Chapter 9 Good Public Image (9.1)

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Since Wen Yue publicly said that there was marriage contract between Zhao family and Thorny Chamber of Commerce, Kai son from President of Thorny Chamber of Commerce that was sent as a bride has always been bad wind for capital official resident .

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Let’s not say that a Kai is not worthy with Zhao Lingyu in the eyes of ordinary people . He also was the “subject” bargain of business by selling the son of President Thorny Chamber of Commerce that can’t be seen by public .

On the contrary, when it comes to Wen yue. Many people will have sympathy . The man she loves is seriously injured and then marries to another person . Her heart is definitely very uncomfortable .

Even Ordinary people react like this, don’t mention Wenyue fans . These fans think that Zhao Lingyu’s life is not normal . It’s very common for Wen Yue to break up .

But after hearing Zhao Lingyu’s intention to marry others , they directly defines Zhao Lingyu as a scum man .

Of course, Zhao Lingyu’s reputation is still very high . They may think something bad like that , but most of them won’t dare to say anything .

So they put all the blame at Kai who came to capital planet from Freedom League .

This morning , after Wenyue released news about her going to Zhao’s home in her personal social media , there were many people who insult Ren Shemg , many of them also had bad opinion for Zhao family .

The noble character of Wenyue is appear as same as a white lotus image . At present, Zhao Lingyu may insist and have reason not seeing her when he can hurt others due to energy riots in his body.

This can also said that he is deeply affectionate person , Zhao family ? they didn’t even say anything about Wen Yue .

Alot of Zhao Lingyu’s supporters don’t think Zhao Lingyu is wrong . After knowing this news, they also had good impression on Wen Yue , and even paid some attention to this singer .

Therefore, after media confirmed that Wen Yue entered the island where Zhao Family was located , naturally there are countless people who’s waiting to see Zhao Family reaction .

However, at this time, the master of Zhao’s family , who had always been very low-key and never released post on social media platform , Shen Qiushi, suddenly opened live broadcast .

Shen Qiushi’s identity is special. Even if she never publish any information before , there are still many people who pay attention to her.

So when her live broadcast is released , countless people have seen it.

After watching it, these people can’t help but have change on their faces .

The person who always been compared to Zhao Lingyu has a crush on Wen Yue .

They originally never thought that Wen Yue , who was deeply in love with Zhao Lingyu, turned out to be like this in private .

She not even comparable to Kai who is being “sold” to Zhao family by Chamber of Commerce !

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Even if everyone did not see the appearance of the Kai who stood behind Shen Qiushi , but his words have changed the mind of people who did not like him before .

There are even many people who directly say that they would rather have this Kai than that “gentle” woman .

Shen Qiushi is watching live interview between media with Wen Yue’s .

Wen Yue, who appeared sad and delicate at the beginning of the picture. said that she was accused by Zhao Family ,

but when she suddenly knew what happened in Zhao’s family was actually be live broadcast on Internet,

she was immediately run under the protection of assistant and they left interview coverage with those media .

Seeing this scene, Shen Qiushi smiled bitterly.

When Wen Yue regrets the marriage, she didn’t intend to publicize it. After all , with this matter really said, Zhao family will also be humiliated ,

but before this “Wen Yue” case there is no one directly act more disgusting to her by Zhao family standart ,

and then thinking that innocent child has been misunderstood by outsiders and to avoid same mistakes , she simply broadcast it live .

However, even if it will make Wen yue hits , it would be fun to do that to such person .

“What is this?” Ren Sheng noticed the small flat box that was showing on Shen Qiushi’s hand , and asked curiously .

“This is a portable computer , now I am sending this to you.” Shen Qiu Shi gave her hand to Ren Sheng , suddenly remembered one thing ,

and then click all the comment under her video “See now , many people are Boasting you!”

It’s not just exaggeration of matter , there are many people who want to look at Ren Sheng’s appearance … but she won’t show this child to others !

Ren Sheng glanced at it and frowned slightly: “i’m not understand …” These words here are really weird ! Those messy symbols are even more weirder.

“You don’t understand anything, I will teach you slowly later . ” Shen Qiushi smile and help Ren Sheng to find an animated cartoon that many said to teach children a lot of knowledge .

Ren Sheng looked at it with gusto . Anyway , the nutrition before had not been absorbed , and he have dinner , it is still ok to come to marshal room later .

Not far from the room, Zhao Lingyu couldn’t help but look at the door . Why didn’t little guy who always been sticking to him come ? He still used to be lying alone ,

and didn’t feeling lonely, but now he suddenly missed some …

Just when marshal Zhao felt lonely , Wen Family situation was bleak

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