Chapter 7 Feed him Ginseng (7.1)

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“Mother , I can control energy in my body within certain range now . You can send me to nearby unnamed star . ” Zhao Lingyu , who has been touched all over the body , finally remember what to do .

“ Ling Yu , why you can suddenly control your energy ? ” Shen Qiushi didn’t answer his son’s words , but asked instead . It’s absolutely very painful for her to let her son to die alone .

If really necessary to do so , of course she will do it , and the residents of the capital planet will gladly agree , but energy riot in Zhao Lingyu’s body is still within controllable range . Maybe largest energy in his son body belongs to Zerg queen’s , but there is no need to worry .

“ Earlier Yun Sheng gave me something to eat , I Suddenly feel that my body is much better . ” Zhao Lingyu said directly .

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Before, Shen Qiushi suspect that energy riots around his son were weakened and related to his life , now she is certain that she was wrong “ If your body are getting better , don’t say this anymore ! ”

“ Marshal , where ever you go then I would gladly follow to your place “( tl note : precious cinnamon bun >//////////<

” Where are you going to ? ” Zhao Lingyu sighed .

    ” I am married to you, I will always accompany you in the future . ” Ren Sheng remember Dino words .

    If this word is said by someone else , it definitely a confession , but if it was said by this child … Does he even know meaning of what he is saying ? Zhao Lingyu flash this thought in his heart and look at his mother . He want Shen Qiuishi to persuade Ren Sheng .

    Shen Qiushi’s eyes are complicated and suddenly said “ If you want to go to unmanned planet , I will go too with your father . ”

    Zhao Lingyu closed his mouth . His father health was poor and if he went to unmanned star with him , the ones who get first accident must be him .

    ” You can rest assured that you won’t feel the pain in the near future , i was certain ! ” Ren Sheng said again, while guessing Zhao Lingyu’s thought , awkwardly comforting .

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    Ren Sheng’s eyes were very serious , and Zhao Lingyu couldn’t help but believe it . However , just because he want his injury to be good , and it will be good , what it’s really such simple thing ?

    This night , Ren Sheng insisted to sleeping next to Zhao Lingyu , Shen Qiushi persuade him for a long time , in the end still agreed and can’t change his decision .

    At this time news about Zhao Lingyu bride that had already arrived at Zhao family , the whole capital resident basically known . After hearing this news, everyone’s reaction is different from each other .

    Some people sympathize with Zhao Family , some people feel sorry , and some people are laughing at Zhao Family in private , they sense that Zhao Family is destined to fail .

   Number of people who have been throwing the rock when other is down always been as many as the people who wants some benefit from it

    Shen Qiushi connect to capital planet network , and news from all directions was sent into her hands . Looking at the information on her hands , her expression became dark and unclear .

    This night like many days before she had never fallen asleep , and feel that her life is tiring .

    In Zhao Lingyu’s body , energy was so chaotic that he fell very painful , what can he do to reduce the pain ? Ren Sheng rummaged in his space .

    As a ginseng who has lived for more than tens of thousands of years , Ren Sheng has some spiritual powers . In his stomach , there are a space , that he used to save some goods , and there also where he save the all things that his master left for him .
    In  Zhao Lingyu case , eat few medicinal herbs that his master left is no problem for the time being , but his master has been flying around the world and gone for 100,000 years . He stayed alone in the valley and saw the land under his feet become increasingly barren . Finally, all the remedies were crushed and eaten , so now there is nothing left .

    And other things … those instruments are either attack or defensive type and can’t be used to cure someone . Those jade drive that full of refining alchemy recipes , although he has seen it , he can’t use it in this world . As for those gold and silver jewelry , it seems like it’s didin’t have much use … Ren Sheng suddenly take out large bag of ginseng seed from his space .

    As a ginseng , he will always bear fruit. These ginseng seed are equivalent to his own children . However, since he can became human figure , he has to store away all of his seed because he is worried that if all of them were planted . After more than hundred thousand years , how many of them are countless now .

    Suddenly stand from the ground , Ren Sheng took out a ginseng seed and stuff it into Zhao Lingyu’s mouth .

    Zhao Lingyu didn’t fall asleep at all . He want to ask what he had eaten . He felt that familiar heat was flowing around in his body . The body that been riddled with holes and scars also be nourished by it .

    What did this boy give him again ?

    ” I have given my children to you . You must hurry up and heal .” Ren Sheng said , but he does not feel distressed about it . Whether it is a plant seed or little animal , it is very difficult to treat the same species that have not opening their mind the same . Those ginseng seed always been treated by him as a tumors that would occasionally grow in his hair .

    Whose child? Should he be mistaken ? Zhao Lingyu flashed this thought in his heart , and soon lost consciousness under the impact of the heat .

    Ren Sheng looked at the ginseng seed in his hand and looked at Zhao Lingyu again , suddenly thinking of one thing .

    If he planted ginseng seeds on Zhao Lingyu , is it possible to plant a group of sensible ginseng dolls ? No, why should he let others ginseng demon come to snatch what his ? This person is his alone (>\\\\\\\\\\<) !

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