Chapter 7 Feed him Ginseng (7.2)

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 Early in the morning , when he was full nourishment from zhao lingyu energy , he took off his shoes and stood in open space in front of house to enjoy the sun . Old butler saw this scene and quickly came over ” Yun Sheng , the weather are cold , Wouldn’t you feel too cold ? “

    ” I am not cold , I like to bask in the sun . ” Ren Sheng smiled .

    ” If young master likes to enjoy the sun , you can go to greenhouse behind , where the light can be adjusted … ”

  “ Where ? ” Ren Sheng asked curiously , is greenhouse ( direct mlt say sun room ) is some room filled with sunshine ?

    The Greenhouse certainly are not a room filled with sunshine . In fact , this is a room filled with flower that can be automatically adjust the nutrients amount , moisture and light intensity inside .

    As soon as he entered , Ren Sheng was deeply attracted to this place . and After listening Butler explanation of this room usage , he fell in love with it .

    Slowly digest Fertilizer magic soil energy from Zhao Lingyu in such sunny place is definitely the most comfortable thing in the world , that is ! .

The surrounding plants are somewhat unsightly if this place is unique and for him to enjoy alone !

    The old butler looked at Ren Sheng happy expression and showed a smile . Person with  plant ability type all like plants . Is young masters like the flowers and plants in it ? Should he buy more flowers ?

    Ren Sheng feels that his life is very happy .

    In the evening, there are large piece of Fertilizer magical soil energy that can be held . During the day , you can enjoy the sun , you can eat all kinds of food , and then you can continue to hold Fertilizer magical soil energy source tightly …

    However even if he feels very happy , but in the eyes of others there is something amiss with him .

    Shen Qiushi learned from his son’s mouth that Ren Sheng has given him a medicine . Although she does not know what kind of medicine he give to his son , she still very grateful to Ren Sheng . It is a gratitude that has made her pay more attention to Ren Sheng situation .

    “Xiao Sheng , come , come to Auntie here .” it’s already third night Ren Sheng live with Zhao family , Shen Qiushi finally stop him.

    ” Auntie ? ” Ren Sheng curiously looked at Shen Qiushi .

    ” Xiao , would you like to watch TV with Auntie ? ” Shen Qiushi pick up  popular cartoon in Federation, then showing it . Watching cartoons with her grandson always been things her desire the most , but now only son-in-law can accompanied her.

    Ren Sheng was eager to go back to Zhou Lingyu room . He didn’t expect that the wall in front of him suddenly appeared a beautiful picture, so he immediately stood still .

    There is no such thing as a slight energy flow here . How can such a picture appear ? There is also the child in the picture , it looks so cute … Ren Sheng was attracted to it at once , completely forgot to go sleep with Zhao Lingyu .

    Seeing this scene , Shen Qiushi was relieved, and immediately go to found old butler ” You go order some toys for children , learning machine for children is said to be very hot recently , you can also buy one of those . Yes, and there are clothes , some underwear , and buy more clothes …”

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    ” Yes , ma’am ! ” Old butler smile and walked out , but after he went out for only little time , he suddenly came back again ” Ma’am ,  Miss Wen come with Locke family young Master . “

    “Wen Yue?” Shen Qiushi looked coldly at the back of Ren Sheng’s cartoon .

    ” Yes , Miss Wen Yue . ” The old butler’s face is not very good .

    ” I don’t have time to receive … ” Shen Qiushi’s words have not been finished yet , but someone has come at the door .

    The long-haired , sturdy blond man carefully guarded a black to brown-haired white-skinned young woman who came straight in like a bodyguard .

    In order so she won’t be tired of seeing others , Shen Qiushi only left a few people on the island , probably because of this , the two can drive straight to .

    “What are you doing?” Shen Qiushi looked at Wen Yue , slightly frowned . Because of genes mutation , Person with ability are more difficult to have offspring than average person . Although some couples can have more than ten children in their lifetime , most person with ability can only have one or three children in their lifetime . At the same time , More powerful the person, More difficult for him to have children .

    And for this reason , federal government has been pursuing a project for hundreds of years , that is , to check the genes and ability of each ability person , and finally use computer to check the fit and match between the abilities .

    The young girl in front of her eyes was the one who had the highest degree of fit and match with her son .

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