Chapter 5 All of You are good people (5.1)

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Some people maybe not be able to move other feeling , unless they are their beloved ones , and most people wouldn’t feel happy about the kiss .

    Zhao Lingyu has a feeling of being offended , and even feels little disgust , but this feeling disappears after watching teenager eyes , which full with satisfaction .

    The boy’s eyes are too clean , without any negative emotions . It make him feel that his disgust is simply unnesessary .

    This kiss was no different from the one that had been stealed by his soldier son last year , although he immediately wiped off the saliva , but he didn’t hate that chubby little doll .

    So now , he can’t hate the boy who was pressing down on him .

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    The mood was instantly relieved , and Zhao Lingyu soon felt that something was wrong , his mouth feel very bitter, and it seemed that something had been fed into his mouth through the kiss.

    His first reaction was … , but the boy’s eyes were so clean that he didn’t want to doubt about it … just as he thinking , he suddenly felt that his body , which can collapse at any time , seemed to be injected with warm liquid that made his body heal much quickly …

    Even if the energy still damaging his body , the warm liquid can give him more support for a while … What did the teenager give him?

    Zhao Lingyu was surprised , but he knew that this thing must be a good thing , and the young man that sticking on his body … his love for him is not likely fake at all .

    His appearance is very horrible , even there is no good flesh on his body , but this teenager can look at him like this … Zhao Lingyu slowly feels that his heart is beaming .

    ” Roy… No , Ren Sheng , are you okay?” Shen Qiushi asked from outside , did not dare to approach , expecially with energy around her son that she could not match .

    ” I’m fine, I want to stay here, do you want to leave Marshal room ? ” Ren Sheng slightly turned his face and then stretched his fingers out of the wound that he already heal . Sticking it to another wound , at the same time lean himself more on Zhao Lingyu’s body , and in the same time smear Zhao Lingyu blood to himself .

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    He is ginseng essence , much more powerful than these humans . Humans can only eat with one mouth , but he can eat all over the body !

    When Shen Qiushi heard Ren Sheng’s words, her eyes were wet . Many people worship her son . And many of them would be willing to sacrifice their lives when his son was in danger . But now with his son’s situation , no one will do it cause the end of his life is near .

    If it was in the past , she maybe didn’t necessarily like this child , but now she is touched.

    Dyno also feel shocked and suddenly felt that he had been too doubtful before , how would he feel that Ren Sheng not worthy with marshal ? He himself couldn’t do it at this time without hesitation , but Ren Sheng did it , even with marshal’s appearance that was scary , this person does not disregard …

    The other soldiers, they remembered a word that was passed down from ancient times – soulmates . This Kai is definitely Marshal soulmates , so he won’t care about his life .

    Of course, no matter what they think in their brain , from this moment , their doubts about Ren Sheng disappeared .

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