Chapter 8 Marshal ex-fiancee (8.2)

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Ren Sheng has been watching TV for the whole time , but he also pays attention to conversation around him , these people have said that he does not understand things very well , and treat it as he has not heard anything at all . But now , these people seems to talk about him? Turning his head , Ren Sheng curiously glanced at Wen Yue ” Auntie , who is she ? “

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    Wen Yue face changed , she is very famous singer in the human federation , this person does not even know it?

    By the way , he is freedom League member , and also the said “Kai” , of course he didn’t know her .

  Before Wen Yue trying to say something, Shen Qiushi spoke first ” She is the person who want to marry Ling Yu before , now … “

    ” Auntie , marshal is mine, you can’t give him to others ! ” Ren Sheng immediately said , watching back Wen Yue with face full of hostility .

    ” What so good about a waste man , you really have a rare IQ . ” Matthew said with a bit of disdain , when Ren Sheng just turning his head earlier , that delicate little face had made him unable to resist in his heart , but this person actually liked that Zhao Lingyu …

    ” I am really rare (tl note : As a demon Ginseng LOL) As if you people don’t want to own me ! ” Ren Sheng looked at the two people .

    ” Really a kid . ” Shen Qiushi touch Ren Sheng head , and then turn to look at Wen Yue ” Well , you are engaged now , you love to have me come to your engagement , but I will not go anyway … Recently my son situation is getting worse , and may hurt others at any time . Are you sure you want to stay here ? “

    Before Wen Yue came , She specially ask the uncle who was working at the medical headquarters to confirm that Zhao Lingyu would not blow over when she come , but Shen Qiushi’s words still made her somewhat scared .

    Her face changed slightly , and Wen Yue reluctantly hooked her mouth ” Auntie , then we will leave . “

    Seeing both Wen yue and Matthew has gone , Shen Qiushi turn the camera on her hand off and gently brush Ren sheng hair on his head “Good boy ! “

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    Sure enough , Ren sheng reaction was the most fit with her heart . As for that girl before , She helped her to broadcast the event earlier , she is a person that liked to be famous , and she must be very happy by it .

    “Auntie , my leaves , no my hair is messed up . ” Ren Sheng quickly managed his hair .

    ” You , child , I’m really don’t know what to do with you …” Shen Qiushi smiled and quickly accepted his personality . She had a gentle temperament just now , but her mood is still not good .

    ” Everybody has said this …” Ren Sheng noticed that Shen Qiushi was not happy . He learned from his master and pat Shen Qiushi shoulder ” Auntie , You don’t have to feel bad , marshal is not a waste person . He going to get better and better , just wait for him . It’s completely fine, that woman will regret it , but even if her regret it , i will not give marshal to her later ! ”

    Shen Qiushi was not as optimistic as Ren Sheng . After all , even if Ren Sheng elixir can repair Zhao Lingyu’s body , As long as energy riot on his body’s is still there , he can’t 100% heal at all , but faced with this child optimistic , she can’t help but nodded “ Yes , Ling Yu is yours , just let her regret it ! “

    Ren Sheng’s eyes sparkled , and his mouth opened with a smile “ Ling Yu is mine ! ” (tl note : too adorable , my blood )

     Zhao family’s house was filled with warm feeling , on the other side , Wen Yue and Matthew both encounter trouble .

    Wen Yue came to Zhao house this time because she was worried that she would be accused for getting engaged so soon , so she wanted to create some paradoxes that would be beneficial to her .

    She had planned it from beginning . After leaving Zhao Mansion , she will express her sadness about Zhao Lingyu . When the public saw that she was still worried about Zhao Lingyu , but she is wronged when she visited , many would sympathize with her . So when she released her engagement news , everyone will accept it soon . After all , Zhao family is not on the right side .

    However , although her script was well written , she missed to calculate Shen Qiushi reaction .

    She thought that Shen Qiushi would ignore her action as before . She thought that Shen Qiushi , who was seriously tired in her mind and body by her son , had no time to pay attention to public opinion outside . In fact , what Shen Qiushi did , was exactly the opposite of what she thought .

    Therefore , when she walked down from their airship with sorrow , what she get is not sympathy from media, but disdain instead .

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