Chapter 5 All of You are good people (5.2)

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    Even if there really exist a spy who ignore his life in this world , there are no record of spy who will hang around dying person .

    What’s more , although marshal’s prestige now is so high , Zhao family has been excluded from federal core circle from a long time ago because no one can match previous patriach of zhao family except Zhao Lingyu .

    ” It’s very dangerous here , you must go out . ” With the warmth in his body gave him some strength , Zhao Lingyu immediately said this . Even if this person is not directly excluded like his mother because of his soft ability type , he still hurting by energy riot around his body , cutting his skin , what if he made an accident …

    “This is Nothing , my skin is very thick .” Ren Sheng said directly the truth . If you just swap his position with an ordinary person , He afraid that the person was already cut into pieces by the energy . But he is different . Although he has always kept his own skin fresh and juicy , his skin has been thick enough for more than 100,000 years .

    Do you say this on your own ? This child is really stupid … many said that Kay have low IQ and very good looks , but even if his IQ is low , such sincere smile is still flattering . Zhao Lingyu slightly hooked his mouth up and want to say something but the heat in his body began to flow around , so that he could not open his mouth for a while .

    Ren Sheng saw that the entanglement was tighter , but some hair-sized roots began to collect Zhao Lingyu’s blood everywhere , and by the way , he suck a lot of Fertilizer magic soil from his wounds .

    He is like a tumbleweed that has been rolling with the wind because of drought , and now finally find fertile land , eagerly absorbing the nutrients and water .

    Of course, at this time his skin inevitably cut off and he has several wounds again , but with support of the soil , these wounds will soon healed , and even his blood didn’t flow out , only one of his roots could not be healed .

    Ren Sheng chewed on that root a few times , and then gave it to Zhao Lingyu’s mouth.

    For this marshal , he already sacrifice his body with blood loss and slice of his body . He has paid a lot and must not be driven away !

    Zhao Peng has been waiting for his wife to bring the Kai to see him , but he never seen anyone , so he came over instead . As a result … Is his son being corrupted ?

    Shen Qiushi still not return to the God until she saw his husband , and then found out his son (again) being assaulted .

    The corner of her mouth twitched , and Shen Qiushi said “Ren Sheng , you must coming out , and be careful , you have to change your clothes . “

    “You won’t drive me away?” Ren Sheng look curiously .

    ” I promise i won’t drive you away.” Shen Qiushi saw broken clothes and blood on Ren Sheng’s body . This child really likes her child so much , so she will treat him well as if he was her own child .

    Ren Sheng nodded , climb down from Zhao Lingyu’s body , took a few steps , and turn back to see Zhao Lingyu ” I will come over again . ” Now he can freely absorb the soil and blood that fell out from Zhao Lingyu . Energy that has been absorbed by him earlier has not be digested for a while…. Although he still wants to stick to this person, it is nothing to leave for a little time .

    Moreover , Master said that in human world, you can’t be naked (you can actually and we will be so happy ) .

    Ren Sheng stepped back and reluctantly walked out of the room , immediately gived piece of clothes by Shen Qiushi ” Did you hurt ? “

” I am fine . ” Ren Sheng said.

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    ” How is it okay ? so much blood that flowed out … ” Shen Qiushi pointed at the blood-stained legs that Ren Sheng exposed . When Ren Sheng just enter the room before , she saw the energy cut a big wound on him .

    Although she don’t know why Ren Sheng and his son condition of the wound would same and just repeated heal and broken again , but she knew that it must be uncomfortable to bear .

    ” These blood are marshal ” he just smear Marshal blood on himself , and now he feel the place covered by blood is comfortable .

    Shen Qiushi trying is to comfort herself and wipe away the tears in her eyes . She said “You must be very tired when your just come from Freedom League . Take a shower first , then eat something so you can sleep . ”

    Ren Sheng nodded and pointed to Zhao Lingyu’s room ” I want to sleep there ! “

    ” Where ? ” Shen Qiushi say quickly , did this person dreaming ? , sleeping with his son ? This child is too arrogant …

Wrong , too badly deep in love .

    “I want to eat a lot of paste , and Marshal maybe want to eat too . He must be hungry . ” Ren Sheng said , although marshal has a lot of energy in his body and the body itself is broken , but it can not made up with the energy alone .

” He loss a lot of blood, he has to eat something that add blood in body . “

Zhao Lingyu has all energy accumulated by Zerg Queen in order to reproduce offspring . So he haven’t eat anything in the past two month , but still have lived well , so they have forgotten about it .please read this at don’t support stealer site

Now , it’s a child who just came here who reminded them . This time they truly … Shen Qiushi blamed herself , but Zhao Peng took her hand .

    Zhao Lingyu has too much energy in his body . Even he want to take nutrition with IV drip , he will be paralyzed . They have no other way .

    “I already eaten , just go and give him food ! ” Ren Sheng said . This is his future parents , must be well-fed .

    ” Thank you , I will take care of Lingyu in the future . ” Shen Qiushi’s eyes are wet.

    After listening to Shen Qiushi’s second half of the sentence , Ren Sheng’s eyes are shining “ You all are good people ! ” Dyno , who saved him after he fell out from time and space cracks , sent him here , this person who “Give him care” they are so good , Just as good as his master !

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