Chapter 3 Marshal wouldn’t eat you (3.1)

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Ten days later , capital planet .

    Silver spaceship flew over the capital planet and landed slowly at the air station . A staff member who was maintaining order saw the spaceship and immediately stood up and do military ceremony .

    ” Who own that ship ? ” Someone saw that people around him were solemn and ask them .

    “That is ship of Zhao family . ” Person next to him whisper .

    ” That Zhao family ? ” the man asked in amazement .

    ” In addition to that Zhao family , which one can we call Zhao family ? ” Someone answered , and then looked at the spaceship reverently .

    Video battle between Marshal and Zerg Queen right now is the most popular video on internet . Marshal driving small warship into Zerg Queen mouth to carry out a suicide attack . Every time he look at it , he can’t help but feel moved .

    The entire air station was quiet , and people silently watch an aircraft fly out from spaceship , took back their sight and continue their job previously .

    In Aircraft , Ren Sheng squat on the window , staring at outside world with big pair of eyes , full of surprise .

    Everything he saw these days was amazing .

    There is no earth energy here , only few people have spiritual energy , and even the energy in their bodies is completely different from self-cultivation person .

    So he is really not get caught . On the contrary , these people should have saved him , and they also very good to him !

    Master said that the time and space cracks are very unstable . After entering , most of people will die without burial . In 10,000 just one or two can reach the next universe to go to completely different worlds . Now he should have hit the big game . Isn’t he?

    There is no spiritual power here , and his injury still does not know when it will be healed … Of course, fortunately , he is not a cultivator . Without spiritual power, it will really troublesome for him , but as long as there are sunshine and land , in tens of thousands year he may recover completely , but that is , it is not easy to grow up after all …

    It took him 100,000 years to grow into young man . With this injury, he even shrunk back again … Ren Sheng look at his little arm and leg , sigh , now he can’t even get taller !

    Dyno has been observing Ren Sheng movements and sighed .

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    This child eats so much every day , how can he didn’t grow up? And when he was eating …

When Zhao Jia came to pick him up later , he almost saw the vision from them that they had abused him !

    Other than this , many people say that Kai IQ is not high . Now it seems that this is true . This guy simply doesn’t understand anything , Dyno doesn’t know how President of Thorny Chamber of Commerce teach him .

    However , although this person is stupid and eat so many , but Dyno impression of him is still better – he can’t bully a child can’t he ?

    Even stupidly stupid , such cute and lovely child is still very flattering .

    He found Ren Sheng looked at the skyscrapers outside high-rise building and couldn’t help but marvel .

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Dyno kindly gave him explanation of things . Finally, he was inevitably mentioning Marshal .
” When you marry marshal , you can live in capital planet and go to these places to play .”

    ” Ok ” Ren Sheng simply nodded . Dyno said it with a thick accent . (tlnote : ren sheng don’t understand this accent) He didn’t communicate with his master very much . Master also traveled around the world for 100,000 years, so he can’t understand a lot of word . But everyone said that they would take him to see Marshal . Dyno also said that when he eat and drink ,
All he say is about Marshal …

    Marshal is a good person . And he really should go to thank him . As for repayment , he will reluctantly give him his own blood , help him to do work and if he can , he will gave him a lot of things !

    “Ren sheng , you can live with Marshal in the future , I really envy you .” Dyno said again , Ren Sheng’s name is a bit strange, but the child himself ask them to call him , so they have to call him with that name , as if there is no problem with it . This name maybe taken from his Kai mother .

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