Chapter 3 Marshal wouldn’t eat you (3.2)

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  “Do I must live with Marshal in the future?” Ren Sheng look at Dyno tangledly . He had just see it , there are a lot of flowers and plants in this place , and sun is very good . He especially want to quietly put his roots into soil down there and sunbathing . The sun around Marshal home maybe also abudant , but what if Marshal finds something wrong about him ?

    When Master finally took him out for the first time , it’s just because he had eaten spiritual seed , and he reached spiritual state and got all the power inside it . But , His master still did not take out the power inside of him and forced him to bury himself in soil , and allow him to keep human figures …

    ” Of course ! ” Dyno said without hesitation , such Kai who didn’t even get used with human being contact , and do not want to live with marshal , what if he accidentally fell into some strange thing , what should he do then ?

    ” Marshal wouldn’t eat me , right ? ” Ren Sheng was entangled and can’t help but ask , if they must live together , he will be more careful in the future , of course , it is best to understand this beforehand .

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    Eat ? did he mean literal or not (>////<) ? Dyno was tangled for a while . These days, although he didn’t say many good thing about Marshal in front of Ren Sheng , but in order to not tell Ren Sheng about sad news , he did not say marshal health status . Now it seems that this Kai seems to be confused . ?

    Also , he didn’t seem to understand many thing , maybe when he grow up he was pressed by his father , and he didn’t let him out …

    “You can rest assured that marshal wouldn’t eat you .” Dyno said , Marshal is now seriously injured , can he still wants to “eat”…(tl note : of course he want)

    “That’s good ! ” Ren Sheng looks happy .

    “With your situation , it is very dangerous outside . If you marry marshal , then you can stay in Zhao family . This is good for you .” Dyno said again .

    Ren Sheng nodded , this person always say that marrying is not actually married . What does it mean? Marry marshal can stay in Zhao family, not marry then leave Zhao family?

    The thought just flashed in his mind, and soon forgotten , he was attracted to a big house suspended in the air and looked at it with envy .

    After Shen Qiushi knew that the spaceship had been arrived , she change her clothes , packed her mood and waited at the door, but she didn’t let Zhao Peng to come out . Zhao Peng’s body already on very bad state now . If any accident occurs , Zhao’s family will be finished .

    Of course , Zhao family situation right now is not much better .

    Aircraft slowly landed at the entrance of Zhao’s house, and Shen Qiushi , who has sharp eyes , immediately saw small face that was looked out of the window .

   President of Thorny Chamber of Commerce had once said that the child is small . Looking at his face now , isn’t he too small ? Shen Qiushi was surprised . Aircraft door was opened . The person she sent to pick up took the lead and walked down . Then the boy came down .

As the ability person , Shen Qiushi figure is petite , only one and seven meter (tlnote: a bit confusing couse this text say shen quishi is one meter and seven…anyone who wanted to give me answer?) . As a result , this boy even more shorter than her , only reach her chest !

    Don’t even count his face , even his hand and feet are small, if you just look at the appearance , clearly it’s only 12-year-old boy .

    However , although his size is petite and small , his face was very delicate , white skin is pink and tender, as if he can pour out of it fresh water . The big eyes that flicker and flashed are full of innocence , make people can’t help but have good feeling from him at first sight .

    However, what she wants was this child to take care of her son . Now with he looks so small , can he really take care of him ?

    When Shen Qiushi tooks her time to look at Ren Sheng , Ren Sheng actually felt that every roots on his body is burst open .

    He actually feel delicious fertilizer magic soil !

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    All plant spirit will always wanted Fertile land , and the best land in the world is undoubtedly fertilizer magic soil .

   He grew up in small place , and in his master’s cave he didn’t have much , so it was not enough to complete his need .

  But he always wish to have many of this magical thing . It was only because his master would gave him little by little that he following his master . Later , he wanted to have more reward . As result , his master said that his portion already big . It will takes millions acres of fertile land to made a little , and if someone really does , he will definitely be killed by Heavenly Thunder .

    His master was so powerful , and he lived for tens of thousands of years before he find this fertilizer magic soil . Even If it’s not given to him , small grain of this soil will allow his master to cultivate countless elixir .

    But this precious fertilizer magic soil , he actually can felt it in this incompetent spiritual place, and this soil seem much larger than the soil his master has found , who knows by how much many !

    Even if this soil has nothing to do with spiritual power , this is still amazing thing !

    Ren Sheng dumbly look and staring at the independent small building not far away , can’t wait to rush immediately

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