Chapter 2 Go to Capital Planet (2.2)

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Ren Sheng pour the whole porridge into his mouth.

    Dyno took another three bowls and watch him pour nutrition foods into his mouth again …

    “Young master Roy, eating too much will make your stomach feel bad, you can eat again next time…” Dyno felt his head was sweating , he already ran six times , and this “ young master Roy ” had already eaten eighteen nutrition meal .

    This nutrition meal , is make according to average soldier’s appetite , although most people generally eat more , but 18 bowls … the amount of food that this Kai eat , is same as marshal…

    Ren Sheng also thought that human could not eat too much … then nodded , but his mood inevitably somewhat low.

    Dyno took a sigh of relief and asked “Do you have any thing you want ?”

    ” I want to eat this much next time.” Ren Sheng whispered , although he encounter group of wicked people before , but this person seems to be a good person ?

    The voice of teenager is soft like a child . Although the accent is a bit strange , it’s still unexpectedly good , but what he tell still makes a person …

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    Dyno look at teenager’s stomach unsubconsciously . Is it really okay to eat like this ?

    ” Can’t you ? It’s okay , it can be a little less …” Ren Sheng looked at Dyno with puppy eyes.

    “Of course, please wait for it to be sent !” Dyno reached out and wiped his sweat . Isn’t it no more than eating ? Aren’t general ability person like this anyway ? He shouldn’t be too surprised.

    “Thank you.” Ren Sheng showing a smile.

    Dyno suddenly want to marry a wife and have a child . Will his future child be this cute ?

    No, this is Marshal fiancee , not a child ! Then Dyno left the room .

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    Military spaceship flew quickly to the capital planet . At this time, Native people of capital planet just got the news .

    The old butler took out communicator on his hand and hurried into the mansion , and saw a man and a woman sitting face to face and eating .

    The man looks old, his head was white , and he coughed a few times from time to time . but weirdly the woman face is young and beautiful .

    With such beautiful face , she looked at the old man in front of her with unusually gentle eyes .

    These two people are Zhao Peng , Master of Zhao family , one of five major families in Human federation , and his wife Shen Qiushi.

    ” Master , madam , there was a news from outside , saying that the spaceship from Freedom League had an accident.” The housekeeper whispered .

    ” What is going on ?” Shen Qiushi turned his head and frowned slightly .

    The old butler quickly made the matter clear, and also mentions explosion of the spaceship .

    ” Let our people pick up the child , and then make our man investigate this .” Shen Qiushi quickly said .

    “Do you really want Ling Yu to marry that child ? Ling Yu’s current body is …”
Zhao Lingyu , his son , is said to only had few months left . Even now many people still ask them to send him away from capital planet , afraid the energy in his body will suddenly explode.

     Zerg Queen power to produce eggs and can engulf the whole planet is all in his son now . His son can’t even do the thing as he did in the past . Now he is feared and can only wait to die …

    ” If President of Thorny Chamber Commerce didn’t insist , I will not agree with such ridiculous thing, but if this person ability is really soft and his power is not weak , at least Ling Yu can have some better moment in his live … ” Shen Qiushi sighed . If someone inject soft soothing ability to her son , her son will feel better . If not because of this factors , she will not accept Kai to come here .

    “If he is good , we can adopt him in the future . If he is not good, we can send him back .” Zhao Peng said again .

    Shen Qiushi nodded , and tears flashed in her gentle eyes . She always thought that her husband’s life is most desperate thing . And didn’t expect her son to only have a few months left …

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