Chapter 10 – Exercises and Reveal (10.1)

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To Get rid of lingering energy from Fertilizer magic soil and other messy energy from Zhao Lingyu’s body , Ren Ren don’t have direct way to do it . His ginseng seed is good , but it’s still not the cure . He can only used it to nourish Zhao Lingyu’s body . However , what he wants is for Zhao Lingyu’s body to change . so it was not impossible for his body to be strong and able to withstand those energies .

    Ren Sheng remembered one thing , it was a practice , a cultivation method .

    At that time , his master didn’t even know where he get that practice , and then he look at it and murmur by himself , then looked at him with strange eyes …

   At that time, when his body was looked at by his master , he couldn’t help but ask what going on , then his master gave him a jade drive .

    That jade drive records some kind of refining exercises . It is said that the power is very strong . Practitioners who cultivate with this kind of refining exercises can be compared with the meta-masters from Jindan period (direct mtl meta-infant master : dunno) . Not only that , but even if people with ordinary talent can cultivate this method , they can practice it at the same time as their natural type cultivation .

    Of course , such powerful practice methods is not easy to cultivate .

    After starting practice this kind of cultivation , you must always take some elixir , and then , with elixir support that can repair the body , to integrate and reintegrate the body with other spiritual power , so those spiritual forces can be completely integrated into the body.

It is extremely hard to find outsiders who willing to pour their spiritual power into practitioners body . They can only use elixir that can be used to repair any physical trauma .

Treasure with genius mind like him , there are really few in this world !

     After his master knew this practice , he once tried to practice it , but he could not find someone who could be trusted to inject him with spiritual power , and he did not want to suffer any setback . Later, he would simply choose to ignore this method …

     This matter happened long time ago , and basically he had forgot about it . At this time , He suddenly thought more about it . He carefully pondered about it and found out that Zhao Lingyu’s situation seems to be right to practice this one .

     Although his body only had little spiritual energy , after all he didn’t use it for refinement after all , and if his energy is not enough , it is not a problem to use other energy .

     Zhao Lingyu has a lot of energy in his body . He couldn’t finish it by himself even after tens thousands of years . Zhao Lingyu condition is always been like this , even if energy riots is not too violent to him , and with Fertilizer magical soil energy in him , he can only lie in bed and need Ren Sheng to feed him ginseng seed all the time .

Anyway , he must feed ginseng seed to him . It is better to let Zhao Lingyu try to practice this method . If he train himself , he maybe don’t need his ginseng afterwards . This person definitely can live longer .
With this idea , after give ginseng seed to Zhao Lingyu , Ren Sheng suddenly slap Zhao Lingyu’s chest . He said with respect to adult ” Marshal , I will teach you some thing , you have to practice well , do you know ? “

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    Zhao Lingyu felt the hand that was shot on his chest gently touched him . He didn’t know what kind of expression he should have for a while . Ren Sheng will start it when he agree to do it , and then he said ” You already promised . Let’s start learning soon ! “

    ” Learn What ? ” Zhao Lingyu finally took the time to ask his own question .

    ” I don’t know how to name it . Anyway, I will start now ! ” Ren Sheng studied for a while and found out that Zhao Lingyu’s body is full of suitable energy . Now the difficult step is to integrate these energy into his body , and he is eager to try it .

    He don’t know if his ginseng seed is enough . He doesn’t wish that when his ginseng seed run out . He has to cut his own arms and his own legs …

    Forget it , if he can’t bear to used up his ginseng seed , he wouldn’t let him practice this !

After making such decision , Ren Sheng immediately put his spiritual power that he accumulate these days into Zhao Lingyu body , and suppressed messy energy in his (ZL) body .

These energies will destroy and reorganize Zhao Ling Yu body , just like what Zhao Ling yu had experienced before , but there was few different on it . For example, now Zhao Lingyu body condition is not as bad as it used to be , because instead of getting worse , his body is getting better . ……
All of this change , Zhao Lingyu can’t feel it , he just feels that Ren Sheng hands gave him the same feeling as before .

    Before , Every time he was touched by his hand , he would feel comfortable , but now those part which have been touched feel more painful than before .

     However , he was used with pain , so he resisted it all , even trace of tears did not come out .

     He don’t know why , it is obvious to him that what Ren Ren doing right now is like harming him , but he can’t help but to think that this person wouldn’t harm him .

     There is no expression on Zhao Lingyu’s face . It seems that he completely didn’t feel any pain , but it shouldn’t be like this … Is his master make mistaken , or maybe this practice is not so painful as he though ?

     When he was feel doubtful , he tried this method on his arm and immediately screamed .

     Before , when he was scratched by Zhao Lingyu Energy riot , he felt very painful , but now he feel this pain , clearly it thousands more times than that pain !

Painful tears came out from his eyes , and He couldn’t help but watch Zhao Lingyu with awe , like wacthing some kind of powerful monster . He did experiment on himself by only used little energy and it hurt so much , Zhao Lingyu … How much pain that he actually felt ?

    His master afraid of this pain and didn’t dare to practice , Zhao Lingyu actually can endured it …

    Zhao Lingyu knows some ways to endure the pain that he felt , and divert attention from it’s source is one of them . Therefore, he has been staring at Ren Sheng closely , so he also seen things and Ren Sheng reaction in the first place .

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