Chapter 4 Marshal is indecent (4.1)

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Shen Qiushi look at the eyes of this child that focus at his son’s residence , she feel a little weird .

What with this obsessed expression ? In the past , many women like her son , but now with every one of them know her son’s situation , and even know that his body can explode at any time , which one still dare to come to their home ?

“You are Roy?” sigh in deep breath , Shen Qiushi ask softly .

“Roy isn’t my name , my name is Ren Sheng . ” Ren Sheng retract his sight .

Although stregth of people here are not something that can be proud of ,
but energy emited from this person is very strong , at least in cultivation world ,
even if he escaped from the former, he may not be able to with this person .

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As for something like fighting … Master didn’t taught him very much …

This person is so strong , he can’t get fertilizer magic soil by himself , Don’t know if she was the disciple that own the soil , but atleast she will give him a little , right ? after all he only needs it little bit .

Shen Qiushi who heard this has frown , President say he would send someone named Roy .

How could the person itself not called Roy ? Is there a trick ? , but if there really a trick ? how can this person speak out by himself ? ” How come you change your name to Ren Sheng ? “

“I have been called Ren Sheng from a long time, I am a…” Ren Sheng wanted to say that he was ginseng spirit , but soon he stopped .

Master already said that he can’t let others know he is a spirit plant .

Shen Qiushi look at Ren Sheng guilty expression and felt something was wrong .
Although this place is not too far away from Freedom League, signal station nearby was ruined by Zerg Queen .

She can’t stay connected with Thorny Chamber of Commerce , but even then , President said , although his son has Kai blood , he is very intelligent and his IQ is higher than most humans . But the person In front of her … can she tell his IQ is high ?

Shen Qiushi look puzzled at soldier she sent before .

“Maam spaceship explosion is truly happen , and he is person with plant ability , his identity should not be a problem , this Dyno can also prove it , he was former soldier under marshal , and retiring to work in xingfu planet . ”

He was former and still comrade-in-arms and they deliberately mentioned it . As for Ren Sheng …

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As a Kai who couldn’t even understand words , how could he be a spy …
Maybe this person was frightened by spaceship explosion , and occasionally speak gibberish .

Identity is not a problem , then President of Thorny Chamber of Commerce lied to her ?

Shen Qiushi know that his son’s soldier has done perfect work , and person is very likely accurate .

Her Doubt about Ren Sheng identity are lessening “ It’s fine either way ? I will take you to see my son first , then we will talk again . Let’s go .” then by the time she look at his reaction , she can tell if he malicious or not .

Ren Sheng was caught by hand , but his pair of eye still stuck to the building , and when he found out that he was taken to the building itself , he could not wait but to rush ahead .

This person is too strong … Ren sheng watch as the building was getting closer and closer , he swallow the saliva in his mouth .

The Building is not far from Zhao family’s mansion , was built from special alloy used to build a spaceship , The alloy not only very strong but also very tough , but even so , the Room itself was full of cracks and seem to be crumbling .

Before , the room has door , but now it is gone . Through the wide open door , you can see big metal bed in the room , and there lying on the bed was a man with some piece of cloth .

The Man was wide awake, and feel someone was outside , turn his head slightly . At this time , Ren Sheng finally see his appearance .

He looks scary because he doesn’t have good piece of flesh in his body.

Whether on his face or his body, there are many crack wounds , and powerful energy riot escape from those wounds . The wounds actually heal very quickly , but new wounds will often reappear , so this person had the appearance of countless slit mouths , flesh and blood inside his body can be seen at a glance .

“Marshal…” When Dyno and several other people see the person inside , they covered their eyes in pain , and unconsciously feel the wound themselves . The body is full of excessively powerful energy , which shatters and broken the body inch per inch , one will grows one inch in length , then tears in an inch . This kind of painful thought is uncomfortable , if it was them who’s one to bear it , they Wouldn’t want to live either .

However, how can this person mixed such destruction and regeneration energy in his body? Such dangerous energy . If time is short and the body well repaired , it would be good for the body , but if it happen for a long time , it will definitely kill him .

Ren Sheng look at the person inside with suspicion and try to restrain himself .

He didn’t rush to plant his roots like the first time he saw his master with fertilizer magic soil .

Burst of pressure appear from his son , with violent energy , that even Shen Qiushi , who has powerful ability , can’t help but shudder .

She thought she would see fear of death expression from this kai , the result …

Why’s there only sympathy , covet , curiosity, and no fear at all .

“Ren Sheng, you also see it , Ling Yu has become like this now , and may completely out of control soon … If you don’t want to stay , then I will have people to send you away. You can rest assured that those materials is still yours . “

Taking a deep breath , Shen Qiushi say . Zhao family is about to die, and she had long ignored those material .

“I don’t want to go ! ” Ren Sheng immediately said , if he was in other places , and he want to grow up again , he afraid it will take tens of thousands of years, but with help from fertilizer magic soil is not the same !

Although some energy riot from person will hurt him , but if he still can have the soil , he won’t care !

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