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Chapter 14 Selling Meng and Announcement part 1

Mrs. Locke heard Shen Qiushi’s words and hated Wen Yue immediately.

Sure enough, it’s small household offspring, only know means to make these nonsense thing!

Who is Zhao Lingyu now ? he was national hero .

Even if he was a bit late to save capital planet at that time, the heroic action he did some time ago was enough to make people remember him.

Locke family indeed have some odd against Zhao family, but it was done in private okay.

This person is really good, not only took her son to Zhao family resident and make them lose their face , now she pulling her face down to receive shame from other!

She now can’t accuse Shen Qiushi openly , and only dares to speak few unpleasant words in front of her face.

Basically, she can only just done that . This Wen Yue is so good, dares to find Shen Qiushi to make trouble for her !

She thought it was because circle she mixed usually , won’t popular person getting some scandals is common these days ?

Mrs. Locke glance at Wen Yue with indignation , then change her expression became gentle when she facing Shen Qiushi.

“Qiu shi ah, you are now under great pressure, you should go out more and visit many place to relax. After all , Zhao family depend on you. you must Hold on ah.”

This time, if she turned and walked away, she will be gossiped by others…

Biting her teeth, Mrs. Locke abandon her disgust and took Ren Sheng hands to compliment him “This child is really beautiful.”

Mrs. Locke’s reaction was within Shen Qiushi expectation , but it made Wen Yue’s white face whiter.

But at this time, even if she knew that she had taken the wrong step, she could only walk on it further

“Auntie, no offense and please don’t be angry, everyone is concerned about brother Ling Yu body, you are so happy today, is brother Ling Yu body is getting better?”

Wen Yue was full of concern, as if she was worried about Zhao Lingyu.

She has always known how high Zhao Lingyu’s prestige is, so from beginning to the end, she never trying to accuse Zhao Lingyu. At the beginning, she only hinted that Zhao’s family regret about their marriage, and she would also deliberately mention that Zhao Lingyu was seriously injured and because of health issue refused to marry her.

Zhao Lingyu’s body already like that. Of course, it’s impossible to him to thinking bout marriage.

Even do “thing” for marriage is impossible. So, the people’s dislike has always been placed on Kay who isn’t worthy , or Shen QiuShi.

At that time, she almost successful, but Shen Qiushi ruined everything.

Therefore, this time when she saw that Shen Qiushi was in happy mood and buy clothes with Ren Sheng, she was ecstatic.

Zhao Lingyu still sick in the bed. But The mother who should have taken care of him and the partner who has not passed the door (aren’t married yet) are happy to go shopping around while smiling,

Wen Yue believes that Shen Qiushi and this Kai will be blamed by public .

The people worship Zhao Lingyu as hero , but that doesn’t include Shen Qiushi, nor the Kai.

Wen Yue’s words were very skillful. She did not ask what Zhao Lingyu is doing right now.

Instead, she directly ask if Zhao Lingyu’s body is getting better or not.

Shen Qiushi did not know whether she should be called smart, or should be called stupid.

Wen Yue obviously want to use public’s concern and admiration for Zhao Lingyu to accuse her to became heartless mother .

Let zhao lingyu admirers ,friends, and comrade to gossip about her. other have been discussing her before , but she doesn’t care about it.

Logically, If her son’s situation is really bad, how can she have mood to play and shopping around ?


Chapter 14 Meng and Announcemet

Ren Sheng definitely likes those beautiful clothes. Compared with the monotonous dresses (monotonous formal wear), he thinks that these clothes are much more good-looking, especially those animal-style home clothes*, which makes him love it (till he can’t bear to put it down).

*Google gives me animal onesies/pajamas lol, you know with the ears and tail etc.

He used to think that if he was not a ginseng spirit, but a tiger or leopard spirit, it would be fine. In the past, a tiger spirit in the cultivation world, after cultivating for only 10,000 years, he dominated the world and was invincible in the world of fairy spirits. What about him? When he was 10,000 years old, he was only a small doll that was the size of a hand, seeing a rabbit that had not yet cultivated human shape also had to hide!

When Master ascended, he was already tens of thousands of years old. His height had just passed Master’s knee when he was placed in the human world. It is estimated that he was just a baby that had just been weaned, how sad was it?

Unfortunately, he could never change his race, so…

Putting on a tiger suit, touching the simulated fur on his body, Ren Sheng smugly looks into the mirror, revealing a “ferocious” expression, and even twisting the butt to let the sensory tail above make various actions.

He now looks like a tiger spirit, it must be very impressive! Ren Sheng shook his tail and went to see other clothes.

Shen Qiushi looked at this scene and felt that her heart was going to be changed. Her son was a young boy with a matured mind. When he was three or four years old, he wore a suit and a collar to play an adult. Although it seems that there is some cuteness in the contrast, it still makes her regret. There was no way to dress up the child as she imagined at the beginning.

Today, her regret has finally disappeared!

“A-Ren, come and try this one. This set of fox clothes not only can the tail move, but also the ears!” Shen Qiushi rubbed an ear on the clothes she held, and the originally still ears immediately perked up shyly and looked very realistic.

Ren Sheng’s eyes immediately lit up. He put on this one, is it just like the legendary fox spirit? Fox spirit! His master said that the fox spirit is the most beautiful!

This set of fox suit is not cumbersome. It is a small faux-leather vest attached with hat-ears and faux-leather shorts. It is also connected with a big fluffy fiery-red tail. After wearing it, he put on a pair of small leather boots, not only did it reveal his body, but it was also very very cute, the small white and tender face looks even more delicate in the fiery red fur.

Shen Qiushi can’t wait to hold him in person. Must definitely let Ren Sheng wear this clothing to show her son!

Shen Qiuishi bought a lot of clothes and just finished paying the bill, when she met a person she dislikes.

“Isn’t this Mrs. Zhao? The son is still lying in bed, you are unexpectedly in a good mood to come shopping.” A tall brown-haired woman’s mouth twitched slightly, but there was no smile in her eyes.

“My business is not for Mrs. Laulock to care about. Mrs. Locke, you should pay more attention to your son and future daughter-in-law!” Shen Qiushi said, and looked at the Wen Yue behind Mrs. Locke.

She had to admit that this Wen Yue is a talented person. When the incident first came out, she thought that Wen Yue would not be able to marry into the Locke family again. There must be no way to clean her reputation. As a result…

Although there are still many people on the Internet who blame Wen Yue, things are much better than before. This person can even accompany Mrs. Locke out to go shopping.

“My son is very healthy, what is there to be concerned about?” Madame Locke said, while looking at Shen Qiushi’s wrist. “Mrs. Zhao, you are so excited, probably not thinking of using some underhand tricks?”

 “Taking a video in my own home can’t even be called a trick, not to mention an underhand one. Some people go to other people’s homes to do underhanded things yet don’t allow people to say, this must be the most underhanded?” Shen Qiushi smiles sweetly.

Mrs. Locke’s face flashed a trace of suspiciousness. Shen Qiushi’s performance today is actually a bit wrong… Could the broken jar have broken into pieces? *

*I’m pretty sure Mrs. Locke is referring to Zhao Lingyu, insulting him by calling him a broken jar.

Shen Qiushi will have no husband and son, and now it is estimated that everything has been done… Seeing that Shen Qiushi does not show weakness, Mrs. Locke suddenly has some guilty conscience and dare not continue to attack this enemy.

Those who don’t want their lives, still better to irritate them less.

Mrs. Locke didn’t want to cause trouble anymore, but the people around her didn’t want to stop.

“Shen Auntie, you want to keep forcing me like this?” Wen Yue squinted, eyes immediately reddened, her sight passed over Ren Sheng, but they flashed a glimpse of hate.

She has a very bad time these days.

Since Shen Qiushi released the live broadcast, she lost a lot of fans, even if she immediately remedy, went to the hospital to volunteer, only a small number can be saved.

Being deliberately found by the patient, chased by the media, and treated as enemy by Zhao Ling Yu’s admirers… In the face of all this, she can’t be angry and even have to smile, even if she has always been able to endure, she can’t bear it.

Secretly sending out the photo in her hand, Wen Yue showed a smile again. “Auntie Shen, you used to force me to marry your son. Now, regardless of Brother Lingyu, you will go out shopping…”

The voice of Wen Yue just fell, when suddenly there came a lot of media from outside, finding the existence of these people. Mrs. Locke’s face changed slightly, but Shen Qiushi secretly snorted.

“Mrs. Locke, you and Miss Wen come out together to go shopping, is it because good news is coming for the second young master and Miss Wen?”

“Mrs. Zhao, you coming out to shop, does it mean that the Marshal’s body has improved?”

“Mrs. Zhao, is it the Kai person from the Freedom League that is beside you? When will he marry the Marshal?”

A variety of questions hit a few people, and Mrs. Locke’s face became even more ugly.

She didn’t actually go shopping with Wen Yue this time. In fact, she had just met Wen Yue before she met Shen Qiushi.

At that time, Wen Yue’s attitude was very low, so she brought this person along, now it seems… she is clearly Wen Yue’s road. These reporters should also be arranged by Wen Yue – this place most reporters can’t get in!

There are actually so many reporters hiding in the side, if there was no encounter with Shen Qiushi, afraid that it will not be long before news of her going shopping with Wen Yue will fly all over the sky!

No, now the news will still fly, just add the news that Shen Qiushi took her Kai person to go shopping.

Mrs. Locke thought it right. These reporters were really informed by someone Wen Yue privately found, some of these people even mixed with the Wen family, and these people, will now naturally raise sharp questions to Shen Qiushi. “Mrs. Zhao, now the situation of the Zhao family is very bad. Yet you are shopping happily with others. Is it because there is already another way out?”

“Mrs. Zhao, you leaving Zhao residence, is it because you are afraid of Marshal’s abilities getting out of control?”

“Mrs. Zhao, are you already planning to leave the Zhao family?”

“Mrs. Zhao, is there any problems with the IQ of the Kai person beside you?”

These questions are clearly blaming Shen Qiushi.

Shen Qiushi was not surprised by this. After many people started the live broadcast, she smiled slightly. “Your imagination, will it be a bit too rich?”

“Then how does Mrs. Zhao intend to explain your behaviour?”

“My behaviour needs explanation? If you are hurt, do you want to see your loved ones crying around you, or do you want to see them strongly face the hardships? As for anything else, I can only say that I will always belong to the Zhao family. And Ren Sheng, he will also always belong the Zhao family.” Shen Qiushi took the hand of Ren Sheng. “This child from now on is my child, is part of the Zhao family. If someone insults him, Zhao family will use all means to defend!”

Since they have all approved of Ren Sheng, it is natural for the entire human federation to know.

     At the same time, to publicise the identity of Ren Sheng like this, without mentioning the Freedom League, is also to let the people of the Chamber of Commerce to not think of playing any tricks.

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Chapter 13 Marshal’s Attribution (part 2)

    “Well of course!” Ren Sheng nodded.

    When Zhao Peng was chasing her, wouldn’t that literally just give himself to her ? Now my son opened up … However , why did when his son decided to chase people he loved , although it was worthy for praise , but the person of his pursuit is still small children .

    She must talk to Zhao Lingyu and wouldn’t let him ruin president federation son .

    Shen Qiushi plans to go out with Ren Sheng tomorrow.

    When Zhao Peng heard about this, he fear that his wife and son-in-law would be wronged outside , so he purpose that he would go with them. But , Shen Qiushi refused mercilessly. “You still on rehabilitation period , how can you go out? Don’t you want to stay honestly at home? Are you really prepared to the moment when this secret is known by others, won’t you want to practice your ability better ? .”

    In the past, she spoil Zhao Peng, that because he was sick. But Now he was in good condition , she can’t spoil him anymore.

    This is really a pleasant thing.

    “Uncle Zhao cheer up “ Ren Sheng clenched his fist and gave Zhao Peng a cheering posture.

Early in the next morning, when Ren Sheng was still lying on Zhao Lingyu’s body, Shen Qiushi voice came from outside. With a cry, Ren Sheng quickly ran out.

    Zhao Lingyu looked at the child who ran outside , he silently pulled the fabric up around his waist.

    This child’s sleep habitat is too bad, not counted holding him , also constantly touching him all night, if not because his physical condition is not good, he definitely hard all night , such an ugly secret .

    Of course, he also hide that his body not only responding to the pain, honestly , he is more willing to make fool of himself , as long as he is a man, I am afraid I can’t control myself and “stand up”.

    I don’t know when my body will be better… Zhao Lingyu closed his eyes and practiced again according to Ren Sheng’s teaching .

    At this time, Ren Sheng already entered the aircraft, led by Shen Qiushi as a driver , went to the Capital Planet Business District.

    The speed of the aircraft is very fast and can adjusted automatically, so although the business district is far, it won’t be to long before they arrives.

    Zhao Jia has a lot industries in the business district. Shen Qiushi parked the aircraft in an auction house belonging to the Zhao family, then took Ren Sheng to see manajer at auction house.

“This is Ren Sheng, he is the Zhao family newest member , give him identity as holder , and give him the highest authority.” Shen Qiushi said with a smile.

The person in charge of the auction house look to Ren Sheng’s with very respectful expression. Shen Qiushi already said so, that she recognize Ren Sheng identity in the family. This Kay luck is really very good.

     Shen Qiushi didn’t come often to inspect the industry so she didn’t know much . After going out from auction house, she took Ren Sheng and went straight to the nearby commercial buildings, then went straight to the children’s clothing departement .

     Those cute children’s clothes , those animal-shaped pajamas, before , she really want Zhao Lingyu to wear them , but Zhao Lingyu unwilling to do so , but maybe Ren Sheng…

     When she show him cartoons T-shirt, she asked Ren Sheng if he like them. Fortunately, Ren Sheng really do (UwU)

Chapter 13 Marshal’s Attribution (part 1)

When Ren Sheng finish eat all 50 nutritious meals that Grandpa butler sent , Zhao Peng rise up from the ground .

    After he lost his ability , he aging so fast and became coveted old man . But now the wrinkles on his face disappeared , his hair became black again , the same colour as when he was young .

    When Shen Qiushi saw him like this , her eyes were red . From when she was dating till their marirage Relationship between the two was very good , but when Zhao Peng was injured . She could only watch him faster aging  ……

    Even if Zhao Peng appearance change to an old man , she didn’t disregard him , but as long as she thinks that her lover was dying , her heart inevitably feel uncomfortable . Now , her husband has restoring his appearance the same as when he was in middle age, they have possibility of growing old together .

    Both Zhao Peng and Shen Qiushi stared at each other intimately . After a while , Zhao Peng said ” I am fine now, Definitely can stay with you in the future . “

    Shen Qiushi suddenly cried .

Ren Sheng look at Shen Qiushi with puzzled expression . Uncle Zhao was the one that feeling the pain , so it is normal for him to cry , but Auntie Shen has healthy body , why she had crying ?

Of course, these thing have a little to do with him . Ren Sheng suddenly stood up and rushed out , ran back to Zhao Lingyu room “ I am already let Uncle Zhao eat my medicine ! “

Zhao Lingyu has been lying down , didn’t know situation outside , he was so suprise to see that Ren Sheng suddenly ran in and said something , but , in his heart he can’t help but feel shocked.

     He didn’t expect that Ren Sheng would actually gave an elixir to his father after he just mentioned it one time . This child really …

     ” I’ve already give him two ! ” Ren Sheng said , his eyes staring at Zhao Lingyu .

     ” Thank you . ” Zhao Lingyu said with gratitude .

     Ren Sheng stare at him for a moment ” You already promise me before , you can’t go back to your word . “

     ” What do you want ? ” Zhao Lingyu certainly didn’t forget what he had promise to this child , no matter what he want .

     ” I want you ! You are mine in the future , do you know ? ” Ren Sheng said earnestly . Now he only had opportunity to take care Zhao Lingyu because he was hurt . If Zhao Lingyu was his , it would be fine to touch him in the future even if he didn’t hurt !

     ” Okay . ” Zhao Lingyu smile and promise to compromise .

     Perhaps what Ren Ren said just now , it’s just a child’s obsession with something or someone , but he still willing to agree .

He definitely will grow up in the future , and if he likes other people , he naturally have to let him go . But if this child , in the future would always liked him as much as present …

 Zhao Lingyu suddenly found out that he didn’t have to wait for this child to grow up to become partner with him .

    Of course , before that , he must work hard to improve his strength and health – if what he can do is only lie on a bed , even if Ren Ren don’t disregard him , he would only dislike himself .

    Zhao Lingyu , who was planning to work hard to cultivate , doesn’t know that Ren Sheng actually very happy that he always lying down , so he can ” put his root ” in time when he want to “put his root “

    Zhao Lingyu is mine ! Ren Sheng’s mood was very good . After lying on Zhao Lingyu body for a long time , he reluctantly left his exclusive “Fertilizer magic soil” that already owned by him , and went to see Shen Qiushi to watch cartoon .

    Today Shen Qiushi found a cartoon that teach traffic knowledge to Ren Sheng . The Protagonist was the cute rabbit that ride in different model transportation , and then all kinds of strange and interesting things happen .

    ” How was your feeling ? ” Shen Qiushi asked with a smile .

    ” Very Good ! ” Ren Sheng said directly .

” It’s very interesting , right ? Next time Auntie will take you to do the same , we will go shopping , and buying things . ” Shen Qiushi asked .

    She has been desperate before , didn’t have mood for going out to play . Now It’s different .

    My husband have good health , my son is getting better , and Shen Qiushi , for once,  feels that her life once again full of hope , can’t wait to go out , crazily shopping right away . Of course, she didn’t only want to buy for herself , but wants to buy something for Ren sheng .

    Such a cute child , it will be very cute to dress him up !

    ” Okay . ” Ren Sheng nodded . ” Dino once said that I can go to many different places in capital planet to play . Do you want to take me along ?”

    ” Of course , we have to buy for you some food, buy clothes, buy toys…” Shen Qiuishi nodded.

    ” I also want to buy things for Lingyu . ” Ren Sheng seriously said .

    ” How did you think about buying him?” Shen Qiu Shi asked with a smile, and was ready to listen to the child’s confession.

    “He is mine, I want to buy him a lot of delicious food.” Ren Sheng did not say anything like “I like him” this time, but pumped his own small chest . (very Proud huh ?)

“ Is he content that he is yours?” Shen Qiushi asked curiously.

    “Well of course!” Ren Sheng nodded.

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Chapter 12 Zhao Peng Rehabilitation ( 12 . 2 )

Edited Version

    Thinking of these days , Zhao Peng bought a bunch of present for him , told story for him , taught him all kinds of things , and gave him many meal . He took out a ginseng seed and stuffed it into Zhao Peng’s mouth ” Uncle Zhao , you have to eat it ! If you do you can change back to when you were young again “

    “ What do you say ? when I was young ? ” Zhao Peng suddenly felt strong pain in his body , as if his body is tearing apart . What Is this pain ?

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    Zhao Peng used to be a marshal . He has countered various dangers , but it didn’t mean it was easy from him to bear the pain when he was getting fed with medicine . It seems that Ren Sheng still stood in front of him and look at him with his own usual eyes .
He don’t know why his body became like this . He didn’t think that Ren will harm him .

    And he also can’t think about it as an murder . How can he feed people in such bright and honest manner . And After finish feeding him , still dare to watch . He don’t even know how to explained this to Shen Qiuishi .

    What’s more , his body already broken and couldn’t live for a long time . It didn’t matter to him with what he was feeding anyway . there really nothing for him to look to far for in this life .

    ” What’s wrong ? ” She found Zhao Peng’s expression is not quite right , So she asked .

    “I’m fine.” Although Zhao Peng body feel so painful , he try to resist it . Instead, he smiled at Shen Qiushi . But after sometime he saw Shen Qiushi jump .

“You … how can you become like this , Xiao ren , what is this , What happen ? “

    ” I fed Uncle Zhao some medicine!” Ren Sheng said .

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    Zhao Peng found that he didn’t feel anything other than pain . He was afraid that Shen Qiushi would blame Ren Sheng . He said “I am fine, you don’t…” He wants to stop Shen Qiushi’s words . But , when his word not yet exported . Shen Qiu Shi suddenly pick ren sheng up . Then , she rained Ren Sheng’s face with kiss . Later, her tears came out .

    While wiping hertears, Shen Qiushi look at Ren Sheng gratefully “Thank you, thank you, thank you…”

    For the first time , Ren Sheng was hugged by relative. His face became red, and with his hand and feet blocked , he didn’t know what to do .

    Shen Qiushi still clinging into him tightly ” Xiao , thank you, you always be my child in the future , dear ! in the future , I will give you whatever you want ! ” She already known from Zhao Lingyu’s mouth .

She really grateful that ren sheng give it to her son , and never expecting him to give one to her husband too . She embarrassed to ask it for his husband (tl note : She didn’t wish to became shameless person who wants more than already given).

    What’s more, she is not sure whether the medicine would be really useful to her husband, and didn’t have any negative effect for Zhao Peng’s body, well he has long been sentenced to death by federal medical headquarters .

    But now , when Ren Sheng suddenly gave Zhao Peng medicine , Zhao Peng’s white hair turned black , and his wrinkled skin became smoother…

    Ren Sheng , when he give the seed to her husband ! Her husband’s body obviously getting better!

    They are still not be able to give this child anything , Are they ? He has been taking care of her son , treating her son, and now also cured her husband … At this moment, Shen Qiushi thoroughly accepted Ren Sheng .

    Zhao Peng was shocked by his wife’s sudden behavior , and then found the pain in his body became more and more intense , made him unable to sit up straight , only softly fell to the ground .

 I am in pain lying on the ground , but my wife holding other men , how would you feel in your heart ? Zhao Peng reluctantly pick it u p.

    At this time, Shen Qiushi finally notice her husband’s howl , put aside his savior , and immediately kneel on the floor “How are you?”

    “I… seems to have strength, it is only little painful . ” Zhao Peng look at his wife , and he really wanted his wife to give him comfort with a few kisses.

    ” Isn’t it only little pain? What are you afraid for ?” Shen Qiushi give a slap on his shoulder and look at Ren Sheng “Xiao Ren , do you want to watch cartoons ? ” Already together for so many years , Shen Qiu Shi naturally know what Zhao Peng’s had on his mind, but Zhao Peng adult … Isn’t it a naughty boy doing ? And the other reason is … At the present , she did not dare to move Zhao Peng easily.

    “Alright ” Ren Sheng nodded. He knew that eating ginseng seed to repair body should be very painful, but this pain is definitely much lighter than what Zhao Lingyu fee l, so it doesn’t matter.

   If you want to say and compare who is most pitiful of all , Zhao Lingyu is the one … Unfortunately , Electronic equipment will be ineffective when it comes near Zhao Lingyu body , otherwise he can look at Zhao Lingyu and animation both at the same time …

    Zhao Peng continue to lie alone , and finally what remain is Zhao’s family housekeeper who found him “Master, what’s wrong with you? Your hair! Your face !”

    The housekeeper face was full of surprises , and Ren Sheng once again explained another sentence ” Grandpa , I gave him medicine . “

    ” Mr . Ren sheng ! ” The housekeeper was surprised when he see Ren Sheng ” Do you want to eat another nutritious meals ? I am going to prepare it for you ! “

    ” If you agree , can i have more ? ” Ren Sheng’s eyes are shining !

    “ There still a lot of them ! And I recently purchased new type and many different flavour to taste ! ” Mr . Housekeeper ran away .

    Zhao Peng reluctantly lay on the ground and saw that his face (Ren Sheng ) was getting closer to the mini computer . Couldn’t help but say ” Xiao , you can’t watch cartoons too close to the screen , it will be bad for your eyes “

    ” Ok ! ” Ren Sheng nodded and asked ” Uncle Zhao , aren’t you feel any pain ? “

” It’s better now ” He speechless .

    ” You already eat one , you definitely can eat one more then . ” Ren Sheng gave him another seed . This man is recovering , but his cultivation can’t be recovered … his ginseng seed can’t recover cultivation that was lost long ago , but to repair damage in his body , so is still possible to re-establish cultivation and had opportunity to began again ..

    The so-called opportunity of cultivation re-occupation … is to let person with ability to regain and possess ability that ruined before , but level of ability will be same as when they were just born .

    Zhao Peng’s body hurts again , especially the place where his ability power was stored as if it being torn apart .

    When he self-destruct his ability , it is same as this feeling , but now that he didn’t have ability , he is naturally unable to abolish his ability . What is this medicine …

    can this medicine fix his ability ?

    For a some time , Zhao Peng wanted to hold few mouthfuls to his own life .

    However , this child is too simple . How can such good thing can be given and eaten casually ? Even give him two … He must educate him further in the future , He can’t let his children to be deceived by others .

    All kinds of thoughts flashed through his mind , Zhao Peng suddenly thought of what Ren Sheng had said before , he said Zhao Lingyu would be fine .

    At that time , although they knew that he give Zhao Lingyu some medicine , he didn’t think that effect of this medicine would be so good . Now with this … maybe his son really will be fine ! Hopefully !

    Ren Sheng , is simply Zhao family great Benefactor !

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Chapter 12 – Zhao Peng Rehabilitation (12.1)

Unconsciously , Ren Sheng already lived with Zhao family for half a month , and Zhao Lingyu’s energy riots in following week has become less and less .

    But even then , with soil energy existence , is still difficult for him to lift his arm . Seeing this situation , Ren Sheng can only try to explain and prepare set of exercises for him .

    Zhao Lingyu is not stupid . On the contrary , he is very clever . Although Ren Sheng , who never getting taught word properly by human , said something messy , he can understand by combine it with what he had done before , and even started to take the initiative .

    He can’t move soil energy , but he can move other energy in his body .
These energy was not digested after Zerg Queen Energy swallowed up by him .

Before , People with advanced ability were sent to his house in order to restrain his riots . These energies help him to ease his pain , but because of this power , he was barely controllable .

    However , to control energy compression in his body, and quench his own energy , not a single average person can handle such pain , he had been lie in bed for two month , if someone feel similar pain for same time as he , he afraid the person itself can’t hold on .

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    ” You are amazing ! ” Ren Sheng who sticks to Zhao Lingyu daily , became more and more admired him . He is not afraid fertilizer magic soil energy from zhao lingyu , and he can control other energy in Zhao Lingyu body . Now he become more comfortable around Zhao Lingyu .

    But even then , The Entire Zhao family will only be able to arbitrarily go to Zhao Lingyu room , When Shen Qiushi want to get close to Zhao Lingyu , she still need to face the pressure bought by Energy riot .

    “You also very powerful . ” Zhao Lingyu said , his voice just fell , and his mouth was greeted by warm lip .

    Gentle and powerful energy that will cure the injuries that he suffer from previous season . This effect makes Zhao Lingyu unable to bear his moan (~(-_-)~).

    From the first time Ren Sheng kiss him , and he gave him the elixir , Ren Sheng already fed him six times . Every time he finish eating , he thinks that he won’t have another one . Unexpectedly the elixir keep coming out .

    However , although Ren Sheng keep took it out , he resolutely didn’t want say what it was .
He did not even know where Ren Sheng took out this thing .

    He don’t know , Should he praise Ren Sheng to finally got alert, or should he be depressed about it .

    Zhao Lingyu’s expression fell into Ren Sheng eyes , and he immediately said ” Marshal , even if you want to ask me what is this , I wouldn’t tell you a single thing !”

    ” Why did you always called me Marshal ? ” Zhao Lingyu suddenly thought this case was strange .

    ” Aren’t you marshal ? ” Ren asked curiously .

    “My name is Zhao Lingyu, not marshal.” Zhao Lingyu said: “I’m afraid , I can’t be marshal again.”

    ” I thought … no wonder Auntie always calls you Lingyu , then can I call you Ling Yu too ? ” Ren Sheng said , he thought that marshal was ling yu first name . Now it seems that it is not the case ?

    He knows too little things , sure enough , he should continue to learn !

    ” You can call me Ling Yu , then can I follow your mother and call you Xiao ? Xiao Ren , how much elixir do you have after what you gave me these days ? “

    ” I have a lot of…” Ren Sheng said halfway , and look at Zhao Lingyu with caution ” I will not give it to you !” If this person took his ginseng seed and study them , he can found out about his identity . It’s bad!

    ” You can give me lesser . ” Zhao Lingyu sighed .

    ” I can give you different thing , while still give it to you to eat , but will I’m will not give it to you to see .” Ren Sheng said .

    ” Then can you deduce my portion and give one to others instead ? ” Zhao Lingyu look at Ren Sheng ” You can rest assured that I will buy it with money , or you can have something that you want .”

It was so Precious , Zhao Lingyu know that when Ren Sheng is willing to give him , he should be grateful to the latter , and it was unreasonable to ask Ren Sheng to give it to others , but he always feels that eating so much was wasteful .

    “ Why do you want to give it to someone else ? ” Ren Sheng asked inexplicably, even if he didn’t intend to plant his own “children”, he still didn’t wish to give it to others !

    ” My father was seriously injured many years ago , After that his body condition didn’t always heathy , this elixir should be useful to him . ” Zhao Lingyu said .

    “You mean Uncle Zhao Peng ?” Ren Sheng frowned .

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    ” Yes . “

    When Zhao Lingyu’s voice just fell , Ren Sheng already ran out.

    Zhao Peng and Shen Qiushi have been staying together these days . When Ren Sheng rushed in , two person were discussing of what to teach to him .

    “Xiao Ren , why did you suddenly ran over?” At this time , shouldn’t Ren Shi nestled around her son? Shen Qiushi stare at Ren Sheng weirdly .

    Ren Sheng stare up and down Zhao Peng body , then grab Zhao Peng’s wrist, frowning and had serious expression .

“Xiao Ren, what’s wrong?” Zhao Peng look at the child curiously. He don’t know why, when staying with Ren Sheng , he feel comfortable and can’t help but love this child.

    ” Uncle Zhao , you are not old , but you are sick.” Ren Sheng said , he always thought that Zhao Peng is old that why he look like this, but not , he is injured.

    Although he has rare elixir in the world , that can prolong someone life , but it is not very effective for people who are going to die ( because of old age ) . And his master never accustomed to people who are obviously dying , so he never thought about giving Zhao Peng some medicine , but now Zhao Peng clearly is injured , not his age that was near .

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 Chapter 11 Marshal Speculation ( 11.2 )

Edited Version

” Right ” Shen Qiuishi nodded and quickly stepped back a little to avoid energy around Zhao Lingyu . Then contact the former soldier and asked about specific matter .

    They soon got the answer . At the beginning , this soldier also suspected that his identity was not right . He tried to unveil this matter countless times in the dark . He revealed Zhao Lingyu was regarded as a waste man . He once put some fake important documents in front of him and gave him some job . Even with any people watch him , he didn’t have reaction at all . In the end , he naturally regard Ren Ren as Kay with a problem in his head .

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    ” Even if Rensheng current vocabulary is not fluent , and he doesn’t recognize some word , hisodds is so strong …” Zhao Lingyu finally understand how he can have that kind of feeling , this feeling appear because Ren Sheng mind is too Simple , so when he do some thing , they will appear wrong , and others can’t help but think that his action is deep .

    ” Yes ! That kid is really … ” Shen Qiushi sighed when she thought of Ren Sheng , her face was soft ” I’m afraid that he doesn’t understand anything at all … But , if he doesn’t understand , how can he lie in the grass while wearing Roy’s clothes ? Next to spaceship explosion ruins ? “

    ” Isn’t that spaceship explosion is very weird ? spaceship from Thorny Chamber of Commerce is not bad , and there aren’t record of interstellar pirates near Xing fu planet . In this case , spaceship may only be destroyed by insiders . Mother , Luo Daosen already said before that Ruyi is very intelligent . If so , maybe he isn’t willing to marry me , thus ruining the spaceship and escaping from our marriage , while pulling Ren Ren as substitute bride . ” Ren Sheng had too many thing that belongs to Ruyi .

That’s to say , so Ruyi didn’t really die when the spaceship exploded . If this trully the case , then this explanation is the most reasonable .

    ” There are a lot of people on that spaceship , and Ruyi’s dowry , he … ” Shen Qiushi took a deep breath , if that true , then ” the real Ruyi” is a scary person . (tl note : deep , calculative , cruel person )

    ” Mother , by the way , you should check Ruyi and Ren Sheng information over again . ” Zhao Lingyu said .

    ” I will . ” Shen Qiuishi nodded and suddenly remembered something ” Oh , clothes and toys that i’ve buy for Ren sheng should have arrived . I will go to see him , you can take a rest . “

    Then Shen Qiushi left , Zhao Lingyu , who was lying alone in the bed , suddenly feel little depressed .

    What Shen Qiushi bought for Ren Sheng was indeed been sent , and has been accepted by Zhao Peng .

    Zhao Peng’s impression of Ren Sheng was very good . After signing , he took these things directly to Ren Sheng , and patiently explained the usage to Ren Sheng .

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    No matter whether it’s toys or robots , he never seen something like this before . At the same time , although his already live long enough , and had a lot of experience , but most of those time he is buried in the soil . Don’t have big chance to see something like this .

    As a person who isn’t young enough to see toys that he never seen before , Ren Ren didn’t have resistance to these things at all , and he can’t wait to roll around inside . Zhao Peng is grateful that he liked it .

    ” Uncle Zhao , this robot can dance ah ! He is really amazing ! How did you get it ? ” When Shen Qiushi came over , Ren Sheng was dancing with a robot that was big as him , he learned robot moves , so he and robot dance movement is same .

    ” This robot is not so awesome . After all , it is just a toy . Wait for it next time , I will definitely buy for you a highly intelligent butler robot .” Zhao Peng promised .

    “Thank you , Uncle Zhao , you are so good ! ” Ren Sheng’s two eyes was sparkled .

    Obviously , I was the one who bought something . but Zhao Peng was the ones that get a thank you instead .

Shen Qiushi look Zhao Peng’s eye and immediately sat next to Ren Sheng “ Xiao Ren , those clothes , have you tried it ? These clothes , aunts according them to your size . And buy them for you , you will be so handsome when you wear it . “

    Is my own wife jealous ? but object for this jealousy is not quite right ah .

    Seeing Shen Qiushi , who used to be jealous because he was too popular , now become jealous because Ren Sheng was closer to him , Zhao Peng didn’t have good face . he couldn’t even smile .

    However , such lively Shen Qiushi , He never see it for a long time …

    Zhao Lingyu said that Ren Sheng was very clever . After Shen Qiushi test it , she found that was true .

    No matter what kind of knowledge , as long as she teaches Ren Sheng about it , he can understand , so there is no need for her to repeat it twice , and the books that she gave to Ren Sheng , He only need to have rough look , then he can remember … who say that his IQ was Low ah , what a fool , her son-in-law , is clearly a genius .

    No , she afraid that he can not longer be called son-in-law . This child is too young , her son can’t eat this young grass . ( tl note : “young grass” still children , not suitable for marriage LOL )

    Ren Sheng , who has been living as a tender grass for more than thousand hundred years , scanned the books in front of him with his mental power , and was wondering how many dictionaries he need to search .

    He need to translate that cultivation method quickly . Only this way can Zhao Lingyu exercise by himself .

    If he practice well ,maybe Zhao Lingyu won’t have to just lie in the bed like that , how good it is ?

    As for helping him completely as yesterday … After feeling the pain from that practicing , Ren Sheng will never do it again .

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Chapter 11 Marshal Speculation ( 11.1 )

Edited Version (13/3/2019)

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As a marshal , Zhao Lingyu was very sensitive to many things . In fact , if he (Renren) didn’t have flaw in his performance , he was afraid that he have long suspected this person .

    Because he has too many doubts about Ren Sheng , on the one side ren sheng didn’t do any harm to him , and it’s not possible for him to keep doubting Ren Sheng , but now , it seems that there some misunderstandings …

    ” What is your relationship with Luo Daosen ? ” Zhao Lingyu suddenly asked if Ren Ren had finished the so-called practice.

(tl note : Luo Daosen is President of Thorny Chamber of Commerce)

    ” Who is Luo Daosen ? I don’t know .” Ren Sheng shook his head , he never had hear that name before .

    Luo Daosen is president of Thorny Chamber of Commerce . If Ren Sheng really his son , it’s possible for him to don’t know ? Zhao Lingyu stunned , couldn’t help but let out a smile , then stretch out his heavy hand to touch Ren ren head . ” How you come here ? “

    Zhao Lingyu’s eyes full of interest directed to Ren Sheng . Now that this ” Fertilizer ” take initiative to touch him , he will naturally greet back with enthusiasm , but he can’t let Zhao Lingyu to mess up his ” leaves”(hair) , so he will use his body instead . He leaned his face to Zhao Lingyu hand , then the whole person entangled to that arm “ After I woke up , they sent me here . They were so nice , they took me to find You . ” Ren Sheng said , the more he said the more happy he feel .

    ” Do you like me that much ? ” Zhao Lingyu , who never liked to laugh , when he hear Ren Sheng experienced , couldn’t help but lit up his lip


    ” Of course I like you , I like you very much. ” Ren Sheng can’t wait to take bite of Zhao Lingyu body , but when he think that if he really do so , he can ‘t absorb his energy little by little , so he could only give up this idea . ( bite huh ? #wiggleeyesbrows )

    And … he hurting Zhao Lingyu earlier even if he always take advantages of his energy .

    Is this confession ? This child isreally bold … Zhao Lingyu already confirmed that Ren Sheng definitely not President son from Thorny Chamber of Commerce . So then … ” Do you know what Kai is ? “

    ” What is that thing ? ” Ren Sheng asked .

    ” … ” So , this person probably not a Kai , but ordinary human being , an underage ones . ( >.> pedo)

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    When He thought that Ren Sheng was Kai from Thorny Chamber of Commerce , although Zhao Lingyu couldn’t help but treat him as same as a child , he wouldn’t feel so awkward about intimacy between the two , but now … to think that Ren sheng probably only 11 or 12 years old . His mouth couldn’t help but twitched .

    Maybe He really need to keep distance from Ren Sheng in the future , less he end up astray because he can’t hold himself back .

    ” Right , I heard people saying that Kai are stupid . What are Kai ? Are they really stupid ? ” Ren Sheng suddenly remembered what he previously hear .

    ” I don’t know it very well . ” Zhao Lingyu tightened his hug with special care . Now, as long as he think that Ren Sheng has touched his private place , Zhao Lingyu feels extremely embarrassed .

    Ren Sheng is not Ruyi . Zhao Lingyu is very sure about this point , but although he does not know Ren Sheng true identity , Zhao Lingyu can be sure that he is not malicious person .

    Ren Sheng didn’t continue to pursue this matter . Instead , he remember a set of this exercises ” I’ve already tell you cultivation method that i’ve read before . Did you understand ? Do you know how to practice now ? “

    ” I didn’t understand it too much . Who teach you ancient Chinese words ? “

    ” It was Master who taught me , do you really can’t understand ? But I don’t know how to properly explain it . Your vocabulary is also too strange for me .” Ren Sheng frowned , his white face full of depression .

    This child already sold himself clean after a few words … Zhao Lingyu smiled and continue chatted with other party .

    At this time , Zhao Lingyu had ” Resume ” Ren Sheng life experience . He should live in very close and primitive environment from young age . People around him are only someone called master , so he don’t understand environment of human society at all , and he can’t use High-tech products . However , he isn’t stupid , but rather smart .

    Today , Zhao Lingyu’s words seem to be particular curious … but he’s not afraid , no matter what , he won’t just treat himself as a ginseng being , but also a human that want to lived for a long time, so he told little truth to Zhao Lingyu , he knows that Zhao definitely a suspicious person ! When Ren Sheng explaine his life to Zhao Lingyu , he explained everything clean except his origin.

    For A boy who only lived for 12 or 13 years old and lived primitive life ones . He is very calm to face such a new world .

    Zhao Lingyu thought about this , but he didn’t ask about how this small one apparent . Instead , he and Ren Sheng talked about something like capital planet , his childhood , and began to teach some simple things for daily life ” When I’m still a child , I’m especially liked airship . I wanted to stay in airship all day along . My mom didn’t want me to do that so I sneaked in there when I have opportunity . The airship detected that I’m still a little child , it started game mode . first , I could only slow it down in the air , then when i’m grasp the skill , the airship AL let me control it to navigation channel , finally traffic police found uncontrollable airship is affecting the traffic , stopped me , then returning me home … “

    Although Ren Sheng’s master is very good to him , but because he knows his true age , even with child’s appearance , he didn’t really regard him as children . Therefore , it is the first time for Ren Sheng to listened others tell stories for him .

    He was hold in strong arms , and this someone told him about his childhood … He can’t sleep for a long time , and finally fell asleep feel disorder confusion .

    When Ren Sheng wake up next day , he felt refreshed . After feeding Zhao Lingyu , he ran to watch cartoon .

When he is watching cartoon , Zhao Lingyu and his mother were communicating with lip language separated by far distance .

    At the beginning , when she ” listening ” to Zhao Lingyu words that said Ren Sheng was not Ruyi , Shen Qiuishi thought something like spy , but when Zhao Lingyu talk about Ren Sheng reaction , she can’t help but laugh .

    ” So, he isn’t Ruyi after all . In this case , how could your ex-soldier tell me that his identity is didn’t have problem ? ” Shen Qiushi feels puzzled .

    ” Ask him , then maybe you will know . ” Zhao Lingyu said .

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Chapter 10 Exercise and Reveal (10.2)

Edited Version

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    This child , did he just taste what he do for him ?

    Sure enough , this child is not malicious , He is afraid that he maybe don’t know that it would have been so painful … Slowly , Zhao Lingyu asked with voice that completely different ” I s it painful ? “

    Ren Sheng had tears in his eyes and nodded .

    ” Wait for a moment , so it won’t hurt so much , it’s okay . ” Zhao Lingyu comfort him .

    Obviously , he was the person who had lived for thousand hundred years old than this person , and he is the one that still need his to comfort … Ren Ren feel a bit shameful , and feel that it’s necessary to explain what he do .

    ” Marshal , I don’t know if it will hurts so much , If i know i won’t do it to you . ” If someone make him taste this pain , he will desperately trying to fight with that person . Zhao Lingyu doesn’t even blame him at all . he is really good person .
” I know . ” Zhao Lingyu nodded .

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    ” I’m doing this , is to make your body become more powerful , so you don’t have to lied in bed all the time … Well , I will read the practice for you .” Ren Sheng said , while teaching Zhao Ling Yu to read it . ( tl note : actually it’s like teacher reading aloud and expect his student to follow his read , so the student will remember #coughstudentandteachercough# )

    Zhao Lingyu, who always been considering himself to be knowledgeable , suddenly found himself completely unable to understand this so-called exercises from Ren Sheng .

    Ren Sheng’s teaching (tl note : direct mtl say writing , but it’s not compatible with previous content so i change it ) should be an ancient word . He is afraid that only those who had specialize on it can understand . But how can Ren Ren understand it ?

    Ren Sheng only knows little things . He always thought that the reason of it because living environment in Freedom League is too simple or he never had opportunity to contact high-tech . Now , it seems that was not the case ?

    There is no reason for president of Thorny Chamber of Commerce to didn’t teach his son to use electrical appliances , but he taught him ancient word instead , even if he really did such a weird thing … in Freedom League, where the strength is number one and humans can only occupy small land , where did he find teacher who is proficient in ancient teaching ?

    In this case , who is Ren Sheng ? what kind actually his elixir , and what this so-called practice that he taugh ?

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