Chapter 11 Marshal Speculation ( 11.2 )

Edited Version

” Right ” Shen Qiuishi nodded and quickly stepped back a little to avoid energy around Zhao Lingyu . Then contact the former soldier and asked about specific matter .

    They soon got the answer . At the beginning , this soldier also suspected that his identity was not right . He tried to unveil this matter countless times in the dark . He revealed Zhao Lingyu was regarded as a waste man . He once put some fake important documents in front of him and gave him some job . Even with any people watch him , he didn’t have reaction at all . In the end , he naturally regard Ren Ren as Kay with a problem in his head .

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    ” Even if Rensheng current vocabulary is not fluent , and he doesn’t recognize some word , hisodds is so strong …” Zhao Lingyu finally understand how he can have that kind of feeling , this feeling appear because Ren Sheng mind is too Simple , so when he do some thing , they will appear wrong , and others can’t help but think that his action is deep .

    ” Yes ! That kid is really … ” Shen Qiushi sighed when she thought of Ren Sheng , her face was soft ” I’m afraid that he doesn’t understand anything at all … But , if he doesn’t understand , how can he lie in the grass while wearing Roy’s clothes ? Next to spaceship explosion ruins ? “

    ” Isn’t that spaceship explosion is very weird ? spaceship from Thorny Chamber of Commerce is not bad , and there aren’t record of interstellar pirates near Xing fu planet . In this case , spaceship may only be destroyed by insiders . Mother , Luo Daosen already said before that Ruyi is very intelligent . If so , maybe he isn’t willing to marry me , thus ruining the spaceship and escaping from our marriage , while pulling Ren Ren as substitute bride . ” Ren Sheng had too many thing that belongs to Ruyi .

That’s to say , so Ruyi didn’t really die when the spaceship exploded . If this trully the case , then this explanation is the most reasonable .

    ” There are a lot of people on that spaceship , and Ruyi’s dowry , he … ” Shen Qiushi took a deep breath , if that true , then ” the real Ruyi” is a scary person . (tl note : deep , calculative , cruel person )

    ” Mother , by the way , you should check Ruyi and Ren Sheng information over again . ” Zhao Lingyu said .

    ” I will . ” Shen Qiuishi nodded and suddenly remembered something ” Oh , clothes and toys that i’ve buy for Ren sheng should have arrived . I will go to see him , you can take a rest . “

    Then Shen Qiushi left , Zhao Lingyu , who was lying alone in the bed , suddenly feel little depressed .

    What Shen Qiushi bought for Ren Sheng was indeed been sent , and has been accepted by Zhao Peng .

    Zhao Peng’s impression of Ren Sheng was very good . After signing , he took these things directly to Ren Sheng , and patiently explained the usage to Ren Sheng .

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    No matter whether it’s toys or robots , he never seen something like this before . At the same time , although his already live long enough , and had a lot of experience , but most of those time he is buried in the soil . Don’t have big chance to see something like this .

    As a person who isn’t young enough to see toys that he never seen before , Ren Ren didn’t have resistance to these things at all , and he can’t wait to roll around inside . Zhao Peng is grateful that he liked it .

    ” Uncle Zhao , this robot can dance ah ! He is really amazing ! How did you get it ? ” When Shen Qiushi came over , Ren Sheng was dancing with a robot that was big as him , he learned robot moves , so he and robot dance movement is same .

    ” This robot is not so awesome . After all , it is just a toy . Wait for it next time , I will definitely buy for you a highly intelligent butler robot .” Zhao Peng promised .

    “Thank you , Uncle Zhao , you are so good ! ” Ren Sheng’s two eyes was sparkled .

    Obviously , I was the one who bought something . but Zhao Peng was the ones that get a thank you instead .

Shen Qiushi look Zhao Peng’s eye and immediately sat next to Ren Sheng “ Xiao Ren , those clothes , have you tried it ? These clothes , aunts according them to your size . And buy them for you , you will be so handsome when you wear it . “

    Is my own wife jealous ? but object for this jealousy is not quite right ah .

    Seeing Shen Qiushi , who used to be jealous because he was too popular , now become jealous because Ren Sheng was closer to him , Zhao Peng didn’t have good face . he couldn’t even smile .

    However , such lively Shen Qiushi , He never see it for a long time …

    Zhao Lingyu said that Ren Sheng was very clever . After Shen Qiushi test it , she found that was true .

    No matter what kind of knowledge , as long as she teaches Ren Sheng about it , he can understand , so there is no need for her to repeat it twice , and the books that she gave to Ren Sheng , He only need to have rough look , then he can remember … who say that his IQ was Low ah , what a fool , her son-in-law , is clearly a genius .

    No , she afraid that he can not longer be called son-in-law . This child is too young , her son can’t eat this young grass . ( tl note : “young grass” still children , not suitable for marriage LOL )

    Ren Sheng , who has been living as a tender grass for more than thousand hundred years , scanned the books in front of him with his mental power , and was wondering how many dictionaries he need to search .

    He need to translate that cultivation method quickly . Only this way can Zhao Lingyu exercise by himself .

    If he practice well ,maybe Zhao Lingyu won’t have to just lie in the bed like that , how good it is ?

    As for helping him completely as yesterday … After feeling the pain from that practicing , Ren Sheng will never do it again .

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Chapter 11 Marshal Speculation ( 11.1 )

Edited Version (13/3/2019)

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As a marshal , Zhao Lingyu was very sensitive to many things . In fact , if he (Renren) didn’t have flaw in his performance , he was afraid that he have long suspected this person .

    Because he has too many doubts about Ren Sheng , on the one side ren sheng didn’t do any harm to him , and it’s not possible for him to keep doubting Ren Sheng , but now , it seems that there some misunderstandings …

    ” What is your relationship with Luo Daosen ? ” Zhao Lingyu suddenly asked if Ren Ren had finished the so-called practice.

(tl note : Luo Daosen is President of Thorny Chamber of Commerce)

    ” Who is Luo Daosen ? I don’t know .” Ren Sheng shook his head , he never had hear that name before .

    Luo Daosen is president of Thorny Chamber of Commerce . If Ren Sheng really his son , it’s possible for him to don’t know ? Zhao Lingyu stunned , couldn’t help but let out a smile , then stretch out his heavy hand to touch Ren ren head . ” How you come here ? “

    Zhao Lingyu’s eyes full of interest directed to Ren Sheng . Now that this ” Fertilizer ” take initiative to touch him , he will naturally greet back with enthusiasm , but he can’t let Zhao Lingyu to mess up his ” leaves”(hair) , so he will use his body instead . He leaned his face to Zhao Lingyu hand , then the whole person entangled to that arm “ After I woke up , they sent me here . They were so nice , they took me to find You . ” Ren Sheng said , the more he said the more happy he feel .

    ” Do you like me that much ? ” Zhao Lingyu , who never liked to laugh , when he hear Ren Sheng experienced , couldn’t help but lit up his lip


    ” Of course I like you , I like you very much. ” Ren Sheng can’t wait to take bite of Zhao Lingyu body , but when he think that if he really do so , he can ‘t absorb his energy little by little , so he could only give up this idea . ( bite huh ? #wiggleeyesbrows )

    And … he hurting Zhao Lingyu earlier even if he always take advantages of his energy .

    Is this confession ? This child isreally bold … Zhao Lingyu already confirmed that Ren Sheng definitely not President son from Thorny Chamber of Commerce . So then … ” Do you know what Kai is ? “

    ” What is that thing ? ” Ren Sheng asked .

    ” … ” So , this person probably not a Kai , but ordinary human being , an underage ones . ( >.> pedo)

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    When He thought that Ren Sheng was Kai from Thorny Chamber of Commerce , although Zhao Lingyu couldn’t help but treat him as same as a child , he wouldn’t feel so awkward about intimacy between the two , but now … to think that Ren sheng probably only 11 or 12 years old . His mouth couldn’t help but twitched .

    Maybe He really need to keep distance from Ren Sheng in the future , less he end up astray because he can’t hold himself back .

    ” Right , I heard people saying that Kai are stupid . What are Kai ? Are they really stupid ? ” Ren Sheng suddenly remembered what he previously hear .

    ” I don’t know it very well . ” Zhao Lingyu tightened his hug with special care . Now, as long as he think that Ren Sheng has touched his private place , Zhao Lingyu feels extremely embarrassed .

    Ren Sheng is not Ruyi . Zhao Lingyu is very sure about this point , but although he does not know Ren Sheng true identity , Zhao Lingyu can be sure that he is not malicious person .

    Ren Sheng didn’t continue to pursue this matter . Instead , he remember a set of this exercises ” I’ve already tell you cultivation method that i’ve read before . Did you understand ? Do you know how to practice now ? “

    ” I didn’t understand it too much . Who teach you ancient Chinese words ? “

    ” It was Master who taught me , do you really can’t understand ? But I don’t know how to properly explain it . Your vocabulary is also too strange for me .” Ren Sheng frowned , his white face full of depression .

    This child already sold himself clean after a few words … Zhao Lingyu smiled and continue chatted with other party .

    At this time , Zhao Lingyu had ” Resume ” Ren Sheng life experience . He should live in very close and primitive environment from young age . People around him are only someone called master , so he don’t understand environment of human society at all , and he can’t use High-tech products . However , he isn’t stupid , but rather smart .

    Today , Zhao Lingyu’s words seem to be particular curious … but he’s not afraid , no matter what , he won’t just treat himself as a ginseng being , but also a human that want to lived for a long time, so he told little truth to Zhao Lingyu , he knows that Zhao definitely a suspicious person ! When Ren Sheng explaine his life to Zhao Lingyu , he explained everything clean except his origin.

    For A boy who only lived for 12 or 13 years old and lived primitive life ones . He is very calm to face such a new world .

    Zhao Lingyu thought about this , but he didn’t ask about how this small one apparent . Instead , he and Ren Sheng talked about something like capital planet , his childhood , and began to teach some simple things for daily life ” When I’m still a child , I’m especially liked airship . I wanted to stay in airship all day along . My mom didn’t want me to do that so I sneaked in there when I have opportunity . The airship detected that I’m still a little child , it started game mode . first , I could only slow it down in the air , then when i’m grasp the skill , the airship AL let me control it to navigation channel , finally traffic police found uncontrollable airship is affecting the traffic , stopped me , then returning me home … “

    Although Ren Sheng’s master is very good to him , but because he knows his true age , even with child’s appearance , he didn’t really regard him as children . Therefore , it is the first time for Ren Sheng to listened others tell stories for him .

    He was hold in strong arms , and this someone told him about his childhood … He can’t sleep for a long time , and finally fell asleep feel disorder confusion .

    When Ren Sheng wake up next day , he felt refreshed . After feeding Zhao Lingyu , he ran to watch cartoon .

When he is watching cartoon , Zhao Lingyu and his mother were communicating with lip language separated by far distance .

    At the beginning , when she ” listening ” to Zhao Lingyu words that said Ren Sheng was not Ruyi , Shen Qiuishi thought something like spy , but when Zhao Lingyu talk about Ren Sheng reaction , she can’t help but laugh .

    ” So, he isn’t Ruyi after all . In this case , how could your ex-soldier tell me that his identity is didn’t have problem ? ” Shen Qiushi feels puzzled .

    ” Ask him , then maybe you will know . ” Zhao Lingyu said .

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Chapter 10 Exercise and Reveal (10.2)

Edited Version

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    This child , did he just taste what he do for him ?

    Sure enough , this child is not malicious , He is afraid that he maybe don’t know that it would have been so painful … Slowly , Zhao Lingyu asked with voice that completely different ” I s it painful ? “

    Ren Sheng had tears in his eyes and nodded .

    ” Wait for a moment , so it won’t hurt so much , it’s okay . ” Zhao Lingyu comfort him .

    Obviously , he was the person who had lived for thousand hundred years old than this person , and he is the one that still need his to comfort … Ren Ren feel a bit shameful , and feel that it’s necessary to explain what he do .

    ” Marshal , I don’t know if it will hurts so much , If i know i won’t do it to you . ” If someone make him taste this pain , he will desperately trying to fight with that person . Zhao Lingyu doesn’t even blame him at all . he is really good person .
” I know . ” Zhao Lingyu nodded .

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    ” I’m doing this , is to make your body become more powerful , so you don’t have to lied in bed all the time … Well , I will read the practice for you .” Ren Sheng said , while teaching Zhao Ling Yu to read it . ( tl note : actually it’s like teacher reading aloud and expect his student to follow his read , so the student will remember #coughstudentandteachercough# )

    Zhao Lingyu, who always been considering himself to be knowledgeable , suddenly found himself completely unable to understand this so-called exercises from Ren Sheng .

    Ren Sheng’s teaching (tl note : direct mtl say writing , but it’s not compatible with previous content so i change it ) should be an ancient word . He is afraid that only those who had specialize on it can understand . But how can Ren Ren understand it ?

    Ren Sheng only knows little things . He always thought that the reason of it because living environment in Freedom League is too simple or he never had opportunity to contact high-tech . Now , it seems that was not the case ?

    There is no reason for president of Thorny Chamber of Commerce to didn’t teach his son to use electrical appliances , but he taught him ancient word instead , even if he really did such a weird thing … in Freedom League, where the strength is number one and humans can only occupy small land , where did he find teacher who is proficient in ancient teaching ?

    In this case , who is Ren Sheng ? what kind actually his elixir , and what this so-called practice that he taugh ?

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