Chapter 12 – Zhao Peng Rehabilitation (12.1)

Unconsciously , Ren Sheng already lived with Zhao family for half a month , and Zhao Lingyu’s energy riots in following week has become less and less .

    But even then , with soil energy existence , is still difficult for him to lift his arm . Seeing this situation , Ren Sheng can only try to explain and prepare set of exercises for him .

    Zhao Lingyu is not stupid . On the contrary , he is very clever . Although Ren Sheng , who never getting taught word properly by human , said something messy , he can understand by combine it with what he had done before , and even started to take the initiative .

    He can’t move soil energy , but he can move other energy in his body .
These energy was not digested after Zerg Queen Energy swallowed up by him .

Before , People with advanced ability were sent to his house in order to restrain his riots . These energies help him to ease his pain , but because of this power , he was barely controllable .

    However , to control energy compression in his body, and quench his own energy , not a single average person can handle such pain , he had been lie in bed for two month , if someone feel similar pain for same time as he , he afraid the person itself can’t hold on .

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    ” You are amazing ! ” Ren Sheng who sticks to Zhao Lingyu daily , became more and more admired him . He is not afraid fertilizer magic soil energy from zhao lingyu , and he can control other energy in Zhao Lingyu body . Now he become more comfortable around Zhao Lingyu .

    But even then , The Entire Zhao family will only be able to arbitrarily go to Zhao Lingyu room , When Shen Qiushi want to get close to Zhao Lingyu , she still need to face the pressure bought by Energy riot .

    “You also very powerful . ” Zhao Lingyu said , his voice just fell , and his mouth was greeted by warm lip .

    Gentle and powerful energy that will cure the injuries that he suffer from previous season . This effect makes Zhao Lingyu unable to bear his moan (~(-_-)~).

    From the first time Ren Sheng kiss him , and he gave him the elixir , Ren Sheng already fed him six times . Every time he finish eating , he thinks that he won’t have another one . Unexpectedly the elixir keep coming out .

    However , although Ren Sheng keep took it out , he resolutely didn’t want say what it was .
He did not even know where Ren Sheng took out this thing .

    He don’t know , Should he praise Ren Sheng to finally got alert, or should he be depressed about it .

    Zhao Lingyu’s expression fell into Ren Sheng eyes , and he immediately said ” Marshal , even if you want to ask me what is this , I wouldn’t tell you a single thing !”

    ” Why did you always called me Marshal ? ” Zhao Lingyu suddenly thought this case was strange .

    ” Aren’t you marshal ? ” Ren asked curiously .

    “My name is Zhao Lingyu, not marshal.” Zhao Lingyu said: “I’m afraid , I can’t be marshal again.”

    ” I thought … no wonder Auntie always calls you Lingyu , then can I call you Ling Yu too ? ” Ren Sheng said , he thought that marshal was ling yu first name . Now it seems that it is not the case ?

    He knows too little things , sure enough , he should continue to learn !

    ” You can call me Ling Yu , then can I follow your mother and call you Xiao ? Xiao Ren , how much elixir do you have after what you gave me these days ? “

    ” I have a lot of…” Ren Sheng said halfway , and look at Zhao Lingyu with caution ” I will not give it to you !” If this person took his ginseng seed and study them , he can found out about his identity . It’s bad!

    ” You can give me lesser . ” Zhao Lingyu sighed .

    ” I can give you different thing , while still give it to you to eat , but will I’m will not give it to you to see .” Ren Sheng said .

    ” Then can you deduce my portion and give one to others instead ? ” Zhao Lingyu look at Ren Sheng ” You can rest assured that I will buy it with money , or you can have something that you want .”

It was so Precious , Zhao Lingyu know that when Ren Sheng is willing to give him , he should be grateful to the latter , and it was unreasonable to ask Ren Sheng to give it to others , but he always feels that eating so much was wasteful .

    “ Why do you want to give it to someone else ? ” Ren Sheng asked inexplicably, even if he didn’t intend to plant his own “children”, he still didn’t wish to give it to others !

    ” My father was seriously injured many years ago , After that his body condition didn’t always heathy , this elixir should be useful to him . ” Zhao Lingyu said .

    “You mean Uncle Zhao Peng ?” Ren Sheng frowned .

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    ” Yes . “

    When Zhao Lingyu’s voice just fell , Ren Sheng already ran out.

    Zhao Peng and Shen Qiushi have been staying together these days . When Ren Sheng rushed in , two person were discussing of what to teach to him .

    “Xiao Ren , why did you suddenly ran over?” At this time , shouldn’t Ren Shi nestled around her son? Shen Qiushi stare at Ren Sheng weirdly .

    Ren Sheng stare up and down Zhao Peng body , then grab Zhao Peng’s wrist, frowning and had serious expression .

“Xiao Ren, what’s wrong?” Zhao Peng look at the child curiously. He don’t know why, when staying with Ren Sheng , he feel comfortable and can’t help but love this child.

    ” Uncle Zhao , you are not old , but you are sick.” Ren Sheng said , he always thought that Zhao Peng is old that why he look like this, but not , he is injured.

    Although he has rare elixir in the world , that can prolong someone life , but it is not very effective for people who are going to die ( because of old age ) . And his master never accustomed to people who are obviously dying , so he never thought about giving Zhao Peng some medicine , but now Zhao Peng clearly is injured , not his age that was near .

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