Chapter 4 Marshal is indecent (4.2)

What’s more , he can also help to sort out messy energy , so this marshal can be saved , right ?

Quietly reaching out , Ren Sheng avoids the messy energy and secretly absorbs some spiritual energy , and suddenly feels so comfortable .

“You don’t want to go ? Ling yu can have accident at any time … ” Shen Qiushi doubted , Ren Sheng action was too strange .

“I want to stay here . ” Ren Sheng look at the man in the room with his eyes wide open , just to see black eyes of the man staring back at him . His eyes are full of perseverance and restraint . If you switch him with others , he’s afraid they will lost the will of life after gone to such pain .

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but not only he control himself he still trying to control the energy in his body .

“Take him away!” Hoarse voice suddenly heared . After some energy scattered , rolled over and calmed , the second sentence appeared ” Take me away too . “

The one who’s talking is Zhao Lingyu who was lying in bed , but accompanied by these two words , he spit blood on the ground , even his blood emmit strong energy from spiritual power .

After repeated injury and healed wound , body of this person have been tainted with Fertilizer magic soil . However, this person told him to go away !

Ren Sheng looked at the blood lying there and his eyes were red , suddenly he rushed in “I don’t want to leave, I want to stay, I want to marry you !” Dyno said that he will marry Marshal , if he marry , can he stay ? Shen Qiushi originally kept them in safe area far away , when she saw Ren Sheng movements , unsubconsciously wanted to pull him away , but the person was able to flash out flexibly .

She hurriedly caught up and getting hit by another violent energy riot from his son .

These days, Energy from Zhao Lingyu is more and more uncontrolled . Once ability person getting close, they will attack automatically , and only plant ability type will slightly get better treatment . What Shen Qiushi encountering now is Zhao Lingyu’s counterattack .

Even with her powerful power , she had been blown away by the shock wave .

Shen Qiushi original suspicion of Ren Sheng has disappear at this time . If this child really hold some trick , he should please her instead , not approaching her son who can’t live for a long time .

Looking at the current situation , this child clearly a fool . Even if the plant abilities are not strongly attacked, they should be more careful and wear protective clothing .

Isn’t he rushing to death? Shen Qiushi eyes , which had full of nervous for a long time , were red , and it was almost foreseeable that the boy gonna be shot by violent energy .

Ren Sheng really suffer a lot of attack . Although he could absorb some energy around him ,

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most will still cut through his clothes and skin , make him shed many blood .

His body feel very painful , but Ren Sheng movement did not stop . He ran into room and hugged Zhao Lingyu “I don’t want to leave , I want to stay here!”

Zhao Lingyu know how terrible his body and face right now , and clearly more know than anyway how dangerous he is .

However , when others avoiding him , there was actually a child who hug him ! For a moment , Zhao Lingyu suspect he was dreaming .

Ren Sheng used his roots … No , he was entangled Zhao Lingyu with his hands and feet , then twitched . Violent energy open his skin made him feel very painful . He even shed a lot of blood …Forget it , this time is repay , just paid for Fertilizer magic soil , even when his master gave him the soil, he didn’t only pay with blood , but also his seeds

Ren Ren used his power that had just recover , to gather blood that flowing out of his body into blood essence , and found out that he could not freed his root system from Zhao Lingyu … Hey , with his hand and feet that he can’t move , his only option was fed Zhao Lingyu with his mouth .

With so much blood that he lost , result after cultivating for thousand years . Now with this gone , he don’t know if his body gonna shrink again …

Ren sheng was distressed , and his hand and feet around Zhao Lingyu were tighter .

Shen Qiushi, who just got up from the ground , when looking at this scene , doubted her own eyes.

Her son, is being sexual harassed ?

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