Chapter 1 Marshal’s Fiancee (1.1)

Xingfu planet was agricultural planet. Ninety-five percent land on this planet was covered by vegetation . The remaining 5 percent is built into a huge airport , allowing spaceship to dock and let them replenish their supplies.
Dyno is employee of the airport. He always responsible for his work . but these days, he is absent-minded . Repeatly use his personal mini computer to check latest news every few minutes.
“Dyno , are you looking for marshal news ? ” Dyno’s colleague approached with lunch box and handed it to Dyno . Dyno nodded , while in the device, sweet looking host was talking about latest situation of Marshal Zhao Lingyu .
“Marshal has been injured for three months . Federal Institute and Medical Headquarters are still helpless to heal Marshal’s injury . Many people who care about Marshal illness have already written 7.65 billion prayer letters online…”
Seeing Dyno’s sadness , his colleague immediately pat his shoulder “Dyno , marshal is a good person , he will be fine .”
“Yeah , nothing will happen to marshal ! If it wasn’t for him , I would have lost my life. If it weren’t for him , Zerg would definitely ruin capital planet …” Dyno’s voice whimpered a bit .
He was former soldier under marshal’s command . He had to retire after being seriously injured few years ago .
He wanted to save money to buy body repair liquid and continue to serve marshal . But before he can do that , Marshal suddenly involved in accident !
Some time ago , Zerg army attacked dream planet . Although marshal sucessfully killed Zerg queen who was about to lay eggs by himself , he almost died , and now he is lying in bed , with almost no possibility of recovery.
The only thing that everyone can be grateful for now is Queen’s Zerg will not be able to threaten Federation in a short time .
“It’s more than capital planet . I heard that Zerg Queen was swallow a lot of planets before spawn , and also devours high energy around her . If it’s not because marshal , I don’t know how many people will die , how many resources will be lost ”
Dyno’s colleague sigh with relief , if Zerg Queen really lays eggs on federal site … human populations may be destroyed !
However, although Zerg Queen is gone, Confederacy also lost powerful young generation like Marshal Zhao Lingyu .
Then , who will protect the future of human federation ?
” Dyno , don’t think too much about it , I will tell you a good news . The spaceship from Freedom Alliance will arrive at Xing fu for replenishment . I heard that spaceship was the one that Marshal fiancee use .”
” Marshal fiancee spaceship will replenish in Xing fu ?” Dyno feel surprise and his eyes was wide open.

As owner of double s-level ability , Marshal Zhao Lingyu hard to find spouse with good genetic match . Now with he seriously injured , it’s even harder to find a suitable spouse.

    However, at this time , close to Federation , Liberal Alliance, which was badly wounded after
Zerg Queen event , took initiative to contact Zhao family and expressed their willingness to contract a marriage .

    Additional of human beings , there are many other creatures in Freedom League . The bride that they sent to Human Federation are hybrids of Human and Kai . Many said , not only he inherits the pedigrees of his own human father, but also inherits Kai special gender.

    Kai people are similar to human beings , but without gender restriction , every Kai can be pregnant , but their IQ generally not too high , their body shape is petite (small) , and children that born will be more like Kai , so most people are not willing to make Kai became their spouse , and mixed blood between Kai and humans always been classified as a Kai and not been treated with equally .

    But this time the bride sent by the Freedom League is an exception . He was a product of the Changchun style of a mixed-race Kai Liberation Thorny Chamber of Commerce , and the president of Thorny Chamber of Commerce , as a rare ability type , who was wealthy and initially reluctant to admit this hybrid child . Then , accident occurred .

    This hybrid Kai , was a child who inherited his plant ability !

    Even lowest-level ability are precious to humans , so even if the child is a hybrid , president of Thorny Chamber of Commerce recognizes his existence and intend to use him by make him marry in the future .

    If this occur in peacetime , object of such mixed-blood marriage can only be human who had ability who didn’t have strong family . However , at this time , Marshal Zhao Lingyu is seriously injured and dying .

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    Marshal Zhao Lingyu , who used to be the “ most women want to marry ” , is now a waste man , and because of violent energy around his body , he will attack people around him uncontrollably…

    Ordinary people will lose their lives when they encounter energy attack . Even attacking type ability can’t stop the riots generated by marshal . In the end, only those who have very soft type ability can get close .

    This hybrid bride fortunately had a very soft type ability .

    President of Thorns Chamber of Commerce grasped this point and proposed marriage requirement . He used his hybrid son to exchange with large amount of supplies from Zhao family . This time , with Zerg Queen raging , Thorny Chamber of Commerce suffered heavy loss.

    “After half an hour , Marshal’s fiancee spaceship will reach the Xing fu . Let’s go and see . I heard Kai are relatively low-key and stupid , but they are very beautiful . Even many people will want Kai ” Dyno’s colleague smiled .

    “That was Marshal’s fiancee ! And it is illegal to make Kai a slave ! ” Dyno frowned and look at his colleague , wanting to say some more , but suddenly looked at the air “What is that?”

    There is a black dot that approaching the xingfu planet at very fast speed ! Dyno quickly put on his telescope , only to find , it turned out to be a spaceship , with mark of Freedom League.

    The spacecraft suddenly exploded after closer to  xing fu planet , powerful heat distort the picture , and everything seemed to vanish .

    ” Go and save people ! ” Dyno shout in horror , although he felt that prospect of marshal fiancee cannot match the marshal, but it still the his fiancee !

    Xingfu planet only have few staff members , this moment all the staff act .

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    At the same time , in the place where the spacecraft exploded , a lifeboat disguised as a debris had just fallen into a forest in Xingfu planet . Soon, two people climbed out from it.

    One of two are 2 meter tall , muscle-knotted , and look very burly . While the other one is only about 1,5 meter , figure is petite and small .

    However , it seems that the burly men are getting along with  small person .

    ” Young Master, is it really okay for us to go this far ? ” From the rescue capsule , the big , tall , and strong man stretched his muscles and bones , then slightly turn around to look at the small teenager    

 “Of course, there is no problem , others will only think that we died in explosion . ” Roy spoke while destroying rescue capsule around him with miniature bomb . His movements were very decisive, but his face was carrying few flaws.

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