New Fox Nest – Let The Fox Lure You Away

That hut on that mountain is so scary , i’m moving even if i don’t have any back up (so i have to post , edit and publish it back LOL ) , that site still don’t let me enter (that my home you f***** b******)

so now me will rent this humble apartement (bear with it you peasant) while make my saving broke LOL , even now i don’t have a single penny . LOL 

if you wish , you can support me here  (paypal fee $0,3 +3,4%) or maybe here

Either way , thanks for visiting my site , and give me your soul , like , comment , thanks  #kiss #bite #kiss 

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Jaaa neee ~~~


Thanks for joining me!

I’m DevilFox that want to steal your soul

I’m new and don’t understand chinese …. please pardon for the  mistakes


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