Chapter 14 Meng and Announcemet

Ren Sheng definitely likes those beautiful clothes. Compared with the monotonous dresses (monotonous formal wear), he thinks that these clothes are much more good-looking, especially those animal-style home clothes*, which makes him love it (till he can’t bear to put it down).

*Google gives me animal onesies/pajamas lol, you know with the ears and tail etc.

He used to think that if he was not a ginseng spirit, but a tiger or leopard spirit, it would be fine. In the past, a tiger spirit in the cultivation world, after cultivating for only 10,000 years, he dominated the world and was invincible in the world of fairy spirits. What about him? When he was 10,000 years old, he was only a small doll that was the size of a hand, seeing a rabbit that had not yet cultivated human shape also had to hide!

When Master ascended, he was already tens of thousands of years old. His height had just passed Master’s knee when he was placed in the human world. It is estimated that he was just a baby that had just been weaned, how sad was it?

Unfortunately, he could never change his race, so…

Putting on a tiger suit, touching the simulated fur on his body, Ren Sheng smugly looks into the mirror, revealing a “ferocious” expression, and even twisting the butt to let the sensory tail above make various actions.

He now looks like a tiger spirit, it must be very impressive! Ren Sheng shook his tail and went to see other clothes.

Shen Qiushi looked at this scene and felt that her heart was going to be changed. Her son was a young boy with a matured mind. When he was three or four years old, he wore a suit and a collar to play an adult. Although it seems that there is some cuteness in the contrast, it still makes her regret. There was no way to dress up the child as she imagined at the beginning.

Today, her regret has finally disappeared!

“A-Ren, come and try this one. This set of fox clothes not only can the tail move, but also the ears!” Shen Qiushi rubbed an ear on the clothes she held, and the originally still ears immediately perked up shyly and looked very realistic.

Ren Sheng’s eyes immediately lit up. He put on this one, is it just like the legendary fox spirit? Fox spirit! His master said that the fox spirit is the most beautiful!

This set of fox suit is not cumbersome. It is a small faux-leather vest attached with hat-ears and faux-leather shorts. It is also connected with a big fluffy fiery-red tail. After wearing it, he put on a pair of small leather boots, not only did it reveal his body, but it was also very very cute, the small white and tender face looks even more delicate in the fiery red fur.

Shen Qiushi can’t wait to hold him in person. Must definitely let Ren Sheng wear this clothing to show her son!

Shen Qiuishi bought a lot of clothes and just finished paying the bill, when she met a person she dislikes.

“Isn’t this Mrs. Zhao? The son is still lying in bed, you are unexpectedly in a good mood to come shopping.” A tall brown-haired woman’s mouth twitched slightly, but there was no smile in her eyes.

“My business is not for Mrs. Laulock to care about. Mrs. Locke, you should pay more attention to your son and future daughter-in-law!” Shen Qiushi said, and looked at the Wen Yue behind Mrs. Locke.

She had to admit that this Wen Yue is a talented person. When the incident first came out, she thought that Wen Yue would not be able to marry into the Locke family again. There must be no way to clean her reputation. As a result…

Although there are still many people on the Internet who blame Wen Yue, things are much better than before. This person can even accompany Mrs. Locke out to go shopping.

“My son is very healthy, what is there to be concerned about?” Madame Locke said, while looking at Shen Qiushi’s wrist. “Mrs. Zhao, you are so excited, probably not thinking of using some underhand tricks?”

 “Taking a video in my own home can’t even be called a trick, not to mention an underhand one. Some people go to other people’s homes to do underhanded things yet don’t allow people to say, this must be the most underhanded?” Shen Qiushi smiles sweetly.

Mrs. Locke’s face flashed a trace of suspiciousness. Shen Qiushi’s performance today is actually a bit wrong… Could the broken jar have broken into pieces? *

*I’m pretty sure Mrs. Locke is referring to Zhao Lingyu, insulting him by calling him a broken jar.

Shen Qiushi will have no husband and son, and now it is estimated that everything has been done… Seeing that Shen Qiushi does not show weakness, Mrs. Locke suddenly has some guilty conscience and dare not continue to attack this enemy.

Those who don’t want their lives, still better to irritate them less.

Mrs. Locke didn’t want to cause trouble anymore, but the people around her didn’t want to stop.

“Shen Auntie, you want to keep forcing me like this?” Wen Yue squinted, eyes immediately reddened, her sight passed over Ren Sheng, but they flashed a glimpse of hate.

She has a very bad time these days.

Since Shen Qiushi released the live broadcast, she lost a lot of fans, even if she immediately remedy, went to the hospital to volunteer, only a small number can be saved.

Being deliberately found by the patient, chased by the media, and treated as enemy by Zhao Ling Yu’s admirers… In the face of all this, she can’t be angry and even have to smile, even if she has always been able to endure, she can’t bear it.

Secretly sending out the photo in her hand, Wen Yue showed a smile again. “Auntie Shen, you used to force me to marry your son. Now, regardless of Brother Lingyu, you will go out shopping…”

The voice of Wen Yue just fell, when suddenly there came a lot of media from outside, finding the existence of these people. Mrs. Locke’s face changed slightly, but Shen Qiushi secretly snorted.

“Mrs. Locke, you and Miss Wen come out together to go shopping, is it because good news is coming for the second young master and Miss Wen?”

“Mrs. Zhao, you coming out to shop, does it mean that the Marshal’s body has improved?”

“Mrs. Zhao, is it the Kai person from the Freedom League that is beside you? When will he marry the Marshal?”

A variety of questions hit a few people, and Mrs. Locke’s face became even more ugly.

She didn’t actually go shopping with Wen Yue this time. In fact, she had just met Wen Yue before she met Shen Qiushi.

At that time, Wen Yue’s attitude was very low, so she brought this person along, now it seems… she is clearly Wen Yue’s road. These reporters should also be arranged by Wen Yue – this place most reporters can’t get in!

There are actually so many reporters hiding in the side, if there was no encounter with Shen Qiushi, afraid that it will not be long before news of her going shopping with Wen Yue will fly all over the sky!

No, now the news will still fly, just add the news that Shen Qiushi took her Kai person to go shopping.

Mrs. Locke thought it right. These reporters were really informed by someone Wen Yue privately found, some of these people even mixed with the Wen family, and these people, will now naturally raise sharp questions to Shen Qiushi. “Mrs. Zhao, now the situation of the Zhao family is very bad. Yet you are shopping happily with others. Is it because there is already another way out?”

“Mrs. Zhao, you leaving Zhao residence, is it because you are afraid of Marshal’s abilities getting out of control?”

“Mrs. Zhao, are you already planning to leave the Zhao family?”

“Mrs. Zhao, is there any problems with the IQ of the Kai person beside you?”

These questions are clearly blaming Shen Qiushi.

Shen Qiushi was not surprised by this. After many people started the live broadcast, she smiled slightly. “Your imagination, will it be a bit too rich?”

“Then how does Mrs. Zhao intend to explain your behaviour?”

“My behaviour needs explanation? If you are hurt, do you want to see your loved ones crying around you, or do you want to see them strongly face the hardships? As for anything else, I can only say that I will always belong to the Zhao family. And Ren Sheng, he will also always belong the Zhao family.” Shen Qiushi took the hand of Ren Sheng. “This child from now on is my child, is part of the Zhao family. If someone insults him, Zhao family will use all means to defend!”

Since they have all approved of Ren Sheng, it is natural for the entire human federation to know.

     At the same time, to publicise the identity of Ren Sheng like this, without mentioning the Freedom League, is also to let the people of the Chamber of Commerce to not think of playing any tricks.

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