Chapter 14 Selling Meng and Announcement part 1

Mrs. Locke heard Shen Qiushi’s words and hated Wen Yue immediately.

Sure enough, it’s small household offspring, only know means to make these nonsense thing!

Who is Zhao Lingyu now ? he was national hero .

Even if he was a bit late to save capital planet at that time, the heroic action he did some time ago was enough to make people remember him.

Locke family indeed have some odd against Zhao family, but it was done in private okay.

This person is really good, not only took her son to Zhao family resident and make them lose their face , now she pulling her face down to receive shame from other!

She now can’t accuse Shen Qiushi openly , and only dares to speak few unpleasant words in front of her face.

Basically, she can only just done that . This Wen Yue is so good, dares to find Shen Qiushi to make trouble for her !

She thought it was because circle she mixed usually , won’t popular person getting some scandals is common these days ?

Mrs. Locke glance at Wen Yue with indignation , then change her expression became gentle when she facing Shen Qiushi.

“Qiu shi ah, you are now under great pressure, you should go out more and visit many place to relax. After all , Zhao family depend on you. you must Hold on ah.”

This time, if she turned and walked away, she will be gossiped by others…

Biting her teeth, Mrs. Locke abandon her disgust and took Ren Sheng hands to compliment him “This child is really beautiful.”

Mrs. Locke’s reaction was within Shen Qiushi expectation , but it made Wen Yue’s white face whiter.

But at this time, even if she knew that she had taken the wrong step, she could only walk on it further

“Auntie, no offense and please don’t be angry, everyone is concerned about brother Ling Yu body, you are so happy today, is brother Ling Yu body is getting better?”

Wen Yue was full of concern, as if she was worried about Zhao Lingyu.

She has always known how high Zhao Lingyu’s prestige is, so from beginning to the end, she never trying to accuse Zhao Lingyu. At the beginning, she only hinted that Zhao’s family regret about their marriage, and she would also deliberately mention that Zhao Lingyu was seriously injured and because of health issue refused to marry her.

Zhao Lingyu’s body already like that. Of course, it’s impossible to him to thinking bout marriage.

Even do “thing” for marriage is impossible. So, the people’s dislike has always been placed on Kay who isn’t worthy , or Shen QiuShi.

At that time, she almost successful, but Shen Qiushi ruined everything.

Therefore, this time when she saw that Shen Qiushi was in happy mood and buy clothes with Ren Sheng, she was ecstatic.

Zhao Lingyu still sick in the bed. But The mother who should have taken care of him and the partner who has not passed the door (aren’t married yet) are happy to go shopping around while smiling,

Wen Yue believes that Shen Qiushi and this Kai will be blamed by public .

The people worship Zhao Lingyu as hero , but that doesn’t include Shen Qiushi, nor the Kai.

Wen Yue’s words were very skillful. She did not ask what Zhao Lingyu is doing right now.

Instead, she directly ask if Zhao Lingyu’s body is getting better or not.

Shen Qiushi did not know whether she should be called smart, or should be called stupid.

Wen Yue obviously want to use public’s concern and admiration for Zhao Lingyu to accuse her to became heartless mother .

Let zhao lingyu admirers ,friends, and comrade to gossip about her. other have been discussing her before , but she doesn’t care about it.

Logically, If her son’s situation is really bad, how can she have mood to play and shopping around ?


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