Chapter 13 Marshal’s Attribution (part 1)

When Ren Sheng finish eat all 50 nutritious meals that Grandpa butler sent , Zhao Peng rise up from the ground .

    After he lost his ability , he aging so fast and became coveted old man . But now the wrinkles on his face disappeared , his hair became black again , the same colour as when he was young .

    When Shen Qiushi saw him like this , her eyes were red . From when she was dating till their marirage Relationship between the two was very good , but when Zhao Peng was injured . She could only watch him faster aging  ……

    Even if Zhao Peng appearance change to an old man , she didn’t disregard him , but as long as she thinks that her lover was dying , her heart inevitably feel uncomfortable . Now , her husband has restoring his appearance the same as when he was in middle age, they have possibility of growing old together .

    Both Zhao Peng and Shen Qiushi stared at each other intimately . After a while , Zhao Peng said ” I am fine now, Definitely can stay with you in the future . “

    Shen Qiushi suddenly cried .

Ren Sheng look at Shen Qiushi with puzzled expression . Uncle Zhao was the one that feeling the pain , so it is normal for him to cry , but Auntie Shen has healthy body , why she had crying ?

Of course, these thing have a little to do with him . Ren Sheng suddenly stood up and rushed out , ran back to Zhao Lingyu room “ I am already let Uncle Zhao eat my medicine ! “

Zhao Lingyu has been lying down , didn’t know situation outside , he was so suprise to see that Ren Sheng suddenly ran in and said something , but , in his heart he can’t help but feel shocked.

     He didn’t expect that Ren Sheng would actually gave an elixir to his father after he just mentioned it one time . This child really …

     ” I’ve already give him two ! ” Ren Sheng said , his eyes staring at Zhao Lingyu .

     ” Thank you . ” Zhao Lingyu said with gratitude .

     Ren Sheng stare at him for a moment ” You already promise me before , you can’t go back to your word . “

     ” What do you want ? ” Zhao Lingyu certainly didn’t forget what he had promise to this child , no matter what he want .

     ” I want you ! You are mine in the future , do you know ? ” Ren Sheng said earnestly . Now he only had opportunity to take care Zhao Lingyu because he was hurt . If Zhao Lingyu was his , it would be fine to touch him in the future even if he didn’t hurt !

     ” Okay . ” Zhao Lingyu smile and promise to compromise .

     Perhaps what Ren Ren said just now , it’s just a child’s obsession with something or someone , but he still willing to agree .

He definitely will grow up in the future , and if he likes other people , he naturally have to let him go . But if this child , in the future would always liked him as much as present …

 Zhao Lingyu suddenly found out that he didn’t have to wait for this child to grow up to become partner with him .

    Of course , before that , he must work hard to improve his strength and health – if what he can do is only lie on a bed , even if Ren Ren don’t disregard him , he would only dislike himself .

    Zhao Lingyu , who was planning to work hard to cultivate , doesn’t know that Ren Sheng actually very happy that he always lying down , so he can ” put his root ” in time when he want to “put his root “

    Zhao Lingyu is mine ! Ren Sheng’s mood was very good . After lying on Zhao Lingyu body for a long time , he reluctantly left his exclusive “Fertilizer magic soil” that already owned by him , and went to see Shen Qiushi to watch cartoon .

    Today Shen Qiushi found a cartoon that teach traffic knowledge to Ren Sheng . The Protagonist was the cute rabbit that ride in different model transportation , and then all kinds of strange and interesting things happen .

    ” How was your feeling ? ” Shen Qiushi asked with a smile .

    ” Very Good ! ” Ren Sheng said directly .

” It’s very interesting , right ? Next time Auntie will take you to do the same , we will go shopping , and buying things . ” Shen Qiushi asked .

    She has been desperate before , didn’t have mood for going out to play . Now It’s different .

    My husband have good health , my son is getting better , and Shen Qiushi , for once,  feels that her life once again full of hope , can’t wait to go out , crazily shopping right away . Of course, she didn’t only want to buy for herself , but wants to buy something for Ren sheng .

    Such a cute child , it will be very cute to dress him up !

    ” Okay . ” Ren Sheng nodded . ” Dino once said that I can go to many different places in capital planet to play . Do you want to take me along ?”

    ” Of course , we have to buy for you some food, buy clothes, buy toys…” Shen Qiuishi nodded.

    ” I also want to buy things for Lingyu . ” Ren Sheng seriously said .

    ” How did you think about buying him?” Shen Qiu Shi asked with a smile, and was ready to listen to the child’s confession.

    “He is mine, I want to buy him a lot of delicious food.” Ren Sheng did not say anything like “I like him” this time, but pumped his own small chest . (very Proud huh ?)

“ Is he content that he is yours?” Shen Qiushi asked curiously.

    “Well of course!” Ren Sheng nodded.

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