Chapter 6 Marshal Ability (6.2)

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Addition of Fertilizer Magical Soil , there are some other energy , some are hot as the fire , but there also energy that soft like water , some are violent as the lightning , and some are cold as the snow , but these energy are not the ones he has never seen before . This type of energy is similiar with the one in the human body .

    When other person getting close to the Marshal , Both Fertilizer Magic Soil energy and Other mixed energy will reject them , but he is different . He will only be rejected by those messy energy , plus marshal power ability . His control of these energies is even stronger , and he basically didn’t need to worry about his own safety .

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    Ren Sheng grasp enormous energy brought by Fertilizer satisfiedly , then he close his eyes and began to command his branch and root to stretch around , Shen Qiushi outside clearly felt that energy riot on her son body are getting less .

    Obviously these days , energy riot in her son’s body are getting more chaotic , but no there are getting smaller … For some time , Shen Qiuishi thought that she had make some mistake on her judgement .

    ” What’s wrong ? ” Saw that his wife’s expression was a bit strange , Zhao Peng asked .

    ” I feel that energy riots around Ling yu have become smaller . ” Shen Qiushi expression is complicated . ” Was , was it because Ling Yu ? Did he can’t support his body anymore ?”

    ” Don’t think about it like that . Ling yu’s abilities is just like mine . This kind of ability , once it combine with too much energy , it can’t stand the riots … The Riots will only get stronger . If the riots is weakened , it will only proved that his body is recover . “

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” Lingyu have combines energy source from Zerg Queen , can it be restored ? ” Shen Qiuishi asked with surprise .

    ” The Zerg Queen is about to produce at that time . It had swallowed up several planets and countless energy with ordinary Zerg help . With such huge energy source , Ling yu shouldn’t have way to integrate those energy . Even if those energy magically merged , the energy should immediately make big riot and he will die. But Ling yu persist , and maybe miracle really exist for him ” Zhao Peng comforting her.

  Zhao family ability are very special . Entire human federation can also be said to have some debt with Zhao family . They can add other energy to enhance their own strength , and also integrate certain energy or objects in their body .

    if some family Confront Zhao family , perfect warships that they own maybe , even themselves don’t know when will it be melted into some iron . If they attack them by their ability , it would be absorbed by the other side easily . Because of this reason , Zhao family existence in human federation are same as the god of war .

    But this necessarily didn’t mean good thing . Zhao family have trait that if they don’t usually fight or didn’t train and test their ability , they will die when they use it – because integration of energy that they absorb , after all , it was not their own energy .

    Nowadays , ordinary people life span is between 150 and 200 years old . Ability ones can generally live over 300 years old . while the person with powerful ability can live over 500 years old,, but compare to Zhao family…
This year Zhao Peng is only 129 years old . and Zhao Lingyu is only 48 years old .

    ” Maybe miracle really exist ” Shen Qiushi looked at Ren Sheng in messy mixed energy that surrounding his body , like a lone boat in the sea storm , but he insist and always tightening his hold , She didn’t know why she feel little relaxed after saw this scene .

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