Chapter 2 Go to Capital Planet (2.1)

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When Ren Sheng woke up , he felt his surrounding right now was very wrong .

As a ginseng , he like sun , like the land , and he is very close to these two things , but now he can’t feel any kind of energy !

    Obviously, he felt strong life power when he fell from time and space crack . And there was mud under his feet. After that , he fall in coma for a while , and nothing else happen.

    Is he have been caught ? Ren Sheng shocked . More he thought , More he felt that his guess was right .

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    He remember the time when he live in peace and suddenly a group of people broke into the place where he used to lived , chasing him and want to rob him from what his master had left for him , and covet his ginseng body , while they wanted to kill him directly . Although he ran , but he already had injury from their sudden attack . When he comes out of time and space cracks, the injury he bear is even heavier , and he can’t stay awake.

    Now , there must be someone who know his secret and decide to trap him down here !

    The room is full of metal , and there was no wind that can get in . He can’t even feel earth energy now when he is seriously injured , and can’t even move spiritual power . He afraid that those people plan to cut off his flesh little by little , so he can’t die for a while , and also guarante that every piece of his meat is fresh …

    The more he think he want to live , more he feels that this was the case . He has been injured and not been healed well , with this he can’t move spiritual power at all , just like an ordinary person.

    “Young master Roy , are you awake?” Just as Ren sheng wondered how to escape, the only door in room was suddenly opened , two tall and strong people came in from the outside.

    Ren sheng subconsciously shrank into the corner, then he found something is wrong , the accent of these two people is strange , and he can’t even feel little spiritual power from them !

    Those people actually trust two people who are weaker than him to look after him? Is there any conspiracy?

    Dyno noticed the pale face of “Roy” and deliberately softened his voice “Young master Roy , you have been in coma for a long time . Although we have given you infusion , you still have to eat something , What do you want to eat?”

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    Who is Young master Roy? Who is gonna eat? He is a ginseng essence, just looking for a piece of Fertile land to take root and let him sunbathe for awhile is enough, no need to eat, does these people does not know?

    No, that not entirely true , he can also eat …. Are these people planning to feed him with spiritual things, to raise him a little bit, and then cut some of his meat when he was fat?

    Seeing horrified face of the exquisite teenager, and fact that he never talked back . Dyno and soldiers around him look at each other and could only go out first .

    After explosion of the spaceship , and because there were only few staff of xing fu planet , Dyno first notified the nearby base . Now they are on military spaceship and are flying to the capital planet .

    The explosion of spaceship from Freedom League was very weird , but as far as the current situation is identified , it has nothing to do with marshal bride .

    Poor Kai , Dyno afraid that he has already been scared .

    “Dyno , you will be the one who take care of young master Roy in the future, first go give him some food . ” Major , are you sure? Marshal’s Fiancee looks small and weak , can he be the one who’s handle such weak people ? .

    “Yes, Major!” Dyno immediately performed a military ceremony . Although he felt that this Kai could not match Marshal status ,he still Marshal Fiancee , and he would take good care of him.

    This spaceship is military spaceship , because soldiers in station can not be transferred at will , so there are very few people on this spaceship . When Dyno came to kitchen, he found that there were no chefs here.

    He originally want to take all the food on the spaceship . As a result,cooking machine here can only make nutritious meals …

    With three bowls of different favor nutritious meals , Dyno come to the Kai room “Young master Roy, do you want to eat ?”

    Ren Sheng stared at him and didn’t talk. He now notices that many more things were wrong.

    If those people really catch him, they should go get some talisman and shut him up . How can they just use common iron to trap him? Moreover, in addition to the wounds that he had in original , there was no new injury… Those people who suddenly broke into the cave house that his master left for him, did everyone not want to taste him a little?

    “Master Roy, now everything is okay, we will reach Capital Planet in ten days …” Dyno racked his brain to comfort the person in front of him, knowing that he had been like this because of the explosion of spaceship . This bride will surely be brought back to capital Planet for interrogation, but if Dyno still want to see Marshal , he will have to rely on this Marshal Wife .

    Ren Sheng listened quietly , although he didn’t understand many word of this person , but he understand that this person want him to eat..

    This person is not malicious, still a mortal, is there really nothing wrong with porridge before him? Ren Sheng eyes were placed on those three porridge.

    Although it is only porridge, but this thing is barely nourishment. For him today, it’s still better than nothing…

A hand will still become root, and Ren Sheng thinks that this person is just mortal.

    “Young master Roy, kitchen only has nutritious meal…” Dyno was a little embarrassed and wanted to say a few more words, but he saw Roy in front of him , actually took nutrition meal, then poured it into his mouth and ate all the content on the bowl . Soon the second bowl was eaten, followed by the third bowl.

    This…he doesn’t even chew !

    “Do you want them again?” Dyno asked quietly.

    Ren Sheng nodded without hesitation.

    Soon, Dyno brought three bowls of nutrition food again.

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