Chapter 8 Marshal Ex-fiancee (8.1)

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Wen family condition is not as good as Zhao family , but they also a big family . Because Wen family members are mostly water-based ability , many of them work in medical institutions , and their reputation are very good .

Since the fitting degree was so high , Wen family always insisted to marry Wen Yue into Zhao family. Shen Qiushi , who was the one who planning marriage matters of Zhao Lingyu released her goodwill . After getting approval from Zhao Lingyu , then she can discuss the whole marriage matter with Wen Family .

    Before the accident , two family already discussed the marriage . Even Zhao Lingyu already determined to take holiday and plan to return to capital planet as soon as possible to get married .

However , Zhao Lingyu had an accident .

    After Zhao Lingyu’s accident , Shen Qiushi’s mind and body was exhausted . It took several days for her to discover that the girl who always appear with her before and display herself in a good in law image had disappear for a long time .

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    When his son meet unfortunate moment , he didn’t have the reason to drag other person . Shen Qiushi was a wise person . She simply wish to meet Wen family and declare that the marriage was invalid .

    As a result , after Shen Qiushi arrived at Wen family , they actually denied that they have marriage contract with Zhao family before .

    At that time, Shen Qiushi didn’t respond , until someone told her that Wen Yue and the second master of Locke family was very close .

    Like Zhao family , Locke family also one of five major families in human federation . Locke family, which always been in politics , has not be able to deal with Zhao family directly , which has great prestige in the military .

    There is no doubt that Wen family decide to climb on Locke family while using Zhao Family as a ladder , so they will deny the marriage with Zhao Family .

    The sound of love and affection for her son has turned into the arms of others . Shen Qiushi’s depression at that time was conceivable, even the result of marriage contract with Chamber of Commerce was done after she was stimulated by the event .

    At that time , Shen Qiushi thought that Zhao Family and Wen Family shouldn’t have connection at all . As a result , Wen Yue, who was a singer , finally appeared in the public and weakly said that Zhao Family and Chamber of Commerce had contract and decide to marry groom and bride from each side while her wearing heartbreaking look .

    Although Zhao Family and Wen Family did not publicize the matter of marriage , but Wen Yue often spent a whole day with Shen Qiushi , so she had already taken identity of Zhao Lingyu’s girlfriend . At that time , when Zhao Lingyu was injured . She suddenly became silent . Some people think that she changed her mind too quickly , but she suddenly came up to the public while saying this …

    For some time , many people began to sympathize with her , and many of her fans even felt that Zhao Family was bad person .

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   Shen Qiushi has been blocking the news of marriage between Zhao Family and Chamber of Commerce , she does not wish it to be known by others . But With this news , everyone knows it right away.

    Shen Qiushi does not mind about Wen Yue regrets their marriage contract . After all , Wen Yue and Zhao Lingyu didn’t have emotional foundation at all . She also feel very normal with this , but she can’t stand the repentance of Wen Yue and the fact that she has to step on Zhao Family .

    Since then , Shen Qiushi’s original appreciation of Wen Yue has disappeared , leaving only disgust .

    But even with she being more and more disgusting with her , when her son’s body becoming worse , she did not wish to find trouble at the matter .

    As a result , just now , just when their home situation get better , Wen Yue come to the their door .

    When she saw Wen Yue , Shen Qiushi thought of all kinds of news from other people in the past few days . Wen Yue had appeared with a sad face three times in the public eyes . She even won sympathy of many people , that support her to try looking for a new life .

    When compare between cartoon and Wen Yue , Shen Qiushi feels that at this time , she is still want to looking at the cartoon , it is really cute !

    ” Aunt Shen… ” Wen Yue eyes was instantly red .

    ” I don’t want you to call me aunt . ” Shen Qiushi snorted and looked at the young man beside Wen Yue ” Second master of Locke family … Didn’t you called Matthew ? It’s really good , you dare to go to your girlfriend’s former fiancee house together with the girl herself . “

    ” Auntie , although you want me to marry Zhao Lingyu , I really don’t like him at all . This time, I came to say sorry to you … I will get engaged soon , I hope Aunt can come to participate . ” Wen Yue said again .

 It’s still not enough to step on her family , but still dare to come and pour salt on their wound ! Shen Qiushi glanced at the contact terminal on her wrist and sneered aloud “It turned out that you two were entangled together , before , you dedicated to listen about Ling Yu all day long , now this accident happen on Ling Yu . You say you don’t like my son . What meaning of this ? “

    ” Auntie , I am sorry , previously I didn’t dare to refuse … “

    ” Is it difficult for my son to rely on match to get married ? ” Shen Qiushi said .

    ” I didn’t know before , even I can’t say it right now . ” Matthew smile and looked at Ren Sheng , who was sitting next to her ” He must be the Kai who was sent by Thorny Chamber of Commerce . Look at him , he and Zhao Lingyu must didn’t have any feeling for each other . ” when he didn’t respond to their insult . Meaning that He is either silly or didn’t take Zhao Lingyu seriously .

    ” Auntie , why do you have to find such partner for Big Brother Zhao ? He won’t cherish Big Brother Zhao . ” Wen Yue also said , looking hostile at Ren Sheng with her side eyes .

    Although she is not willing to marry Zhao Lingyu now , but seeing Zhao Lingyu marry someone else , she also feel worried

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