Chapter 12 Zhao Peng Rehabilitation ( 12 . 2 )

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    Thinking of these days , Zhao Peng bought a bunch of present for him , told story for him , taught him all kinds of things , and gave him many meal . He took out a ginseng seed and stuffed it into Zhao Peng’s mouth ” Uncle Zhao , you have to eat it ! If you do you can change back to when you were young again “

    “ What do you say ? when I was young ? ” Zhao Peng suddenly felt strong pain in his body , as if his body is tearing apart . What Is this pain ?

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    Zhao Peng used to be a marshal . He has countered various dangers , but it didn’t mean it was easy from him to bear the pain when he was getting fed with medicine . It seems that Ren Sheng still stood in front of him and look at him with his own usual eyes .
He don’t know why his body became like this . He didn’t think that Ren will harm him .

    And he also can’t think about it as an murder . How can he feed people in such bright and honest manner . And After finish feeding him , still dare to watch . He don’t even know how to explained this to Shen Qiuishi .

    What’s more , his body already broken and couldn’t live for a long time . It didn’t matter to him with what he was feeding anyway . there really nothing for him to look to far for in this life .

    ” What’s wrong ? ” She found Zhao Peng’s expression is not quite right , So she asked .

    “I’m fine.” Although Zhao Peng body feel so painful , he try to resist it . Instead, he smiled at Shen Qiushi . But after sometime he saw Shen Qiushi jump .

“You … how can you become like this , Xiao ren , what is this , What happen ? “

    ” I fed Uncle Zhao some medicine!” Ren Sheng said .

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    Zhao Peng found that he didn’t feel anything other than pain . He was afraid that Shen Qiushi would blame Ren Sheng . He said “I am fine, you don’t…” He wants to stop Shen Qiushi’s words . But , when his word not yet exported . Shen Qiu Shi suddenly pick ren sheng up . Then , she rained Ren Sheng’s face with kiss . Later, her tears came out .

    While wiping hertears, Shen Qiushi look at Ren Sheng gratefully “Thank you, thank you, thank you…”

    For the first time , Ren Sheng was hugged by relative. His face became red, and with his hand and feet blocked , he didn’t know what to do .

    Shen Qiushi still clinging into him tightly ” Xiao , thank you, you always be my child in the future , dear ! in the future , I will give you whatever you want ! ” She already known from Zhao Lingyu’s mouth .

She really grateful that ren sheng give it to her son , and never expecting him to give one to her husband too . She embarrassed to ask it for his husband (tl note : She didn’t wish to became shameless person who wants more than already given).

    What’s more, she is not sure whether the medicine would be really useful to her husband, and didn’t have any negative effect for Zhao Peng’s body, well he has long been sentenced to death by federal medical headquarters .

    But now , when Ren Sheng suddenly gave Zhao Peng medicine , Zhao Peng’s white hair turned black , and his wrinkled skin became smoother…

    Ren Sheng , when he give the seed to her husband ! Her husband’s body obviously getting better!

    They are still not be able to give this child anything , Are they ? He has been taking care of her son , treating her son, and now also cured her husband … At this moment, Shen Qiushi thoroughly accepted Ren Sheng .

    Zhao Peng was shocked by his wife’s sudden behavior , and then found the pain in his body became more and more intense , made him unable to sit up straight , only softly fell to the ground .

 I am in pain lying on the ground , but my wife holding other men , how would you feel in your heart ? Zhao Peng reluctantly pick it u p.

    At this time, Shen Qiushi finally notice her husband’s howl , put aside his savior , and immediately kneel on the floor “How are you?”

    “I… seems to have strength, it is only little painful . ” Zhao Peng look at his wife , and he really wanted his wife to give him comfort with a few kisses.

    ” Isn’t it only little pain? What are you afraid for ?” Shen Qiushi give a slap on his shoulder and look at Ren Sheng “Xiao Ren , do you want to watch cartoons ? ” Already together for so many years , Shen Qiu Shi naturally know what Zhao Peng’s had on his mind, but Zhao Peng adult … Isn’t it a naughty boy doing ? And the other reason is … At the present , she did not dare to move Zhao Peng easily.

    “Alright ” Ren Sheng nodded. He knew that eating ginseng seed to repair body should be very painful, but this pain is definitely much lighter than what Zhao Lingyu fee l, so it doesn’t matter.

   If you want to say and compare who is most pitiful of all , Zhao Lingyu is the one … Unfortunately , Electronic equipment will be ineffective when it comes near Zhao Lingyu body , otherwise he can look at Zhao Lingyu and animation both at the same time …

    Zhao Peng continue to lie alone , and finally what remain is Zhao’s family housekeeper who found him “Master, what’s wrong with you? Your hair! Your face !”

    The housekeeper face was full of surprises , and Ren Sheng once again explained another sentence ” Grandpa , I gave him medicine . “

    ” Mr . Ren sheng ! ” The housekeeper was surprised when he see Ren Sheng ” Do you want to eat another nutritious meals ? I am going to prepare it for you ! “

    ” If you agree , can i have more ? ” Ren Sheng’s eyes are shining !

    “ There still a lot of them ! And I recently purchased new type and many different flavour to taste ! ” Mr . Housekeeper ran away .

    Zhao Peng reluctantly lay on the ground and saw that his face (Ren Sheng ) was getting closer to the mini computer . Couldn’t help but say ” Xiao , you can’t watch cartoons too close to the screen , it will be bad for your eyes “

    ” Ok ! ” Ren Sheng nodded and asked ” Uncle Zhao , aren’t you feel any pain ? “

” It’s better now ” He speechless .

    ” You already eat one , you definitely can eat one more then . ” Ren Sheng gave him another seed . This man is recovering , but his cultivation can’t be recovered … his ginseng seed can’t recover cultivation that was lost long ago , but to repair damage in his body , so is still possible to re-establish cultivation and had opportunity to began again ..

    The so-called opportunity of cultivation re-occupation … is to let person with ability to regain and possess ability that ruined before , but level of ability will be same as when they were just born .

    Zhao Peng’s body hurts again , especially the place where his ability power was stored as if it being torn apart .

    When he self-destruct his ability , it is same as this feeling , but now that he didn’t have ability , he is naturally unable to abolish his ability . What is this medicine …

    can this medicine fix his ability ?

    For a some time , Zhao Peng wanted to hold few mouthfuls to his own life .

    However , this child is too simple . How can such good thing can be given and eaten casually ? Even give him two … He must educate him further in the future , He can’t let his children to be deceived by others .

    All kinds of thoughts flashed through his mind , Zhao Peng suddenly thought of what Ren Sheng had said before , he said Zhao Lingyu would be fine .

    At that time , although they knew that he give Zhao Lingyu some medicine , he didn’t think that effect of this medicine would be so good . Now with this … maybe his son really will be fine ! Hopefully !

    Ren Sheng , is simply Zhao family great Benefactor !

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    Actually the word “good” or “hao” things are used in chinese novels as a way to reflect that the items given are extraordinary or very special aka above quality goods. Good is probably the more accurate way to phrase it.


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