Chapter 1 Marshal’s Fiancee (1.2)

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” But… ” Zhuang is somewhat tangled .

   “There is nothing , do you want me to marry a waste person , and can be killed by his energy riot at any time ? ” Roy smirked and replied “Let’s go ! “

    “That was Marshal Zhao Lingyu , and president also took so many resources from Zhao…”

    “Zhao family don’t lack those resource , In addition , you better not call that person president ! Those resources will be my payment for his parenting , and I will have nothing to do with Thorny Chamber of Commerce in the future ! ” Roy looked at the tall man coldly .

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    Burly man nodded , just when he about to pick up his young master , his movement is suddenly froze .

    “What’s wrong?” Roy frowned and looked at his strong gaze , and suddenly see a scene that surprise him .

    Not far from them , there are several large trees that grow taller than surrounding tree , and in the middle of them , a person is lying.

    It’s a boy with delicate face, about fourteen or five teen years old . He was lying farther than the surrounding flowers and plants . The leaf and scent around him that swayed with the wind add some charm around him , make him looks like an angel. .

    Roy was very good-looking , but it was far more worse than this teenager … Roy press down his discomfort , he frowned and looked at the person .

    Althougt attacking power of plant ability is not too high , and only small animals that can be caught by it , but this ability usually will not develop in a human body.
How can this teenager have plant ability ?

    ” Young master, how can there be people here ? ” ask Zhuang worriedly.

    ” Who knows … but this is a good thing for me .” Roy smiled.

    Although the Xingfu planet has been transformed into agricultural planet and be planted with large number of crops , they will also let aside some local plants to growth in Xing fu Planet . Largest piece of this land is virgin forest .

    There are not many staff of xingfu planet . This forest is outside of their guard area . This will be very beneficial to his escape plan . However, even with how much he trying to hide , people from federal soon will come and find out . Maybe they can see from the ruins of spaceship and explosion that he is running away from marriage , and thus began to hunt him .

    Although he has little connection , but there are not many people . Maybe he can’t really escape at this time , unless Marshal Zhao Lingyu bride is not missing.

    Taking out a suit from his bag , Roy approaching the lying teenager and found that the other party still motionless . So , he quickly dress the teenager up , who only had a blade around his waist.

    ” Young Master ? ” burly man looked at this scene inexplicability.

    “In any case , all images information in the spaceship were destroyed . Soon , he was Roy from Freedom League.” After trying to pull the leaf (>///////////<) of the teenager and found that it was very firm, Roy simply ignore it and directly put his pants on.

    “It can be discovered…”

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“If it is discovered , then this ” someone else ” has manipulate the spacecraft , and pretending to be me, He want to get into Zhao family, with this I will still be victim.” Roy help unconscious teenager to dress and control the plant around him . After checking that boy look like him , he looked at Zhuang ” Someone coming , let’s go !”

   Strong man pick him up and running away to forest , then used his power to control the plants to remove all traces left on the road.

    In the forest, only ruin of the exploding spaceship and comatose mysterious teenager were left.

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