds of food , and then you can continue to hold Fertilizer magical soil energy source tightly …

    However even if he feels very happy , but in the eyes of others there is something amiss with him .

    Shen Qiushi learned from his son’s mouth that Ren Sheng has given him a medicine . Although she does not know what kind of medicine he give to his son , she still very grateful to Ren Sheng . It is a gratitude that has made her pay more attention to Ren Sheng situation .

    “Xiao Sheng , come , come to Auntie here .” it’s already third night Ren Sheng live with Zhao family , Shen Qiushi finally stop him.

    ” Auntie ? ” Ren Sheng curiously looked at Shen Qiushi .

    ” Xiao , would you like to watch TV with Auntie ? ” Shen Qiushi pick up  popular cartoon in Federation, then showing it . Watching cartoons with her grandson always been things her desire the most , but now only son-in-law can accompanied her.

    Ren Sheng was eager to go back to Zhou Lingyu room . He didn’t expect that the wall in front of him suddenly appeared a beautiful picture, so he immediately stood still .

    There is no such thing as a slight energy flow here . How can such a picture appear ? There is also the child in the picture , it looks so cute … Ren Sheng was attracted to it at once , completely forgot to go sleep with Zhao Lingyu .

    Seeing this scene , Shen Qiushi was relieved, and immediately go to found old butler ” You go order some toys for children , learning machine for children is said to be very hot recently , you can also buy one of those . Yes, and there are clothes , some underwear , and buy more clothes …”

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    ” Yes , ma’am ! ” Old butler smile and walked out , but after he went out for only little time , he suddenly came back again ” Ma’am ,  Miss Wen come with Locke family young Master . “

    “Wen Yue?” Shen Qiushi looked coldly at the back of Ren Sheng’s cartoon .

    ” Yes , Miss Wen Yue . ” The old butler’s face is not very good .

    ” I don’t have time to receive … ” Shen Qiushi’s words have not been finished yet , but someone has come at the door .

    The long-haired , sturdy blond man carefully guarded a black to brown-haired white-skinned young woman who came straight in like a bodyguard .

    In order so she won’t be tired of seeing others , Shen Qiushi only left a few people on the island , probably because of this , the two can drive straight to .

    “What are you doing?” Shen Qiushi looked at Wen Yue , slightly frowned . Because of genes mutation , Person with ability are more difficult to have offspring than average person . Although some couples can have more than ten children in their lifetime , most person with ability can only have one or three children in their lifetime . At the same time , More powerful the person, More difficult for him to have children .

    And for this reason , federal government has been pursuing a project for hundreds of years , that is , to check the genes and ability of each ability person , and finally use computer to check the fit and match between the abilities .

    The young girl in front of her eyes was the one who had the highest degree of fit and match with her son .

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Chapter 9 Good Public Image (9.2)

Edited Version

After Locke family find out the big ugly secret in Wen Yue , they were unwilling to get their family get engaged with Wen Yue .

” Why do you go to Zhao family to find trouble ? This is not good , Locke family had too many bad opinions about us .” Wen Fu didn’t look at his daughter .

” I didn’t expect …” Wen Yue bite his teeth , Zhao family has been already like that , she did not think that Shen Qiushi will still dare to do that , was she not afraid that Locke family will find her any trouble ?

When Wen mu saw her husband reprimand her daughter , she immediately helped her daughter ” You don’t even care about reprimanding your daughter before . ”

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If you didn’t let Yueyue to climb so high before , why would thing like this happen ? It also can be said that this time , Matthew also wants to go to Zhao Family Mansion . If you look at the matter , you must be also forced to please the latter .”

Locke family and Zhao family had always been in the wrong side after so many years . Even Matthew and Zhao Lingyu almost have same age .

This time , going to Zhao family , it is true that Matthew wants to see Zhao Lingyu’s desolate appearance , or else how can he let his girlfriend go to see his ex-fiancee?

Wen’s father was accused by his wife and immediately snorted “ She doesn’t even know how to persuade him ? that Zhao man is going to die anyway ” .

Shen Qiushi’s barefoot is not afraid of wearing shoes ( tl note : did have anything left , not afraid to take risk . )

” Is she looking trouble with her ? “

” Who don’t do mistake before ? Why didn’t you say that earlier ? ” Wen mu glanced at her husband .

” Okay . Mom and Dad , Matthew said , he definitely promise at me , it is still not suitable for we to move for now , so we need to push the matter back for the time being “

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Wen Yue said ” My match rate with Matthew is also very high , i won’t give up matthew so easily . ” Although her reputation is now impaired and her family situation is also general , it’s not a problem to form a family with such high match rate .

The child with ability needs strong energy from the mother, so generally only the person with ability can give birth to child that had ability , and among female with ability from the whole entire capital planet , her appearance is absolutely one-of-a-kind , plus with her match rate … Locke family is now just scaring them .

” I knew this early , and their side should also be slow . ” Wen Fu said again , and found that his wife’s face was not so good , he waved his hand “Well , I will find a way to found people to say some good thing about you .”

” Dad , you don’t have to find someone to help , just give me volunteer position in first hospital . I will be water ability nurse , and treat the patients in first hospital with free of charge , no matter what i wouldn’t shrink away . ” Wen Yue said .

When Wen Yue made up her mind to wash herself clean , Ren Sheng and Shen Qiushi together prepared Zhao Lingyu’s nutrient .

    Although Ren Sheng found such thing called cartoon , and he would like to stick his eyes on it , but even if cartoons look good , they are not more useful than food and clothing , so Zhao Lingyu still has to be taken care .

    Of course, it’s okay to steal Nutrient a little …

    The little root on his little finger to fall in nutrient bowl next to him . He tasted the favor and frowned .

    Nutritious meal favour he ate before was very delicious , but this nutrient taste is really disgusting … marshal is really powerful , he could bear to eat this all the time . Even with This kind of unpalatable thing he can still tolerated .

    ” Well , let’s give him meal , I have to trouble you to feed Lingyu . ” Shen Qiushi pulled Ren Sheng hand up .

    ” It’s no trouble , no trouble at all . ” Ren Sheng shook his head again and again .

    When She came to Zhao Lingyu room, Shen Qiushi felt energy fluctuations around her , and she was surprised that energy intensity that escaped outside seems to have weakened .

    Shen Qiushi is more grateful to Ren Sheng , but Ren Sheng can’t help but sigh at Marshal physical quality . This large piece of messy energy is his body , but he can still slowly improve himself , simply too powerful !

    But … as long as his health is good , can surrounding energy be stabilized ?

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Chapter 7 Feed him Ginseng (7.1)

Edited Version 

“Mother , I can control energy in my body within certain range now . You can send me to nearby unnamed star . ” Zhao Lingyu , who has been touched all over the body , finally remember what to do .

“ Ling Yu , why you can suddenly control your energy ? ” Shen Qiushi didn’t answer his son’s words , but asked instead . It’s absolutely very painful for her to let her son to die alone .

If really necessary to do so , of course she will do it , and the residents of the capital planet will gladly agree , but energy riot in Zhao Lingyu’s body is still within controllable range . Maybe largest energy in his son body belongs to Zerg queen’s , but there is no need to worry .

“ Earlier Yun Sheng gave me something to eat , I Suddenly feel that my body is much better . ” Zhao Lingyu said directly .

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Before, Shen Qiushi suspect that energy riots around his son were weakened and related to his life , now she is certain that she was wrong “ If your body are getting better , don’t say this anymore ! ”

“ Marshal , where ever you go then I would gladly follow to your place “( tl note : precious cinnamon bun >//////////<

” Where are you going to ? ” Zhao Lingyu sighed .

    ” I am married to you, I will always accompany you in the future . ” Ren Sheng remember Dino words .

    If this word is said by someone else , it definitely a confession , but if it was said by this child … Does he even know meaning of what he is saying ? Zhao Lingyu flash this thought in his heart and look at his mother . He want Shen Qiuishi to persuade Ren Sheng .

    Shen Qiushi’s eyes are complicated and suddenly said “ If you want to go to unmanned planet , I will go too with your father . ”

    Zhao Lingyu closed his mouth . His father health was poor and if he went to unmanned star with him , the ones who get first accident must be him .

    ” You can rest assured that you won’t feel the pain in the near future , i was certain ! ” Ren Sheng said again, while guessing Zhao Lingyu’s thought , awkwardly comforting .

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    Ren Sheng’s eyes were very serious , and Zhao Lingyu couldn’t help but believe it . However , just because he want his injury to be good , and it will be good , what it’s really such simple thing ?

    This night , Ren Sheng insisted to sleeping next to Zhao Lingyu , Shen Qiushi persuade him for a long time , in the end still agreed and can’t change his decision .

    At this time news about Zhao Lingyu bride that had already arrived at Zhao family , the whole capital resident basically known . After hearing this news, everyone’s reaction is different from each other .

    Some people sympathize with Zhao Family , some people feel sorry , and some people are laughing at Zhao Family in private , they sense that Zhao Family is destined to fail .

   Number of people who have been throwing the rock when other is down always been as many as the people who wants some benefit from it

    Shen Qiushi connect to capital planet network , and news from all directions was sent into her hands . Looking at the information on her hands , her expression became dark and unclear .

    This night like many days before she had never fallen asleep , and feel that her life is tiring .

    In Zhao Lingyu’s body , energy was so chaotic that he fell very painful , what can he do to reduce the pain ? Ren Sheng rummaged in his space .

    As a ginseng who has lived for more than tens of thousands of years , Ren Sheng has some spiritual powers . In his stomach , there are a space , that he used to save some goods , and there also where he save the all things that his master left for him .
    In  Zhao Lingyu case , eat few medicinal herbs that his master left is no problem for the time being , but his master has been flying around the world and gone for 100,000 years . He stayed alone in the valley and saw the land under his feet become increasingly barren . Finally, all the remedies were crushed and eaten , so now there is nothing left .

    And other things … those instruments are either attack or defensive type and can’t be used to cure someone . Those jade drive that full of refining alchemy recipes , although he has seen it , he can’t use it in this world . As for those gold and silver jewelry , it seems like it’s didin’t have much use … Ren Sheng suddenly take out large bag of ginseng seed from his space .

    As a ginseng , he will always bear fruit. These ginseng seed are equivalent to his own children . However, since he can became human figure , he has to store away all of his seed because he is worried that if all of them were planted . After more than hundred thousand years , how many of them are countless now .

    Suddenly stand from the ground , Ren Sheng took out a ginseng seed and stuff it into Zhao Lingyu’s mouth .

    Zhao Lingyu didn’t fall asleep at all . He want to ask what he had eaten . He felt that familiar heat was flowing around in his body . The body that been riddled with holes and scars also be nourished by it .

    What did this boy give him again ?

    ” I have given my children to you . You must hurry up and heal .” Ren Sheng said , but he does not feel distressed about it . Whether it is a plant seed or little animal , it is very difficult to treat the same species that have not opening their mind the same . Those ginseng seed always been treated by him as a tumors that would occasionally grow in his hair .

    Whose child? Should he be mistaken ? Zhao Lingyu flashed this thought in his heart , and soon lost consciousness under the impact of the heat .

    Ren Sheng looked at the ginseng seed in his hand and looked at Zhao Lingyu again , suddenly thinking of one thing .

    If he planted ginseng seeds on Zhao Lingyu , is it possible to plant a group of sensible ginseng dolls ? No, why should he let others ginseng demon come to snatch what his ? This person is his alone (>\\\\\\\\\\<) !

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Chapter 6 Marshal Ability (6.2)

Edited Version

Addition of Fertilizer Magical Soil , there are some other energy , some are hot as the fire , but there also energy that soft like water , some are violent as the lightning , and some are cold as the snow , but these energy are not the ones he has never seen before . This type of energy is similiar with the one in the human body .

    When other person getting close to the Marshal , Both Fertilizer Magic Soil energy and Other mixed energy will reject them , but he is different . He will only be rejected by those messy energy , plus marshal power ability . His control of these energies is even stronger , and he basically didn’t need to worry about his own safety .

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    Ren Sheng grasp enormous energy brought by Fertilizer satisfiedly , then he close his eyes and began to command his branch and root to stretch around , Shen Qiushi outside clearly felt that energy riot on her son body are getting less .

    Obviously these days , energy riot in her son’s body are getting more chaotic , but no there are getting smaller … For some time , Shen Qiuishi thought that she had make some mistake on her judgement .

    ” What’s wrong ? ” Saw that his wife’s expression was a bit strange , Zhao Peng asked .

    ” I feel that energy riots around Ling yu have become smaller . ” Shen Qiushi expression is complicated . ” Was , was it because Ling Yu ? Did he can’t support his body anymore ?”

    ” Don’t think about it like that . Ling yu’s abilities is just like mine . This kind of ability , once it combine with too much energy , it can’t stand the riots … The Riots will only get stronger . If the riots is weakened , it will only proved that his body is recover . “

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” Lingyu have combines energy source from Zerg Queen , can it be restored ? ” Shen Qiuishi asked with surprise .

    ” The Zerg Queen is about to produce at that time . It had swallowed up several planets and countless energy with ordinary Zerg help . With such huge energy source , Ling yu shouldn’t have way to integrate those energy . Even if those energy magically merged , the energy should immediately make big riot and he will die. But Ling yu persist , and maybe miracle really exist for him ” Zhao Peng comforting her.

  Zhao family ability are very special . Entire human federation can also be said to have some debt with Zhao family . They can add other energy to enhance their own strength , and also integrate certain energy or objects in their body .

    if some family Confront Zhao family , perfect warships that they own maybe , even themselves don’t know when will it be melted into some iron . If they attack them by their ability , it would be absorbed by the other side easily . Because of this reason , Zhao family existence in human federation are same as the god of war .

    But this necessarily didn’t mean good thing . Zhao family have trait that if they don’t usually fight or didn’t train and test their ability , they will die when they use it – because integration of energy that they absorb , after all , it was not their own energy .

    Nowadays , ordinary people life span is between 150 and 200 years old . Ability ones can generally live over 300 years old . while the person with powerful ability can live over 500 years old,, but compare to Zhao family…
This year Zhao Peng is only 129 years old . and Zhao Lingyu is only 48 years old .

    ” Maybe miracle really exist ” Shen Qiushi looked at Ren Sheng in messy mixed energy that surrounding his body , like a lone boat in the sea storm , but he insist and always tightening his hold , She didn’t know why she feel little relaxed after saw this scene .

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Chapter 6 Marshal Ability (6.1)

Edited Version

Ren Sheng went to take shower first .

Of course , he not willing to wash the blood away from his body . Instead , he absorbed all of it , and those who could not be digested for a moment he save in his body first .

When he had finished , he made happy roll in the bathtub where the water had been put in . Although he does not need much water now , it is very comfortable to lie in the water , if only i can put fertilizer in the water . That Nutrient on that spaceship is even better …

But even just with water, it is easy to make him puffy .

After taking shower , under the guide of the butler , Ren Sheng went downstairs to eat .

She had good impression of Ren Sheng , so Shen Qiushi prepared a lot of delicious food , but for those who never have eaten human food before , these colors still retain the original vegetables and meat form , completely incomparable to nutritious meal .

” It’s boring … No , shouldn’t we eat nutritious meal instead ? ” Ren Sheng asked curiously . He estimated that this table is enough for ten person . He didn’t have enough teeth to chew the food ah . Still can’t directly absorb the food and must chew it first by himself .

Want to eat nutritious meal in front of so many delicious dishes ? Shen Qiushi looked at Ren Sheng oddly .

” If young master wants to eat nutritious meal , I will prepare it immediately . ” the waiting butler next to him immediately said . Since the first time seeing Ren Sheng’s care for his young master , the importance of Ren Sheng in his heart has risen . Because of this , he also deliberately asked Dino how his behavior and what he likes .

    ” Alright . ” Ren Sheng showed a big smile to the housekeeper .

    The old housekeeper suddenly had a rust in his heart . He didn’t have children . He used to take care Zhao Lingyu as his own child , but Zhao Lingyu grew up too fast . He didn’t need him in a blink of an eye . He don’t have marriage yet and no children … now Seeing this small child , he can’t wait to put the person into his hearts (to pamper) .

    Silly , it’s stupid kid , isn’t it ?

    The old butler came back with 20 nutritious meals in one breath . When she saw the amount , Shen Qiuishi was more surprised . Ren Sheng was so happy to the point of laugh . ” Thank you , what is your name ? “

    ” Rensheng, you can call him steward (grandfather) . ” Shen Qiushi said .

    ” Thank you Grandpa ! ” Ren Sheng immediately said , before Dino only gave him 18 portion , now this housekeeper gave him twenty portion , each part is more than the other , really good person !

    ” Rensheng , nutritious meal tastes bad , if you don’t like it , you don’t have to eat it . ” Shen Qiushi said again .

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    Ren Sheng had eaten three bowls in one breath .

He ate 20 nutritious meals and wiped his mouth . ” Isn’t it the stuff that the Marshal eats ? It’s better to make it like this , it’s quick and convenient ! ” Ren Sheng said , This kind of food with texture like paste can just be eat by absorbing and he already absorbed it . All of that can be done without changing it into meat and vegetables . It is definitely a rare good thing , and taste is also very good .

    Is this child is confused by his own action in order be able to eat faster ? Shen Qiushi then take Zhao Lingyu’s blood-supplying agent and formulated high-protein nutrient , and take initiative to hold Ren Sheng hand . ” Let’s go together , I will help you find a bowl to feed Marshal . “

    Because Zhao Lingyu is now in special situation , they not only made a lot of arrangements on the island , but also sent many former servants that serve them before away , so most things must be done by themself now .

    Nodded , Ren Sheng eagerly looked at Shen Qiushi , can’t wait to rush into Zhao Lingyu room immediately , he can not let the person with such large chunk of fertilizer to die !

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    Ren Sheng was anxious to save people , but he forgot that even if marshal die , the soil would not disappear . and When he used it , that would be more convenient .

 After eating the unknown things with bitter taste , Zhao Lingyu felt that his body feel much better , and his control of surrounding energy was also enhanced .

Before he return to capital planet , after he has receiving some treatment , his body condition worsening , even showed self-destruction situation . Although medical headquarters already determine that self-explosion scope would not be so large and completely controllable , he still did not wish to stay here . Perhaps with his energy being depleted and while the cause of it confusing him , it won’t cause spaceship broken , can they send him away now ?

    It’s pity that the elixir with such extraordinally effect wasted for his body . If it was not used for him but for other , it may have save a lot more people .

    Zhao Lingyu pondering on this matter , and suddenly sense that someone nearing to him , it is the child who waited for him.

    His mother didn’t even persuade this child ? Zhao Lingyu changed his face and tried to control the energy around him .

Ren Sheng coming to Zhao Lingyu , wearing special protective suit . This kind of suit don’t have any gaps , which makes him little uncomfortable , but he doesn’t hate it when he see that the sui help him to withstand many attacks .

    ” Marshal , please eat something ! “

    ” Why don’t you leave ? ” Zhao Lingyu frowned slightly .

    ” I won’t leave, I want to take care of you in the future ! ” Ren Sheng took out the small metal bowl that he had been kept in his arms proudly . The mouth of the bowl was aimed at Zhao Lingyu’s mouth , while the other firmly held it . Zhao Lingyu try to control his energy and does not allow the violent energy around him to destroy the boy body .

Some scattered energy hits Ren Sheng protective clothing , and made some imprint mark , so Ren Sheng could not help but shiver , but the pot in his hand has been very stable .

    Zhao Lingyu couldn’t speak because of his full mouth . He could only look at the person in front of him . Even if energy riot didn’t cause wound on this boy body , the fear impact should be absolutely great , but this person didn’t say a word about it …

Ren Sheng has been gently swinging his body to slow down the impact of the surrounding messy energy . After saw Zhao Lingyu eating all nutrient in the bowl , he took the bowl back , then rushed to hug Zhao Lingyu body, while he was busy hugging . Took off his gloves and groped around .

The Touch make Zhao Lingyu body stiff at the moment . Eyes of this person are very pure , but his hands have to make such awkward movements …

It really makes him confused .

    What made him more incomprehensible was that , he felt so comfortable after being touched around by such little hands (tl note : pedo) … Was he not tempted before not because his motivation but because his special taste instead ?

    Surprised by his own thoughts , Zhao Lingyu almost forgot to talk to his mother who waiting at the door .

    At this time , Ren Sheng already discover characteristics of the energy around marshal body. From these huge energy , the most important is , of course the energy brought by Fertilizer Magic soil . The energy itself is very large, and almost necessary to break through his body , but at the same time it has character of endless cycle , so it’s impossible for Zhao Lingyu to die .

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Chapter 5 All of You are good people (5.2)

Edited Version

    Even if there really exist a spy who ignore his life in this world , there are no record of spy who will hang around dying person .

    What’s more , although marshal’s prestige now is so high , Zhao family has been excluded from federal core circle from a long time ago because no one can match previous patriach of zhao family except Zhao Lingyu .

    ” It’s very dangerous here , you must go out . ” With the warmth in his body gave him some strength , Zhao Lingyu immediately said this . Even if this person is not directly excluded like his mother because of his soft ability type , he still hurting by energy riot around his body , cutting his skin , what if he made an accident …

    “This is Nothing , my skin is very thick .” Ren Sheng said directly the truth . If you just swap his position with an ordinary person , He afraid that the person was already cut into pieces by the energy . But he is different . Although he has always kept his own skin fresh and juicy , his skin has been thick enough for more than 100,000 years .

    Do you say this on your own ? This child is really stupid … many said that Kay have low IQ and very good looks , but even if his IQ is low , such sincere smile is still flattering . Zhao Lingyu slightly hooked his mouth up and want to say something but the heat in his body began to flow around , so that he could not open his mouth for a while .

    Ren Sheng saw that the entanglement was tighter , but some hair-sized roots began to collect Zhao Lingyu’s blood everywhere , and by the way , he suck a lot of Fertilizer magic soil from his wounds .

    He is like a tumbleweed that has been rolling with the wind because of drought , and now finally find fertile land , eagerly absorbing the nutrients and water .

    Of course, at this time his skin inevitably cut off and he has several wounds again , but with support of the soil , these wounds will soon healed , and even his blood didn’t flow out , only one of his roots could not be healed .

    Ren Sheng chewed on that root a few times , and then gave it to Zhao Lingyu’s mouth.

    For this marshal , he already sacrifice his body with blood loss and slice of his body . He has paid a lot and must not be driven away !

    Zhao Peng has been waiting for his wife to bring the Kai to see him , but he never seen anyone , so he came over instead . As a result … Is his son being corrupted ?

    Shen Qiushi still not return to the God until she saw his husband , and then found out his son (again) being assaulted .

    The corner of her mouth twitched , and Shen Qiushi said “Ren Sheng , you must coming out , and be careful , you have to change your clothes . “

    “You won’t drive me away?” Ren Sheng look curiously .

    ” I promise i won’t drive you away.” Shen Qiushi saw broken clothes and blood on Ren Sheng’s body . This child really likes her child so much , so she will treat him well as if he was her own child .

    Ren Sheng nodded , climb down from Zhao Lingyu’s body , took a few steps , and turn back to see Zhao Lingyu ” I will come over again . ” Now he can freely absorb the soil and blood that fell out from Zhao Lingyu . Energy that has been absorbed by him earlier has not be digested for a while…. Although he still wants to stick to this person, it is nothing to leave for a little time .

    Moreover , Master said that in human world, you can’t be naked (you can actually and we will be so happy ) .

    Ren Sheng stepped back and reluctantly walked out of the room , immediately gived piece of clothes by Shen Qiushi ” Did you hurt ? “

” I am fine . ” Ren Sheng said.

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    ” How is it okay ? so much blood that flowed out … ” Shen Qiushi pointed at the blood-stained legs that Ren Sheng exposed . When Ren Sheng just enter the room before , she saw the energy cut a big wound on him .

    Although she don’t know why Ren Sheng and his son condition of the wound would same and just repeated heal and broken again , but she knew that it must be uncomfortable to bear .

    ” These blood are marshal ” he just smear Marshal blood on himself , and now he feel the place covered by blood is comfortable .

    Shen Qiushi trying is to comfort herself and wipe away the tears in her eyes . She said “You must be very tired when your just come from Freedom League . Take a shower first , then eat something so you can sleep . ”

    Ren Sheng nodded and pointed to Zhao Lingyu’s room ” I want to sleep there ! “

    ” Where ? ” Shen Qiushi say quickly , did this person dreaming ? , sleeping with his son ? This child is too arrogant …

Wrong , too badly deep in love .

    “I want to eat a lot of paste , and Marshal maybe want to eat too . He must be hungry . ” Ren Sheng said , although marshal has a lot of energy in his body and the body itself is broken , but it can not made up with the energy alone .

” He loss a lot of blood, he has to eat something that add blood in body . “

Zhao Lingyu has all energy accumulated by Zerg Queen in order to reproduce offspring . So he haven’t eat anything in the past two month , but still have lived well , so they have forgotten about it .please read this at don’t support stealer site

Now , it’s a child who just came here who reminded them . This time they truly … Shen Qiushi blamed herself , but Zhao Peng took her hand .

    Zhao Lingyu has too much energy in his body . Even he want to take nutrition with IV drip , he will be paralyzed . They have no other way .

    “I already eaten , just go and give him food ! ” Ren Sheng said . This is his future parents , must be well-fed .

    ” Thank you , I will take care of Lingyu in the future . ” Shen Qiushi’s eyes are wet.

    After listening to Shen Qiushi’s second half of the sentence , Ren Sheng’s eyes are shining “ You all are good people ! ” Dyno , who saved him after he fell out from time and space cracks , sent him here , this person who “Give him care” they are so good , Just as good as his master !

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Chapter 5 All of You are good people (5.1)

Edited Version

Some people maybe not be able to move other feeling , unless they are their beloved ones , and most people wouldn’t feel happy about the kiss .

    Zhao Lingyu has a feeling of being offended , and even feels little disgust , but this feeling disappears after watching teenager eyes , which full with satisfaction .

    The boy’s eyes are too clean , without any negative emotions . It make him feel that his disgust is simply unnesessary .

    This kiss was no different from the one that had been stealed by his soldier son last year , although he immediately wiped off the saliva , but he didn’t hate that chubby little doll .

    So now , he can’t hate the boy who was pressing down on him .

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    The mood was instantly relieved , and Zhao Lingyu soon felt that something was wrong , his mouth feel very bitter, and it seemed that something had been fed into his mouth through the kiss.

    His first reaction was … , but the boy’s eyes were so clean that he didn’t want to doubt about it … just as he thinking , he suddenly felt that his body , which can collapse at any time , seemed to be injected with warm liquid that made his body heal much quickly …

    Even if the energy still damaging his body , the warm liquid can give him more support for a while … What did the teenager give him?

    Zhao Lingyu was surprised , but he knew that this thing must be a good thing , and the young man that sticking on his body … his love for him is not likely fake at all .

    His appearance is very horrible , even there is no good flesh on his body , but this teenager can look at him like this … Zhao Lingyu slowly feels that his heart is beaming .

    ” Roy… No , Ren Sheng , are you okay?” Shen Qiushi asked from outside , did not dare to approach , expecially with energy around her son that she could not match .

    ” I’m fine, I want to stay here, do you want to leave Marshal room ? ” Ren Sheng slightly turned his face and then stretched his fingers out of the wound that he already heal . Sticking it to another wound , at the same time lean himself more on Zhao Lingyu’s body , and in the same time smear Zhao Lingyu blood to himself .

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    He is ginseng essence , much more powerful than these humans . Humans can only eat with one mouth , but he can eat all over the body !

    When Shen Qiushi heard Ren Sheng’s words, her eyes were wet . Many people worship her son . And many of them would be willing to sacrifice their lives when his son was in danger . But now with his son’s situation , no one will do it cause the end of his life is near .

    If it was in the past , she maybe didn’t necessarily like this child , but now she is touched.

    Dyno also feel shocked and suddenly felt that he had been too doubtful before , how would he feel that Ren Sheng not worthy with marshal ? He himself couldn’t do it at this time without hesitation , but Ren Sheng did it , even with marshal’s appearance that was scary , this person does not disregard …

    The other soldiers, they remembered a word that was passed down from ancient times – soulmates . This Kai is definitely Marshal soulmates , so he won’t care about his life .

    Of course, no matter what they think in their brain , from this moment , their doubts about Ren Sheng disappeared .

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