Chapter 6 Marshal Ability (6.1)

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Ren Sheng went to take shower first .

Of course , he not willing to wash the blood away from his body . Instead , he absorbed all of it , and those who could not be digested for a moment he save in his body first .

When he had finished , he made happy roll in the bathtub where the water had been put in . Although he does not need much water now , it is very comfortable to lie in the water , if only i can put fertilizer in the water . That Nutrient on that spaceship is even better …

But even just with water, it is easy to make him puffy .

After taking shower , under the guide of the butler , Ren Sheng went downstairs to eat .

She had good impression of Ren Sheng , so Shen Qiushi prepared a lot of delicious food , but for those who never have eaten human food before , these colors still retain the original vegetables and meat form , completely incomparable to nutritious meal .

” It’s boring … No , shouldn’t we eat nutritious meal instead ? ” Ren Sheng asked curiously . He estimated that this table is enough for ten person . He didn’t have enough teeth to chew the food ah . Still can’t directly absorb the food and must chew it first by himself .

Want to eat nutritious meal in front of so many delicious dishes ? Shen Qiushi looked at Ren Sheng oddly .

” If young master wants to eat nutritious meal , I will prepare it immediately . ” the waiting butler next to him immediately said . Since the first time seeing Ren Sheng’s care for his young master , the importance of Ren Sheng in his heart has risen . Because of this , he also deliberately asked Dino how his behavior and what he likes .

    ” Alright . ” Ren Sheng showed a big smile to the housekeeper .

    The old housekeeper suddenly had a rust in his heart . He didn’t have children . He used to take care Zhao Lingyu as his own child , but Zhao Lingyu grew up too fast . He didn’t need him in a blink of an eye . He don’t have marriage yet and no children … now Seeing this small child , he can’t wait to put the person into his hearts (to pamper) .

    Silly , it’s stupid kid , isn’t it ?

    The old butler came back with 20 nutritious meals in one breath . When she saw the amount , Shen Qiuishi was more surprised . Ren Sheng was so happy to the point of laugh . ” Thank you , what is your name ? “

    ” Rensheng, you can call him steward (grandfather) . ” Shen Qiushi said .

    ” Thank you Grandpa ! ” Ren Sheng immediately said , before Dino only gave him 18 portion , now this housekeeper gave him twenty portion , each part is more than the other , really good person !

    ” Rensheng , nutritious meal tastes bad , if you don’t like it , you don’t have to eat it . ” Shen Qiushi said again .

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    Ren Sheng had eaten three bowls in one breath .

He ate 20 nutritious meals and wiped his mouth . ” Isn’t it the stuff that the Marshal eats ? It’s better to make it like this , it’s quick and convenient ! ” Ren Sheng said , This kind of food with texture like paste can just be eat by absorbing and he already absorbed it . All of that can be done without changing it into meat and vegetables . It is definitely a rare good thing , and taste is also very good .

    Is this child is confused by his own action in order be able to eat faster ? Shen Qiushi then take Zhao Lingyu’s blood-supplying agent and formulated high-protein nutrient , and take initiative to hold Ren Sheng hand . ” Let’s go together , I will help you find a bowl to feed Marshal . “

    Because Zhao Lingyu is now in special situation , they not only made a lot of arrangements on the island , but also sent many former servants that serve them before away , so most things must be done by themself now .

    Nodded , Ren Sheng eagerly looked at Shen Qiushi , can’t wait to rush into Zhao Lingyu room immediately , he can not let the person with such large chunk of fertilizer to die !

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    Ren Sheng was anxious to save people , but he forgot that even if marshal die , the soil would not disappear . and When he used it , that would be more convenient .

 After eating the unknown things with bitter taste , Zhao Lingyu felt that his body feel much better , and his control of surrounding energy was also enhanced .

Before he return to capital planet , after he has receiving some treatment , his body condition worsening , even showed self-destruction situation . Although medical headquarters already determine that self-explosion scope would not be so large and completely controllable , he still did not wish to stay here . Perhaps with his energy being depleted and while the cause of it confusing him , it won’t cause spaceship broken , can they send him away now ?

    It’s pity that the elixir with such extraordinally effect wasted for his body . If it was not used for him but for other , it may have save a lot more people .

    Zhao Lingyu pondering on this matter , and suddenly sense that someone nearing to him , it is the child who waited for him.

    His mother didn’t even persuade this child ? Zhao Lingyu changed his face and tried to control the energy around him .

Ren Sheng coming to Zhao Lingyu , wearing special protective suit . This kind of suit don’t have any gaps , which makes him little uncomfortable , but he doesn’t hate it when he see that the sui help him to withstand many attacks .

    ” Marshal , please eat something ! “

    ” Why don’t you leave ? ” Zhao Lingyu frowned slightly .

    ” I won’t leave, I want to take care of you in the future ! ” Ren Sheng took out the small metal bowl that he had been kept in his arms proudly . The mouth of the bowl was aimed at Zhao Lingyu’s mouth , while the other firmly held it . Zhao Lingyu try to control his energy and does not allow the violent energy around him to destroy the boy body .

Some scattered energy hits Ren Sheng protective clothing , and made some imprint mark , so Ren Sheng could not help but shiver , but the pot in his hand has been very stable .

    Zhao Lingyu couldn’t speak because of his full mouth . He could only look at the person in front of him . Even if energy riot didn’t cause wound on this boy body , the fear impact should be absolutely great , but this person didn’t say a word about it …

Ren Sheng has been gently swinging his body to slow down the impact of the surrounding messy energy . After saw Zhao Lingyu eating all nutrient in the bowl , he took the bowl back , then rushed to hug Zhao Lingyu body, while he was busy hugging . Took off his gloves and groped around .

The Touch make Zhao Lingyu body stiff at the moment . Eyes of this person are very pure , but his hands have to make such awkward movements …

It really makes him confused .

    What made him more incomprehensible was that , he felt so comfortable after being touched around by such little hands (tl note : pedo) … Was he not tempted before not because his motivation but because his special taste instead ?

    Surprised by his own thoughts , Zhao Lingyu almost forgot to talk to his mother who waiting at the door .

    At this time , Ren Sheng already discover characteristics of the energy around marshal body. From these huge energy , the most important is , of course the energy brought by Fertilizer Magic soil . The energy itself is very large, and almost necessary to break through his body , but at the same time it has character of endless cycle , so it’s impossible for Zhao Lingyu to die .

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