Chapter 10 Exercise and Reveal (10.2)

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    This child , did he just taste what he do for him ?

    Sure enough , this child is not malicious , He is afraid that he maybe don’t know that it would have been so painful … Slowly , Zhao Lingyu asked with voice that completely different ” I s it painful ? “

    Ren Sheng had tears in his eyes and nodded .

    ” Wait for a moment , so it won’t hurt so much , it’s okay . ” Zhao Lingyu comfort him .

    Obviously , he was the person who had lived for thousand hundred years old than this person , and he is the one that still need his to comfort … Ren Ren feel a bit shameful , and feel that it’s necessary to explain what he do .

    ” Marshal , I don’t know if it will hurts so much , If i know i won’t do it to you . ” If someone make him taste this pain , he will desperately trying to fight with that person . Zhao Lingyu doesn’t even blame him at all . he is really good person .
” I know . ” Zhao Lingyu nodded .

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    ” I’m doing this , is to make your body become more powerful , so you don’t have to lied in bed all the time … Well , I will read the practice for you .” Ren Sheng said , while teaching Zhao Ling Yu to read it . ( tl note : actually it’s like teacher reading aloud and expect his student to follow his read , so the student will remember #coughstudentandteachercough# )

    Zhao Lingyu, who always been considering himself to be knowledgeable , suddenly found himself completely unable to understand this so-called exercises from Ren Sheng .

    Ren Sheng’s teaching (tl note : direct mtl say writing , but it’s not compatible with previous content so i change it ) should be an ancient word . He is afraid that only those who had specialize on it can understand . But how can Ren Ren understand it ?

    Ren Sheng only knows little things . He always thought that the reason of it because living environment in Freedom League is too simple or he never had opportunity to contact high-tech . Now , it seems that was not the case ?

    There is no reason for president of Thorny Chamber of Commerce to didn’t teach his son to use electrical appliances , but he taught him ancient word instead , even if he really did such a weird thing … in Freedom League, where the strength is number one and humans can only occupy small land , where did he find teacher who is proficient in ancient teaching ?

    In this case , who is Ren Sheng ? what kind actually his elixir , and what this so-called practice that he taugh ?

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