Chapter 9 Good Public Image (9.2)

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After Locke family find out the big ugly secret in Wen Yue , they were unwilling to get their family get engaged with Wen Yue .

” Why do you go to Zhao family to find trouble ? This is not good , Locke family had too many bad opinions about us .” Wen Fu didn’t look at his daughter .

” I didn’t expect …” Wen Yue bite his teeth , Zhao family has been already like that , she did not think that Shen Qiushi will still dare to do that , was she not afraid that Locke family will find her any trouble ?

When Wen mu saw her husband reprimand her daughter , she immediately helped her daughter ” You don’t even care about reprimanding your daughter before . ”

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If you didn’t let Yueyue to climb so high before , why would thing like this happen ? It also can be said that this time , Matthew also wants to go to Zhao Family Mansion . If you look at the matter , you must be also forced to please the latter .”

Locke family and Zhao family had always been in the wrong side after so many years . Even Matthew and Zhao Lingyu almost have same age .

This time , going to Zhao family , it is true that Matthew wants to see Zhao Lingyu’s desolate appearance , or else how can he let his girlfriend go to see his ex-fiancee?

Wen’s father was accused by his wife and immediately snorted “ She doesn’t even know how to persuade him ? that Zhao man is going to die anyway ” .

Shen Qiushi’s barefoot is not afraid of wearing shoes ( tl note : did have anything left , not afraid to take risk . )

” Is she looking trouble with her ? “

” Who don’t do mistake before ? Why didn’t you say that earlier ? ” Wen mu glanced at her husband .

” Okay . Mom and Dad , Matthew said , he definitely promise at me , it is still not suitable for we to move for now , so we need to push the matter back for the time being “

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Wen Yue said ” My match rate with Matthew is also very high , i won’t give up matthew so easily . ” Although her reputation is now impaired and her family situation is also general , it’s not a problem to form a family with such high match rate .

The child with ability needs strong energy from the mother, so generally only the person with ability can give birth to child that had ability , and among female with ability from the whole entire capital planet , her appearance is absolutely one-of-a-kind , plus with her match rate … Locke family is now just scaring them .

” I knew this early , and their side should also be slow . ” Wen Fu said again , and found that his wife’s face was not so good , he waved his hand “Well , I will find a way to found people to say some good thing about you .”

” Dad , you don’t have to find someone to help , just give me volunteer position in first hospital . I will be water ability nurse , and treat the patients in first hospital with free of charge , no matter what i wouldn’t shrink away . ” Wen Yue said .

When Wen Yue made up her mind to wash herself clean , Ren Sheng and Shen Qiushi together prepared Zhao Lingyu’s nutrient .

    Although Ren Sheng found such thing called cartoon , and he would like to stick his eyes on it , but even if cartoons look good , they are not more useful than food and clothing , so Zhao Lingyu still has to be taken care .

    Of course, it’s okay to steal Nutrient a little …

    The little root on his little finger to fall in nutrient bowl next to him . He tasted the favor and frowned .

    Nutritious meal favour he ate before was very delicious , but this nutrient taste is really disgusting … marshal is really powerful , he could bear to eat this all the time . Even with This kind of unpalatable thing he can still tolerated .

    ” Well , let’s give him meal , I have to trouble you to feed Lingyu . ” Shen Qiushi pulled Ren Sheng hand up .

    ” It’s no trouble , no trouble at all . ” Ren Sheng shook his head again and again .

    When She came to Zhao Lingyu room, Shen Qiushi felt energy fluctuations around her , and she was surprised that energy intensity that escaped outside seems to have weakened .

    Shen Qiushi is more grateful to Ren Sheng , but Ren Sheng can’t help but sigh at Marshal physical quality . This large piece of messy energy is his body , but he can still slowly improve himself , simply too powerful !

    But … as long as his health is good , can surrounding energy be stabilized ?

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