Chapter 13 Marshal’s Attribution (part 2)

    “Well of course!” Ren Sheng nodded.

    When Zhao Peng was chasing her, wouldn’t that literally just give himself to her ? Now my son opened up … However , why did when his son decided to chase people he loved , although it was worthy for praise , but the person of his pursuit is still small children .

    She must talk to Zhao Lingyu and wouldn’t let him ruin president federation son .

    Shen Qiushi plans to go out with Ren Sheng tomorrow.

    When Zhao Peng heard about this, he fear that his wife and son-in-law would be wronged outside , so he purpose that he would go with them. But , Shen Qiushi refused mercilessly. “You still on rehabilitation period , how can you go out? Don’t you want to stay honestly at home? Are you really prepared to the moment when this secret is known by others, won’t you want to practice your ability better ? .”

    In the past, she spoil Zhao Peng, that because he was sick. But Now he was in good condition , she can’t spoil him anymore.

    This is really a pleasant thing.

    “Uncle Zhao cheer up “ Ren Sheng clenched his fist and gave Zhao Peng a cheering posture.

Early in the next morning, when Ren Sheng was still lying on Zhao Lingyu’s body, Shen Qiushi voice came from outside. With a cry, Ren Sheng quickly ran out.

    Zhao Lingyu looked at the child who ran outside , he silently pulled the fabric up around his waist.

    This child’s sleep habitat is too bad, not counted holding him , also constantly touching him all night, if not because his physical condition is not good, he definitely hard all night , such an ugly secret .

    Of course, he also hide that his body not only responding to the pain, honestly , he is more willing to make fool of himself , as long as he is a man, I am afraid I can’t control myself and “stand up”.

    I don’t know when my body will be better… Zhao Lingyu closed his eyes and practiced again according to Ren Sheng’s teaching .

    At this time, Ren Sheng already entered the aircraft, led by Shen Qiushi as a driver , went to the Capital Planet Business District.

    The speed of the aircraft is very fast and can adjusted automatically, so although the business district is far, it won’t be to long before they arrives.

    Zhao Jia has a lot industries in the business district. Shen Qiushi parked the aircraft in an auction house belonging to the Zhao family, then took Ren Sheng to see manajer at auction house.

“This is Ren Sheng, he is the Zhao family newest member , give him identity as holder , and give him the highest authority.” Shen Qiushi said with a smile.

The person in charge of the auction house look to Ren Sheng’s with very respectful expression. Shen Qiushi already said so, that she recognize Ren Sheng identity in the family. This Kay luck is really very good.

     Shen Qiushi didn’t come often to inspect the industry so she didn’t know much . After going out from auction house, she took Ren Sheng and went straight to the nearby commercial buildings, then went straight to the children’s clothing departement .

     Those cute children’s clothes , those animal-shaped pajamas, before , she really want Zhao Lingyu to wear them , but Zhao Lingyu unwilling to do so , but maybe Ren Sheng…

     When she show him cartoons T-shirt, she asked Ren Sheng if he like them. Fortunately, Ren Sheng really do (UwU)

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