Chapter 4 Marshal is indecent (4.1)

Edited Version

Shen Qiushi look at the eyes of this child that focus at his son’s residence , she feel a little weird .

What with this obsessed expression ? In the past , many women like her son , but now with every one of them know her son’s situation , and even know that his body can explode at any time , which one still dare to come to their home ?

“You are Roy?” sigh in deep breath , Shen Qiushi ask softly .

“Roy isn’t my name , my name is Ren Sheng . ” Ren Sheng retract his sight .

Although stregth of people here are not something that can be proud of ,
but energy emited from this person is very strong , at least in cultivation world ,
even if he escaped from the former, he may not be able to with this person .

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As for something like fighting … Master didn’t taught him very much …

This person is so strong , he can’t get fertilizer magic soil by himself , Don’t know if she was the disciple that own the soil , but atleast she will give him a little , right ? after all he only needs it little bit .

Shen Qiushi who heard this has frown , President say he would send someone named Roy .

How could the person itself not called Roy ? Is there a trick ? , but if there really a trick ? how can this person speak out by himself ? ” How come you change your name to Ren Sheng ? “

“I have been called Ren Sheng from a long time, I am a…” Ren Sheng wanted to say that he was ginseng spirit , but soon he stopped .

Master already said that he can’t let others know he is a spirit plant .

Shen Qiushi look at Ren Sheng guilty expression and felt something was wrong .
Although this place is not too far away from Freedom League, signal station nearby was ruined by Zerg Queen .

She can’t stay connected with Thorny Chamber of Commerce , but even then , President said , although his son has Kai blood , he is very intelligent and his IQ is higher than most humans . But the person In front of her … can she tell his IQ is high ?

Shen Qiushi look puzzled at soldier she sent before .

“Maam spaceship explosion is truly happen , and he is person with plant ability , his identity should not be a problem , this Dyno can also prove it , he was former soldier under marshal , and retiring to work in xingfu planet . ”

He was former and still comrade-in-arms and they deliberately mentioned it . As for Ren Sheng …

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As a Kai who couldn’t even understand words , how could he be a spy …
Maybe this person was frightened by spaceship explosion , and occasionally speak gibberish .

Identity is not a problem , then President of Thorny Chamber of Commerce lied to her ?

Shen Qiushi know that his son’s soldier has done perfect work , and person is very likely accurate .

Her Doubt about Ren Sheng identity are lessening “ It’s fine either way ? I will take you to see my son first , then we will talk again . Let’s go .” then by the time she look at his reaction , she can tell if he malicious or not .

Ren Sheng was caught by hand , but his pair of eye still stuck to the building , and when he found out that he was taken to the building itself , he could not wait but to rush ahead .

This person is too strong … Ren sheng watch as the building was getting closer and closer , he swallow the saliva in his mouth .

The Building is not far from Zhao family’s mansion , was built from special alloy used to build a spaceship , The alloy not only very strong but also very tough , but even so , the Room itself was full of cracks and seem to be crumbling .

Before , the room has door , but now it is gone . Through the wide open door , you can see big metal bed in the room , and there lying on the bed was a man with some piece of cloth .

The Man was wide awake, and feel someone was outside , turn his head slightly . At this time , Ren Sheng finally see his appearance .

He looks scary because he doesn’t have good piece of flesh in his body.

Whether on his face or his body, there are many crack wounds , and powerful energy riot escape from those wounds . The wounds actually heal very quickly , but new wounds will often reappear , so this person had the appearance of countless slit mouths , flesh and blood inside his body can be seen at a glance .

“Marshal…” When Dyno and several other people see the person inside , they covered their eyes in pain , and unconsciously feel the wound themselves . The body is full of excessively powerful energy , which shatters and broken the body inch per inch , one will grows one inch in length , then tears in an inch . This kind of painful thought is uncomfortable , if it was them who’s one to bear it , they Wouldn’t want to live either .

However, how can this person mixed such destruction and regeneration energy in his body? Such dangerous energy . If time is short and the body well repaired , it would be good for the body , but if it happen for a long time , it will definitely kill him .

Ren Sheng look at the person inside with suspicion and try to restrain himself .

He didn’t rush to plant his roots like the first time he saw his master with fertilizer magic soil .

Burst of pressure appear from his son , with violent energy , that even Shen Qiushi , who has powerful ability , can’t help but shudder .

She thought she would see fear of death expression from this kai , the result …

Why’s there only sympathy , covet , curiosity, and no fear at all .

“Ren Sheng, you also see it , Ling Yu has become like this now , and may completely out of control soon … If you don’t want to stay , then I will have people to send you away. You can rest assured that those materials is still yours . “

Taking a deep breath , Shen Qiushi say . Zhao family is about to die, and she had long ignored those material .

“I don’t want to go ! ” Ren Sheng immediately said , if he was in other places , and he want to grow up again , he afraid it will take tens of thousands of years, but with help from fertilizer magic soil is not the same !

Although some energy riot from person will hurt him , but if he still can have the soil , he won’t care !

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Chapter 3 Marshal wouldn’t eat you (3.2)

Edited Version

  “Do I must live with Marshal in the future?” Ren Sheng look at Dyno tangledly . He had just see it , there are a lot of flowers and plants in this place , and sun is very good . He especially want to quietly put his roots into soil down there and sunbathing . The sun around Marshal home maybe also abudant , but what if Marshal finds something wrong about him ?

    When Master finally took him out for the first time , it’s just because he had eaten spiritual seed , and he reached spiritual state and got all the power inside it . But , His master still did not take out the power inside of him and forced him to bury himself in soil , and allow him to keep human figures …

    ” Of course ! ” Dyno said without hesitation , such Kai who didn’t even get used with human being contact , and do not want to live with marshal , what if he accidentally fell into some strange thing , what should he do then ?

    ” Marshal wouldn’t eat me , right ? ” Ren Sheng was entangled and can’t help but ask , if they must live together , he will be more careful in the future , of course , it is best to understand this beforehand .

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    Eat ? did he mean literal or not (>////<) ? Dyno was tangled for a while . These days, although he didn’t say many good thing about Marshal in front of Ren Sheng , but in order to not tell Ren Sheng about sad news , he did not say marshal health status . Now it seems that this Kai seems to be confused . ?

    Also , he didn’t seem to understand many thing , maybe when he grow up he was pressed by his father , and he didn’t let him out …

    “You can rest assured that marshal wouldn’t eat you .” Dyno said , Marshal is now seriously injured , can he still wants to “eat”…(tl note : of course he want)

    “That’s good ! ” Ren Sheng looks happy .

    “With your situation , it is very dangerous outside . If you marry marshal , then you can stay in Zhao family . This is good for you .” Dyno said again .

    Ren Sheng nodded , this person always say that marrying is not actually married . What does it mean? Marry marshal can stay in Zhao family, not marry then leave Zhao family?

    The thought just flashed in his mind, and soon forgotten , he was attracted to a big house suspended in the air and looked at it with envy .

    After Shen Qiushi knew that the spaceship had been arrived , she change her clothes , packed her mood and waited at the door, but she didn’t let Zhao Peng to come out . Zhao Peng’s body already on very bad state now . If any accident occurs , Zhao’s family will be finished .

    Of course , Zhao family situation right now is not much better .

    Aircraft slowly landed at the entrance of Zhao’s house, and Shen Qiushi , who has sharp eyes , immediately saw small face that was looked out of the window .

   President of Thorny Chamber of Commerce had once said that the child is small . Looking at his face now , isn’t he too small ? Shen Qiushi was surprised . Aircraft door was opened . The person she sent to pick up took the lead and walked down . Then the boy came down .

As the ability person , Shen Qiushi figure is petite , only one and seven meter (tlnote: a bit confusing couse this text say shen quishi is one meter and seven…anyone who wanted to give me answer?) . As a result , this boy even more shorter than her , only reach her chest !

    Don’t even count his face , even his hand and feet are small, if you just look at the appearance , clearly it’s only 12-year-old boy .

    However , although his size is petite and small , his face was very delicate , white skin is pink and tender, as if he can pour out of it fresh water . The big eyes that flicker and flashed are full of innocence , make people can’t help but have good feeling from him at first sight .

    However, what she wants was this child to take care of her son . Now with he looks so small , can he really take care of him ?

    When Shen Qiushi tooks her time to look at Ren Sheng , Ren Sheng actually felt that every roots on his body is burst open .

    He actually feel delicious fertilizer magic soil !

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    All plant spirit will always wanted Fertile land , and the best land in the world is undoubtedly fertilizer magic soil .

   He grew up in small place , and in his master’s cave he didn’t have much , so it was not enough to complete his need .

  But he always wish to have many of this magical thing . It was only because his master would gave him little by little that he following his master . Later , he wanted to have more reward . As result , his master said that his portion already big . It will takes millions acres of fertile land to made a little , and if someone really does , he will definitely be killed by Heavenly Thunder .

    His master was so powerful , and he lived for tens of thousands of years before he find this fertilizer magic soil . Even If it’s not given to him , small grain of this soil will allow his master to cultivate countless elixir .

    But this precious fertilizer magic soil , he actually can felt it in this incompetent spiritual place, and this soil seem much larger than the soil his master has found , who knows by how much many !

    Even if this soil has nothing to do with spiritual power , this is still amazing thing !

    Ren Sheng dumbly look and staring at the independent small building not far away , can’t wait to rush immediately

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Chapter 3 Marshal wouldn’t eat you (3.1)

Edited Version

Ten days later , capital planet .

    Silver spaceship flew over the capital planet and landed slowly at the air station . A staff member who was maintaining order saw the spaceship and immediately stood up and do military ceremony .

    ” Who own that ship ? ” Someone saw that people around him were solemn and ask them .

    “That is ship of Zhao family . ” Person next to him whisper .

    ” That Zhao family ? ” the man asked in amazement .

    ” In addition to that Zhao family , which one can we call Zhao family ? ” Someone answered , and then looked at the spaceship reverently .

    Video battle between Marshal and Zerg Queen right now is the most popular video on internet . Marshal driving small warship into Zerg Queen mouth to carry out a suicide attack . Every time he look at it , he can’t help but feel moved .

    The entire air station was quiet , and people silently watch an aircraft fly out from spaceship , took back their sight and continue their job previously .

    In Aircraft , Ren Sheng squat on the window , staring at outside world with big pair of eyes , full of surprise .

    Everything he saw these days was amazing .

    There is no earth energy here , only few people have spiritual energy , and even the energy in their bodies is completely different from self-cultivation person .

    So he is really not get caught . On the contrary , these people should have saved him , and they also very good to him !

    Master said that the time and space cracks are very unstable . After entering , most of people will die without burial . In 10,000 just one or two can reach the next universe to go to completely different worlds . Now he should have hit the big game . Isn’t he?

    There is no spiritual power here , and his injury still does not know when it will be healed … Of course, fortunately , he is not a cultivator . Without spiritual power, it will really troublesome for him , but as long as there are sunshine and land , in tens of thousands year he may recover completely , but that is , it is not easy to grow up after all …

    It took him 100,000 years to grow into young man . With this injury, he even shrunk back again … Ren Sheng look at his little arm and leg , sigh , now he can’t even get taller !

    Dyno has been observing Ren Sheng movements and sighed .

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    This child eats so much every day , how can he didn’t grow up? And when he was eating …

When Zhao Jia came to pick him up later , he almost saw the vision from them that they had abused him !

    Other than this , many people say that Kai IQ is not high . Now it seems that this is true . This guy simply doesn’t understand anything , Dyno doesn’t know how President of Thorny Chamber of Commerce teach him .

    However , although this person is stupid and eat so many , but Dyno impression of him is still better – he can’t bully a child can’t he ?

    Even stupidly stupid , such cute and lovely child is still very flattering .

    He found Ren Sheng looked at the skyscrapers outside high-rise building and couldn’t help but marvel .

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Dyno kindly gave him explanation of things . Finally, he was inevitably mentioning Marshal .
” When you marry marshal , you can live in capital planet and go to these places to play .”

    ” Ok ” Ren Sheng simply nodded . Dyno said it with a thick accent . (tlnote : ren sheng don’t understand this accent) He didn’t communicate with his master very much . Master also traveled around the world for 100,000 years, so he can’t understand a lot of word . But everyone said that they would take him to see Marshal . Dyno also said that when he eat and drink ,
All he say is about Marshal …

    Marshal is a good person . And he really should go to thank him . As for repayment , he will reluctantly give him his own blood , help him to do work and if he can , he will gave him a lot of things !

    “Ren sheng , you can live with Marshal in the future , I really envy you .” Dyno said again , Ren Sheng’s name is a bit strange, but the child himself ask them to call him , so they have to call him with that name , as if there is no problem with it . This name maybe taken from his Kai mother .

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Chapter 2 Go to Capital Planet (2.2)

Edited Version

Ren Sheng pour the whole porridge into his mouth.

    Dyno took another three bowls and watch him pour nutrition foods into his mouth again …

    “Young master Roy, eating too much will make your stomach feel bad, you can eat again next time…” Dyno felt his head was sweating , he already ran six times , and this “ young master Roy ” had already eaten eighteen nutrition meal .

    This nutrition meal , is make according to average soldier’s appetite , although most people generally eat more , but 18 bowls … the amount of food that this Kai eat , is same as marshal…

    Ren Sheng also thought that human could not eat too much … then nodded , but his mood inevitably somewhat low.

    Dyno took a sigh of relief and asked “Do you have any thing you want ?”

    ” I want to eat this much next time.” Ren Sheng whispered , although he encounter group of wicked people before , but this person seems to be a good person ?

    The voice of teenager is soft like a child . Although the accent is a bit strange , it’s still unexpectedly good , but what he tell still makes a person …

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    Dyno look at teenager’s stomach unsubconsciously . Is it really okay to eat like this ?

    ” Can’t you ? It’s okay , it can be a little less …” Ren Sheng looked at Dyno with puppy eyes.

    “Of course, please wait for it to be sent !” Dyno reached out and wiped his sweat . Isn’t it no more than eating ? Aren’t general ability person like this anyway ? He shouldn’t be too surprised.

    “Thank you.” Ren Sheng showing a smile.

    Dyno suddenly want to marry a wife and have a child . Will his future child be this cute ?

    No, this is Marshal fiancee , not a child ! Then Dyno left the room .

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    Military spaceship flew quickly to the capital planet . At this time, Native people of capital planet just got the news .

    The old butler took out communicator on his hand and hurried into the mansion , and saw a man and a woman sitting face to face and eating .

    The man looks old, his head was white , and he coughed a few times from time to time . but weirdly the woman face is young and beautiful .

    With such beautiful face , she looked at the old man in front of her with unusually gentle eyes .

    These two people are Zhao Peng , Master of Zhao family , one of five major families in Human federation , and his wife Shen Qiushi.

    ” Master , madam , there was a news from outside , saying that the spaceship from Freedom League had an accident.” The housekeeper whispered .

    ” What is going on ?” Shen Qiushi turned his head and frowned slightly .

    The old butler quickly made the matter clear, and also mentions explosion of the spaceship .

    ” Let our people pick up the child , and then make our man investigate this .” Shen Qiushi quickly said .

    “Do you really want Ling Yu to marry that child ? Ling Yu’s current body is …”
Zhao Lingyu , his son , is said to only had few months left . Even now many people still ask them to send him away from capital planet , afraid the energy in his body will suddenly explode.

     Zerg Queen power to produce eggs and can engulf the whole planet is all in his son now . His son can’t even do the thing as he did in the past . Now he is feared and can only wait to die …

    ” If President of Thorny Chamber Commerce didn’t insist , I will not agree with such ridiculous thing, but if this person ability is really soft and his power is not weak , at least Ling Yu can have some better moment in his live … ” Shen Qiushi sighed . If someone inject soft soothing ability to her son , her son will feel better . If not because of this factors , she will not accept Kai to come here .

    “If he is good , we can adopt him in the future . If he is not good, we can send him back .” Zhao Peng said again .

    Shen Qiushi nodded , and tears flashed in her gentle eyes . She always thought that her husband’s life is most desperate thing . And didn’t expect her son to only have a few months left …

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Chapter 9 Good Public Image (9.1)

Edited Version

Since Wen Yue publicly said that there was marriage contract between Zhao family and Thorny Chamber of Commerce, Kai son from President of Thorny Chamber of Commerce that was sent as a bride has always been bad wind for capital official resident .

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Let’s not say that a Kai is not worthy with Zhao Lingyu in the eyes of ordinary people . He also was the “subject” bargain of business by selling the son of President Thorny Chamber of Commerce that can’t be seen by public .

On the contrary, when it comes to Wen yue. Many people will have sympathy . The man she loves is seriously injured and then marries to another person . Her heart is definitely very uncomfortable .

Even Ordinary people react like this, don’t mention Wenyue fans . These fans think that Zhao Lingyu’s life is not normal . It’s very common for Wen Yue to break up .

But after hearing Zhao Lingyu’s intention to marry others , they directly defines Zhao Lingyu as a scum man .

Of course, Zhao Lingyu’s reputation is still very high . They may think something bad like that , but most of them won’t dare to say anything .

So they put all the blame at Kai who came to capital planet from Freedom League .

This morning , after Wenyue released news about her going to Zhao’s home in her personal social media , there were many people who insult Ren Shemg , many of them also had bad opinion for Zhao family .

The noble character of Wenyue is appear as same as a white lotus image . At present, Zhao Lingyu may insist and have reason not seeing her when he can hurt others due to energy riots in his body.

This can also said that he is deeply affectionate person , Zhao family ? they didn’t even say anything about Wen Yue .

Alot of Zhao Lingyu’s supporters don’t think Zhao Lingyu is wrong . After knowing this news, they also had good impression on Wen Yue , and even paid some attention to this singer .

Therefore, after media confirmed that Wen Yue entered the island where Zhao Family was located , naturally there are countless people who’s waiting to see Zhao Family reaction .

However, at this time, the master of Zhao’s family , who had always been very low-key and never released post on social media platform , Shen Qiushi, suddenly opened live broadcast .

Shen Qiushi’s identity is special. Even if she never publish any information before , there are still many people who pay attention to her.

So when her live broadcast is released , countless people have seen it.

After watching it, these people can’t help but have change on their faces .

The person who always been compared to Zhao Lingyu has a crush on Wen Yue .

They originally never thought that Wen Yue , who was deeply in love with Zhao Lingyu, turned out to be like this in private .

She not even comparable to Kai who is being “sold” to Zhao family by Chamber of Commerce !

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Even if everyone did not see the appearance of the Kai who stood behind Shen Qiushi , but his words have changed the mind of people who did not like him before .

There are even many people who directly say that they would rather have this Kai than that “gentle” woman .

Shen Qiushi is watching live interview between media with Wen Yue’s .

Wen Yue, who appeared sad and delicate at the beginning of the picture. said that she was accused by Zhao Family ,

but when she suddenly knew what happened in Zhao’s family was actually be live broadcast on Internet,

she was immediately run under the protection of assistant and they left interview coverage with those media .

Seeing this scene, Shen Qiushi smiled bitterly.

When Wen Yue regrets the marriage, she didn’t intend to publicize it. After all , with this matter really said, Zhao family will also be humiliated ,

but before this “Wen Yue” case there is no one directly act more disgusting to her by Zhao family standart ,

and then thinking that innocent child has been misunderstood by outsiders and to avoid same mistakes , she simply broadcast it live .

However, even if it will make Wen yue hits , it would be fun to do that to such person .

“What is this?” Ren Sheng noticed the small flat box that was showing on Shen Qiushi’s hand , and asked curiously .

“This is a portable computer , now I am sending this to you.” Shen Qiu Shi gave her hand to Ren Sheng , suddenly remembered one thing ,

and then click all the comment under her video “See now , many people are Boasting you!”

It’s not just exaggeration of matter , there are many people who want to look at Ren Sheng’s appearance … but she won’t show this child to others !

Ren Sheng glanced at it and frowned slightly: “i’m not understand …” These words here are really weird ! Those messy symbols are even more weirder.

“You don’t understand anything, I will teach you slowly later . ” Shen Qiushi smile and help Ren Sheng to find an animated cartoon that many said to teach children a lot of knowledge .

Ren Sheng looked at it with gusto . Anyway , the nutrition before had not been absorbed , and he have dinner , it is still ok to come to marshal room later .

Not far from the room, Zhao Lingyu couldn’t help but look at the door . Why didn’t little guy who always been sticking to him come ? He still used to be lying alone ,

and didn’t feeling lonely, but now he suddenly missed some …

Just when marshal Zhao felt lonely , Wen Family situation was bleak

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Chapter 2 Go to Capital Planet (2.1)

Edited Version

When Ren Sheng woke up , he felt his surrounding right now was very wrong .

As a ginseng , he like sun , like the land , and he is very close to these two things , but now he can’t feel any kind of energy !

    Obviously, he felt strong life power when he fell from time and space crack . And there was mud under his feet. After that , he fall in coma for a while , and nothing else happen.

    Is he have been caught ? Ren Sheng shocked . More he thought , More he felt that his guess was right .

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    He remember the time when he live in peace and suddenly a group of people broke into the place where he used to lived , chasing him and want to rob him from what his master had left for him , and covet his ginseng body , while they wanted to kill him directly . Although he ran , but he already had injury from their sudden attack . When he comes out of time and space cracks, the injury he bear is even heavier , and he can’t stay awake.

    Now , there must be someone who know his secret and decide to trap him down here !

    The room is full of metal , and there was no wind that can get in . He can’t even feel earth energy now when he is seriously injured , and can’t even move spiritual power . He afraid that those people plan to cut off his flesh little by little , so he can’t die for a while , and also guarante that every piece of his meat is fresh …

    The more he think he want to live , more he feels that this was the case . He has been injured and not been healed well , with this he can’t move spiritual power at all , just like an ordinary person.

    “Young master Roy , are you awake?” Just as Ren sheng wondered how to escape, the only door in room was suddenly opened , two tall and strong people came in from the outside.

    Ren sheng subconsciously shrank into the corner, then he found something is wrong , the accent of these two people is strange , and he can’t even feel little spiritual power from them !

    Those people actually trust two people who are weaker than him to look after him? Is there any conspiracy?

    Dyno noticed the pale face of “Roy” and deliberately softened his voice “Young master Roy , you have been in coma for a long time . Although we have given you infusion , you still have to eat something , What do you want to eat?”

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    Who is Young master Roy? Who is gonna eat? He is a ginseng essence, just looking for a piece of Fertile land to take root and let him sunbathe for awhile is enough, no need to eat, does these people does not know?

    No, that not entirely true , he can also eat …. Are these people planning to feed him with spiritual things, to raise him a little bit, and then cut some of his meat when he was fat?

    Seeing horrified face of the exquisite teenager, and fact that he never talked back . Dyno and soldiers around him look at each other and could only go out first .

    After explosion of the spaceship , and because there were only few staff of xing fu planet , Dyno first notified the nearby base . Now they are on military spaceship and are flying to the capital planet .

    The explosion of spaceship from Freedom League was very weird , but as far as the current situation is identified , it has nothing to do with marshal bride .

    Poor Kai , Dyno afraid that he has already been scared .

    “Dyno , you will be the one who take care of young master Roy in the future, first go give him some food . ” Major , are you sure? Marshal’s Fiancee looks small and weak , can he be the one who’s handle such weak people ? .

    “Yes, Major!” Dyno immediately performed a military ceremony . Although he felt that this Kai could not match Marshal status ,he still Marshal Fiancee , and he would take good care of him.

    This spaceship is military spaceship , because soldiers in station can not be transferred at will , so there are very few people on this spaceship . When Dyno came to kitchen, he found that there were no chefs here.

    He originally want to take all the food on the spaceship . As a result,cooking machine here can only make nutritious meals …

    With three bowls of different favor nutritious meals , Dyno come to the Kai room “Young master Roy, do you want to eat ?”

    Ren Sheng stared at him and didn’t talk. He now notices that many more things were wrong.

    If those people really catch him, they should go get some talisman and shut him up . How can they just use common iron to trap him? Moreover, in addition to the wounds that he had in original , there was no new injury… Those people who suddenly broke into the cave house that his master left for him, did everyone not want to taste him a little?

    “Master Roy, now everything is okay, we will reach Capital Planet in ten days …” Dyno racked his brain to comfort the person in front of him, knowing that he had been like this because of the explosion of spaceship . This bride will surely be brought back to capital Planet for interrogation, but if Dyno still want to see Marshal , he will have to rely on this Marshal Wife .

    Ren Sheng listened quietly , although he didn’t understand many word of this person , but he understand that this person want him to eat..

    This person is not malicious, still a mortal, is there really nothing wrong with porridge before him? Ren Sheng eyes were placed on those three porridge.

    Although it is only porridge, but this thing is barely nourishment. For him today, it’s still better than nothing…

A hand will still become root, and Ren Sheng thinks that this person is just mortal.

    “Young master Roy, kitchen only has nutritious meal…” Dyno was a little embarrassed and wanted to say a few more words, but he saw Roy in front of him , actually took nutrition meal, then poured it into his mouth and ate all the content on the bowl . Soon the second bowl was eaten, followed by the third bowl.

    This…he doesn’t even chew !

    “Do you want them again?” Dyno asked quietly.

    Ren Sheng nodded without hesitation.

    Soon, Dyno brought three bowls of nutrition food again.

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Chapter 1 Marshal’s Fiancee (1.2)

Edited Version

” But… ” Zhuang is somewhat tangled .

   “There is nothing , do you want me to marry a waste person , and can be killed by his energy riot at any time ? ” Roy smirked and replied “Let’s go ! “

    “That was Marshal Zhao Lingyu , and president also took so many resources from Zhao…”

    “Zhao family don’t lack those resource , In addition , you better not call that person president ! Those resources will be my payment for his parenting , and I will have nothing to do with Thorny Chamber of Commerce in the future ! ” Roy looked at the tall man coldly .

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    Burly man nodded , just when he about to pick up his young master , his movement is suddenly froze .

    “What’s wrong?” Roy frowned and looked at his strong gaze , and suddenly see a scene that surprise him .

    Not far from them , there are several large trees that grow taller than surrounding tree , and in the middle of them , a person is lying.

    It’s a boy with delicate face, about fourteen or five teen years old . He was lying farther than the surrounding flowers and plants . The leaf and scent around him that swayed with the wind add some charm around him , make him looks like an angel. .

    Roy was very good-looking , but it was far more worse than this teenager … Roy press down his discomfort , he frowned and looked at the person .

    Althougt attacking power of plant ability is not too high , and only small animals that can be caught by it , but this ability usually will not develop in a human body.
How can this teenager have plant ability ?

    ” Young master, how can there be people here ? ” ask Zhuang worriedly.

    ” Who knows … but this is a good thing for me .” Roy smiled.

    Although the Xingfu planet has been transformed into agricultural planet and be planted with large number of crops , they will also let aside some local plants to growth in Xing fu Planet . Largest piece of this land is virgin forest .

    There are not many staff of xingfu planet . This forest is outside of their guard area . This will be very beneficial to his escape plan . However, even with how much he trying to hide , people from federal soon will come and find out . Maybe they can see from the ruins of spaceship and explosion that he is running away from marriage , and thus began to hunt him .

    Although he has little connection , but there are not many people . Maybe he can’t really escape at this time , unless Marshal Zhao Lingyu bride is not missing.

    Taking out a suit from his bag , Roy approaching the lying teenager and found that the other party still motionless . So , he quickly dress the teenager up , who only had a blade around his waist.

    ” Young Master ? ” burly man looked at this scene inexplicability.

    “In any case , all images information in the spaceship were destroyed . Soon , he was Roy from Freedom League.” After trying to pull the leaf (>///////////<) of the teenager and found that it was very firm, Roy simply ignore it and directly put his pants on.

    “It can be discovered…”

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“If it is discovered , then this ” someone else ” has manipulate the spacecraft , and pretending to be me, He want to get into Zhao family, with this I will still be victim.” Roy help unconscious teenager to dress and control the plant around him . After checking that boy look like him , he looked at Zhuang ” Someone coming , let’s go !”

   Strong man pick him up and running away to forest , then used his power to control the plants to remove all traces left on the road.

    In the forest, only ruin of the exploding spaceship and comatose mysterious teenager were left.

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Chapter 1 Marshal’s Fiancee (1.1)

Xingfu planet was agricultural planet. Ninety-five percent land on this planet was covered by vegetation . The remaining 5 percent is built into a huge airport , allowing spaceship to dock and let them replenish their supplies.
Dyno is employee of the airport. He always responsible for his work . but these days, he is absent-minded . Repeatly use his personal mini computer to check latest news every few minutes.
“Dyno , are you looking for marshal news ? ” Dyno’s colleague approached with lunch box and handed it to Dyno . Dyno nodded , while in the device, sweet looking host was talking about latest situation of Marshal Zhao Lingyu .
“Marshal has been injured for three months . Federal Institute and Medical Headquarters are still helpless to heal Marshal’s injury . Many people who care about Marshal illness have already written 7.65 billion prayer letters online…”
Seeing Dyno’s sadness , his colleague immediately pat his shoulder “Dyno , marshal is a good person , he will be fine .”
“Yeah , nothing will happen to marshal ! If it wasn’t for him , I would have lost my life. If it weren’t for him , Zerg would definitely ruin capital planet …” Dyno’s voice whimpered a bit .
He was former soldier under marshal’s command . He had to retire after being seriously injured few years ago .
He wanted to save money to buy body repair liquid and continue to serve marshal . But before he can do that , Marshal suddenly involved in accident !
Some time ago , Zerg army attacked dream planet . Although marshal sucessfully killed Zerg queen who was about to lay eggs by himself , he almost died , and now he is lying in bed , with almost no possibility of recovery.
The only thing that everyone can be grateful for now is Queen’s Zerg will not be able to threaten Federation in a short time .
“It’s more than capital planet . I heard that Zerg Queen was swallow a lot of planets before spawn , and also devours high energy around her . If it’s not because marshal , I don’t know how many people will die , how many resources will be lost ”
Dyno’s colleague sigh with relief , if Zerg Queen really lays eggs on federal site … human populations may be destroyed !
However, although Zerg Queen is gone, Confederacy also lost powerful young generation like Marshal Zhao Lingyu .
Then , who will protect the future of human federation ?
” Dyno , don’t think too much about it , I will tell you a good news . The spaceship from Freedom Alliance will arrive at Xing fu for replenishment . I heard that spaceship was the one that Marshal fiancee use .”
” Marshal fiancee spaceship will replenish in Xing fu ?” Dyno feel surprise and his eyes was wide open.

As owner of double s-level ability , Marshal Zhao Lingyu hard to find spouse with good genetic match . Now with he seriously injured , it’s even harder to find a suitable spouse.

    However, at this time , close to Federation , Liberal Alliance, which was badly wounded after
Zerg Queen event , took initiative to contact Zhao family and expressed their willingness to contract a marriage .

    Additional of human beings , there are many other creatures in Freedom League . The bride that they sent to Human Federation are hybrids of Human and Kai . Many said , not only he inherits the pedigrees of his own human father, but also inherits Kai special gender.

    Kai people are similar to human beings , but without gender restriction , every Kai can be pregnant , but their IQ generally not too high , their body shape is petite (small) , and children that born will be more like Kai , so most people are not willing to make Kai became their spouse , and mixed blood between Kai and humans always been classified as a Kai and not been treated with equally .

    But this time the bride sent by the Freedom League is an exception . He was a product of the Changchun style of a mixed-race Kai Liberation Thorny Chamber of Commerce , and the president of Thorny Chamber of Commerce , as a rare ability type , who was wealthy and initially reluctant to admit this hybrid child . Then , accident occurred .

    This hybrid Kai , was a child who inherited his plant ability !

    Even lowest-level ability are precious to humans , so even if the child is a hybrid , president of Thorny Chamber of Commerce recognizes his existence and intend to use him by make him marry in the future .

    If this occur in peacetime , object of such mixed-blood marriage can only be human who had ability who didn’t have strong family . However , at this time , Marshal Zhao Lingyu is seriously injured and dying .

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    Marshal Zhao Lingyu , who used to be the “ most women want to marry ” , is now a waste man , and because of violent energy around his body , he will attack people around him uncontrollably…

    Ordinary people will lose their lives when they encounter energy attack . Even attacking type ability can’t stop the riots generated by marshal . In the end, only those who have very soft type ability can get close .

    This hybrid bride fortunately had a very soft type ability .

    President of Thorns Chamber of Commerce grasped this point and proposed marriage requirement . He used his hybrid son to exchange with large amount of supplies from Zhao family . This time , with Zerg Queen raging , Thorny Chamber of Commerce suffered heavy loss.

    “After half an hour , Marshal’s fiancee spaceship will reach the Xing fu . Let’s go and see . I heard Kai are relatively low-key and stupid , but they are very beautiful . Even many people will want Kai ” Dyno’s colleague smiled .

    “That was Marshal’s fiancee ! And it is illegal to make Kai a slave ! ” Dyno frowned and look at his colleague , wanting to say some more , but suddenly looked at the air “What is that?”

    There is a black dot that approaching the xingfu planet at very fast speed ! Dyno quickly put on his telescope , only to find , it turned out to be a spaceship , with mark of Freedom League.

    The spacecraft suddenly exploded after closer to  xing fu planet , powerful heat distort the picture , and everything seemed to vanish .

    ” Go and save people ! ” Dyno shout in horror , although he felt that prospect of marshal fiancee cannot match the marshal, but it still the his fiancee !

    Xingfu planet only have few staff members , this moment all the staff act .

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    At the same time , in the place where the spacecraft exploded , a lifeboat disguised as a debris had just fallen into a forest in Xingfu planet . Soon, two people climbed out from it.

    One of two are 2 meter tall , muscle-knotted , and look very burly . While the other one is only about 1,5 meter , figure is petite and small .

    However , it seems that the burly men are getting along with  small person .

    ” Young Master, is it really okay for us to go this far ? ” From the rescue capsule , the big , tall , and strong man stretched his muscles and bones , then slightly turn around to look at the small teenager    

 “Of course, there is no problem , others will only think that we died in explosion . ” Roy spoke while destroying rescue capsule around him with miniature bomb . His movements were very decisive, but his face was carrying few flaws.

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